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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Radical Homosexual Attacks Church Leaders For Being Biblical

The specifics of this story may be found here.  Jason Thomas is an unrepentant homosexual who was removed from  membership in his church as an act of discipline for his sin.  Rather than repenting of his sin Jason decided to take his story to social media.  Rather than going quietly into the night Jason did what most radical homosexuals do, he attacked the biblical behavior of a Christian church and pronounced himself an expert on the nature and character of God.  Let's consider his case for a moment today.
Support for homosexual behavior is growing in Evangelical churches.  In the name of a grossly distorted concept of love many Evangelicals are declaring that God loves homosexuals and has a wonderful plan for their lives.  The biblical teaching that homosexuality is a sin worthy of death is being diluted and ignored by people who profess to believe the Bible.  Self aggrandizing and self promoting homosexuals are ignoring God's opinion about their lifestyle choices and, in this case, posting private letters in public forums in an attempt to shame Christian leaders who are attempting to do the right thing.  Jason took the letter he received from the church informing him that he was no longer a member due to his rebellious decision to continue to behave as a homosexual and posted it on social media.
According to the story, "In the posting, he accuses the church of tarnishing the name of God among Christians and non-Christians alike and suggests that the church – which has followed the biblical model of discipline – should be ashamed of itself. Jesus, Thomas wrote, was angry with people who told others they were not worthy to be His followers."  When did Jason become an expert on what Jesus said and believed?  How does Jason ignore the clear statements in the New Testament that homosexuality is a sin and those who practice it should be executed by the civil authorities?  Where did Jason concoct his doctrine that Jesus was "angry" when people would say that certain people could not be His followers?  How can Jason ignore the clear biblical passages in which Jesus Himself tells people they are not qualified to be His followers?   Why has Jason not brought charges of sin against the church leaders and prosecuted his case in the church court?  Jason does not say.  He just pronounces himself to be an expert on what Jesus taught in order to justify his lifestyle choices.  He also hates everyone who disagrees with him.  How loving he is!
Jason goes on to mock the church leaders who dropped him from the church roles.  He wrote, "Thank you for removing yourself from my life! I am who God made me to be. I cannot change my sexual orientation and nor would I want to. I now have internal peace and happiness like never before."  Well there you have it.  Jason is the perfect Evangelical.  His primary litmus test for what is true is how it makes him feel.  He has a real peace about the fact that he is continuing to mock and anger God daily by engaging in homosexual behavior so his homosexual behavior must be honoring to God, despite what the Bible says.  I wonder....would Jason defend a pedophile with the argument that he is simply being what God made him to be?  Would he defend a murderer with the argument that he is simply being what God made him to be?  Would he defend an adulterer with the argument that he is simply being what God made him to be?  God makes people to be many sinful things and He does that to magnify His own glory as He condemns them to the Lake of Fire for their sins.
There is a proverb, found in the book of Proverbs in the Old Testament, which says, "There is a way which seems right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death."  That pretty well describes Jason's predicament.  He has convinced himself that he is right, despite all evidence to the contrary, and unless he repents his future will be the Lake of Fire.  Not to worry though, I am sure that Jason would respond to my quote by saying, "That is the Old Testament!"  For those who are not aware, Evangelicals dismiss everything taught in the Old Testament as irrelevant because it was written by the angry, hateful, vengeful and murderous God of the Old Testament.  The kind and loving God of the New Testament loves everyone and has wonderful plans for their sin filled lives.  In rejecting the Old Testament they become advocates for the heresy of Marcionism but they are too historically ignorant to know that.  
The church which has removed Jason from its membership roles, sadly, did not follow all of the biblical procedures for discipline.  They were correct to rebuke him for his sin and they were correct to remove him from the church membership roles but they should have followed through and excommunicated him as well.  Furthermore, the members of the church should have been publicly informed to shun him until he repents of his sin.  Rather than doing what the Bible requires, "the church also said that until the letter was published on social media, only those closest to Thomas and the friends attempting to help him in his Christian walk were aware of the change in his membership status. He was not told he could not attend the church."  It is a shame that the church leaders were only willing to go half-way with their discipline.  Jason will be less likely to repent given their cowardly and half-hearted efforts at discipline.
May I be so bold and offer Jason a suggestion about what he should do next?  If Jason really wants to expose the leaders of the church for the hypocrites he believes them to be he should contact his real god, the god of civil government, and initiate a lawsuit against the church for sexual discrimination.  It is high time that homosexuals who profess to be Christians take the offensive and attack the churches of this immoral land that continue to enforce biblical standards.  Sue the church into oblivion.  Likewise Jason should bring criminal charges of hateful behavior, slander and hate speech against the leaders of the church and demand prison sentences for what they have done.  Jason, like all limp-wristed homosexuals, is unwilling or incapable of following through on his sissy-like threats.  Stand up Jason and be a man, or whatever you are.  Attack the church with a passion and a vengeance and do not stop until your enemies are bankrupt and in prison.

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