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Thursday, November 3, 2016

National Park Service Employees Destroy The Big Island

After spending a frustrating week on Maui last month we departed that island for the Big Island of Hawaii.  The best thing about Maui was the flight leaving it.  I had booked us on a small single engine airplane that accommodated a maximum of eight passengers.  After squeezing into the two front seats we were treated to an aerial view of the north shore of Maui and the western shore of the Big Island.  We arrived in Kona after a forty five minute flight hoping to find some respite from government oppression and Yuppies in our new environment.  Man were we in for a surprise.
The Big Island has also been discovered by the Yuppies.  The Kona coast is particularly infested with them.   The Big Island plays host to the annual Iron Man Triathlon.  It had taken place the week prior to our arrival.  All of the contestants had left the island to go home to whatever it is they do when they are not training for triathlons, leaving behind their Yuppie list-checkers who felt compelled to at least attempt to perform some of the athletic feats done by the participants in the Iron Man.  As a result, the main coastal highway in Kona was filled with Yuppies riding their bicycles up and down the coast in a vain attempt to give themselves some sense of personal significance because they managed to complete a 30 mile bike ride in howling winds with high humidity and some heat.  We did our best to ignore them.
The Big Island also sports a federally funded national park.  Hawaii Volcanoes National Park makes up a large part of the island.  We decided, despite my earlier vows to never enter another national park, to spend a day there.  I knew I was breaking a vow by deciding to visit the park but I also knew it would be my only realistic opportunity to view an active volcano close up.  So the decision was made and we scheduled a day for our visit.
It took several hours to make the drive from Kona to the park.  The drive was along the southern coast of the island and in a relatively underpopulated area characterized by coffee plants and macadamia nut trees.  We enjoyed that part of the trip.  Arriving at the entrance station to the park we paid our $20 trespass fee, once again (see yesterday's blog post for the reference) being informed that "this is good for seven days," and proceeded to the visitor center where we picked up a park map.  We immediately learned that we would not be able to drive the entire circuit of the Crater Rim Drive because Kilauea was erupting and the poisonous gases flowing westward had forced the closure of the road at the point they crossed the road.  Nevertheless, we were assured that the view of the interior of the crater was quite spectacular from the Jagger Museum lookout.  That sounded good to me and I especially liked the idea of listening to music from the Rolling Stones while viewing the crater.  Maybe this trip would not be so bad after all.
Truth be told, the trip was not that bad.  Despite learning that the Jagger Museum was not what I expected it to be, we were able to view the lava fountains in the bottom of the crater and, although I would not describe it as spectacular, it was an enjoyable and unique experience.  In addition to that we were also able to complete the Kilauea Iki loop trail which took us through the bottom of the volcano next to Kilauea that was last active in 1959.  Steam vents were still active along the way and part of the loop hike was through the dense jungle along the rim of the crater.  We completed the hike in a gentle rain and pronounced our visit a success.  So, why am I making the claim that the National Park Service is destroying the Big Island?  Allow me to explain why I believe that to be true.
The park brochure we picked up at the visitor center was like all national park brochures.  It was filled with environmental nonsense, evolutionary propaganda and exhortations to worship government employees and the civil government they adore.  Here is a sample of what the brochure contained:
  • Hawaii Volcanoes National Park shows the results of 70 million years of volcanism, migration, and evolution in the Hawaiian Island-Emperor Seamount chain.  These processes first thrusted a bare land from the sea and then clothed it with complex, unique ecosystems and a distinct human culture.
  • Hundreds of species of plants and animals found their way across the vast Pacific on wind, water, and the wings of birds.  A few survived, adapted, and prospered during this time of isolation.  The arrival of humans -- first Polynesians, then Europeans -- and the plants and animals they brought drastically altered this evolutionary showcase, this grand natural experiment.  
  • Over a span of 32 million years, plants and animals colonized the Hawaiian Island chain, at a rate of one insect every 68,000 years, one plant every 98,000 years and one bird every one million years....The diversity of life that came to flourish on these isolated, once barren islands bears witness to the force of evolution and the tenacity of life.  
