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San Juan Mountains
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Monday, November 28, 2016

Homosexual Hypocrisy Reaches New Heights

Limp wristed homosexuals are extremely thin skinned.  They demand that everyone who comes into contact with them affirm their perverted lifestyle choices and if they don't, they threaten to either commit suicide or sue the offensive people who do not bow down to them into oblivion.  The many cases in which heterophobes (homosexuals with a pathological fear, and its related hatred, for heterosexuals) have taken Christians to court to force them to comply with their demands are already legendary in this God-hating land.  According to these degenerates they have won "most prefered" status in the eyes of their god (civil government) and they had better be treated as such.  Those who refuse to bow down to them will be punished.  Of course, all of this is done in the name of diversity and inclusion and the reality that it is all about the brute exercise of immoral power is never acknowledged. 
Homosexuals and their elected career politicians hate the God of the Bible and all people who represent Him.  Let me give you an example that proves what I am arguing as well as proving that homosexual hypocrisy has now reached new heights.  Go here for the link to the complete story I quote in part below.  According to the article I just referenced:
"People magazine recently reported news that a number of prominent fashion designers have refused to work with Melania Trump because they do not approve of her, or more likely, her husband’s politics and language. Given Donald Trump’s often offensive way of speaking about, well, almost everything, that is understandable. Thus, they conclude, if you design and make clothes for Melania Trump, especially the outfit she will wear to the inauguration, you are, in some small way, endorsing Donald Trump and all he stands for. So designers like Sophie Theallet have decided that because they 'stand against all discrimination and prejudice,' they cannot work for Melania."
Hummm.....Sophie is going to take a stand against "discrimination and prejudice" by discriminating against Melanie, whom she has already pre-judged to be an evil woman.  Interesting.  I think you can see where this is going, can't you?  Where is the outrage against these sissy fashion designers who refuse to work for someone because of that person's race, religion or sexual preference?  Where are the calls for tolerance for those with whom they disagree? Where is the praise for the diversity evident in the above quotation?  Of course all of those things are missing. Why?  Because the homosexuals have won and they have established the new intolerance.  Those who hold to what are generally described as "conservative" principles are now to be ostracized and marginalized.  All of that talk about tolerance was mere rhetoric designed to help them obtain power.  Now that they have the power the new intolerance is beginning.  Expect more.
The article goes on to cite an example of another Christian couple that has suffered persecution at the hands of heterophobes by means of the civil government.  Here is the story:
"Consider Barronelle Stutzman, a florist in Washington who has served and employed people of all backgrounds, including homosexuals, for her entire career. However, after she declined to provide flowers for a homosexual wedding, in accordance with her faith, both the ACLU and Washington state attorney general have sued not just her business, but her personally. That mirrors the situation of Oregon bakers Aaron and Melissa Klein. They baked a cake for a woman who was so happy with their work that she and her partner asked Melissa to bake their wedding cake. The Kleins politely explained that due to their faith, they could not endorse a wedding that violated their beliefs. In response, the state sued them, put a legal order on them banning them from talking about their desire to work according to their faith, and said they 'needed rehabilitation.' The fine the state assessed and the subsequent hate mail and threats forced the Klein’s to close their business and led Aaron Klein to go to work as a sanitation worker to pay their bills."
What a lovely world we live in today.   There is such great evidence of tolerance, diversity and inclusion everywhere I look.  Do you see it too?  And what a beneficent and kind government we all have the privilege of living under.  Isn't it wonderful that the civil government took it upon itself to force a Christian couple to provide goods and services to a couple against their will and their beliefs?  Isn't it grand that the Christian couple were described as mentally ill for believing the doctrinal truths of historic Christianity?  I can't wait for the day when Christians are not simply described as "needing rehabilitation" but will actually be sent off to taxpayer financed mental hospitals where we will be drugged and shocked into submission to the all powerful and wise State. 
Examine closely what the State has done in this case.  Despite the fact that the utterly worthless document known as the Constitution of the United States of America allegedly grants citizens of this immoral and disgusting country the right to hold and practice their religious beliefs, the couple in this case were refused that right.   In addition, that utterly worthless document also allegedly grants the citizens of this country the right to free speech.....unless it is Christian speech, which is strictly forbidden.  Why would the State claim that a Christian couple is not even allowed to talk when the content of that talk is Christian doctrine?  Because talking about historic Christian doctrines, things that have been believed by millions of people for thousands of years, is now classified as "hate speech." 
It is time for the State to take off the kid gloves and get to work.  It is time to exercise its brute power over all Christians.  There is no rational or legal reason why Christians should be forced to comply with State dictates only when homosexuality is involved.  To be consistent all Christian preaching, teaching and behavior should be illegal and subject to sever punishment or "reindoctrination" at the hands of the all-knowing and beneficent State.  I am sick and tired of their extreme wussieness.  It is time for the State to persecute Christians with a vengeance.  Come on you sissies, stop chattering like a bunch of mindless monkeys and get to work.  Throw us all in jail, take all of our possessions and kill as many of us as you can, all in the name of diversity, inclusion and tolerance of course. 

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