  • The Hawaiian Archipelago, once celebrated as islands of evolution, are now islands of extinction.  The arrival of people changed the conditions that fostered the original diversity of life.  As land was cleared to plant crops and build communities, forests vanished.  Polynesian and other settlers introduced invasive plants and animals, and some thrived and multiplied in their new home.  The impact has been catastrophic.  
  • (The brochure then goes on to describe the three types of species that exist on the islands.  Here is the description.)  Endemic:  Unique to Hawaii, found no place else on Earth.  Indigenous:  Naturally occurring in Hawaii but also found elsewhere.  Invasive:  Introduced by humans.
I trust you have already figured out the massive contradiction that is inherent in all evolutionary beliefs and on full display in this piece of propaganda.  If not, let's consider what is written in the brochure in a bit more detail.
According to the government employees who operate the park, evolution is a deity that was conducting a "grand natural experiment" in Hawaii.  The "arrival of humans drastically altered this evolutionary showcase" and brought the experiment to a screeching halt.  How the process of evolution, which evolutionary doctrine claims is entirely random and in continuous operation, can have a will and be able to complete complex teleological tasks is not described.   The teleological error is found in all evolutionary doctrine.  Believers in evolution always attribute purpose and consciousness to their deity despite the fact they profess to believe the process is entirely random and purposeless.
How in the world can anyone make a confident assertion about the rate of plant and animal implantation when those implantations allegedly took place tens of millions of years ago?  Only a religious faith of grandiose proportions can make the leap of faith necessary to believe the comments recorded in the brochure about how purposeless evolution somehow "colonized the Hawaiian Island chain."  How seeds falling out of hurricanes can be attributed the property of being able to colonize a land mass is not defined.
We now come to the heart of the religious belief of evolutionists.  They hate mankind, even though all evolutionists universally agree that mankind is a by-product of their beloved process of evolution.  It makes no sense and it is an utter contradiction but it is true.  If man is a product of evolution, and he is, and if man has been able to adapt and survive, which he has, then there can be no moral terminology associated with what man has done anymore than one can hold a grass seed morally accountable for sprouting on a piece of lava.  Nevertheless, God-hating evolutionists hate mankind with such a passion they immediately trumpet moral claims about the evil nature of man as he modifies his environment for his own benefit.  Rather than praising him for his evolutionary development he is demonized for harming some unspecified previously evolved state of nature.  Man arrived on Hawaii and the "impact has been catastrophic."  That pretty much sums it up.
How does it not occur to the religious zealots who profess to believe in evolution that the Hawaiian Islands were originally nothing but a pile of volcanic rock?  Why is the first grass seed morally good but the first human morally bad?  Notice the definition of species for the island found in the brochure.  Everything that arrived on the islands that was not brought by man is good but everything brought my man is "invasive" and must be eradicated.  To accomplish the goal of eradicating all species brought by men to the Big Island, the National Park Service is spending taxpayer dollars to eradicate the things they don't like.  The brochure informed me that, "crews build fences to keep out feral animals, track and kill feral pigs, and destroy faya, guava, and kahili ginger.  As native plant communities establish themselves again, the populations of Hawaiian honeycreepers, nene, Kamehameha butterflies, and happyface spiders may flourish."
I am happy that the spiders in Hawaii now have happy faces but I must question the wisdom of the National Park Service employees who have declared themselves to be god and are now waging a taxpayer financed war against species they have randomly labeled invasive and worthy of death.  Does not evolution teach us that the principle of the survival of the fittest determines who shall live and who shall die?  I would submit for all of you who are religiously devoted to the doctrines of evolution that man is the fittest species in the world and anything man chooses to do, provided it is not financed by the taxpayers, is good.  It therefore necessarily follows that the employees of the National Park Service are immorally destroying a good part of the Big Island.

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