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Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Presbyterian Church In America Is Pro-Homosexual

The Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) is a conservative Reformed denomination that came into existence in response to theological liberalism in other Presbyterian denominations back in the 1970s.  As is typically the case with all Christian denominations, the longer they are around the more then are prone to turn liberal themselves, thus negating the reason for their existence in the first place. The PCA describes itself as, "...well known even outside its tent as a church that is unswerving in its commitment to the Scriptures and the Westminster Standards, the purity of the church, the transformational presence and power of God in its worship, a dynamic and prophetic confrontation of unbiblical thought and behavior, and a demonstration of the truth through the practice of holiness and love in Christian fellowship."
I was a presbyter in the PCA two decades ago and I do not agree with the self assessment quoted above.  I was immorally and illegally, according to the PCA Book of Church Order, thrown out of the church for taking a theological position my fellow presbyters despised but could not prove to be in error.  Rather than deal with my biblical argument and their own hypocrisy they held a series of secret meetings wherein they agreed to simply throw me out of the presbytery.  When I arrived for a schedule presbytery meeting they informed me I was no longer a part of the presbytery and that if I did not leave the church building I would be arrested for trespassing.
Prior to my immoral and illegal dismissal I had written a paper in defense of my theological position that the presbytery had actually prepared a written response to.  In the course of defending its position the two fellows responsible for writing the paper adopted two heretical positions.  To avoid the logically necessary conclusions of the position I had taken, and that they hated with a passion, they declared that logical arguments can have "two stories" and that the conclusions found in each of those "two stories can be logically contradictory without harming the system of thought."  In other words, A could be both A and non-A, provided both answers exist in different "stories."  This allowed them to declare that my position was unbiblical even though it was logically necessary.  This stark repudiation of logical thought was astounding and shocking.  It was directly contradictory to the Westminster Confession of Faith, which they professed to believe,  but that did not seem to bother my fellow presbyters at the time.
The second position taken by the two fellows who wrote the paper was that the judicial pronouncements made by the Standing Judicial Commission of the General Assembly of the PCA "constitute the living voice of the Church" and cannot be questioned or amended after they have been made.  In other words, the presbytery adopted the position  of the Roman Catholic Church that Scripture and Church councils are co-equal in authority within the Church.  I had challenged an SJC ruling and made a logically necessary biblical argument proving the SJC stance to be unbiblical and in error.  They rejected my argument by asserting that SJC judicial pronouncements are authoritative and not subject to question or review. 
I responded to these two arguments with charges of heresy which were promptly ignored as I was determined to be no longer a member of the presbytery and, therefore, not permitted to address it. A presbyter from another presbytery examined my charges and suggested that my former presbytery look into the things I had written but his advice was ignored.  The presbytery unanimously voted to adopt the position paper of the two fellows and, in doing so, enshrined logical contradiction and the co-authority of Church councils with the Bible as the theological opinions of the presbytery.  So, as far as I am concerned, the Rocky Mountain Presbytery of the PCA was apostate two decades ago.
A new apostasy has come up in recent days, as described in this article.  The PCA has always been filled with men who desire to be man-pleasers so they can grow numerically large churches.  Church growth is always the prime objective and theological rigor is the first victim when church growth is on the line.  Given the current culture of pro-homosexuality in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika, it was only a matter of time before the PCA would move in the direction of accepting and encouraging homosexual behavior.
The author of the above article attempts to keep everything secret, for reasons that I do not understand, but still attempts to describe what is happening.  Apparently a PCA mega-church has a Senior Pastor who wants to ordain a homosexual as a Teaching elder.  Here is some of the text taken from the examination of this potential Teaching elder as he responded to various questions about himself:  "This young man not only claims to be homosexually-attracted to men but is very firm in his unrepentant attitude regarding that attraction. His struggle is not with homosexual attraction itself. He embraces it. However, to be obedient to God as a homosexually-attracted man, he claims to remain celibate. The pastor and the Presbytery all agree that homosexual lusts and behaviors are sinful. However, they also agree that homosexual attractions (desires, thoughts and feelings) are not sinful. When the ministerial candidate was asked if he believes 'his homosexual feelings, attractions, thoughts and desires are sinful,' he believes they are not and further upholds that homosexual attractions and God-given heterosexual attractions are morally equivalent."
So let me get this straight.  A homosexual man confesses that he is a non-practicing homosexual.  That same homosexual man believes that his homosexual "desires" are not sinful and equates them to heterosexual sexual desires, thus declaring them morally good and proper.  The pastor, as well as the presbytery of which he is a member, wants to have this man ordained as a Teaching elder.  Both the pastor and the presbytery are recorded as believing that "homosexual lusts" are sinful but "homosexual desires, thoughts and feelings" are not.  Remember a few moments ago when I wrote about how my old presbytery denied the principle of logical contradiction?  The same thing is taking place here.  What are homosexual "desires, thoughts and feelings" if they are not "homosexual lusts?"  Indeed, lust is simply another word for a powerful desire or feeling.  It is not possible to deny the sinfulness of homosexual desires (or, as is the case with this man, affirm homosexual desires as morally good) and affirm the sinfulness of homosexual lusts at the same time.  But these men do this anyway because they have denied the principle of logical contradiction and they want to make a place for this homosexual man in the PCA.
The pastor of this church went on to preach a sermon in defense of the homosexual man's position.  Here, in part, is what he had to say, "You remember when, when, when the Pharisees were asking why is the man who was born blind, why was he born this way. You know, who sinned, the Pharisees said, “Who did something wrong that he was born this way; was it him or was it his parents?” And Jesus said, “Nobody did anything wrong. It wasn’t his parents, it wasn’t him. He wasn’t born this way because there’s something wrong with him. He was born this way so that through his affliction, through his minority position as a blind person, God can be glorified.”  The two huge problems associated with the passage being used in support of the homosexual man are, first, that it is not speaking about homosexuality and, second, it directly contradicts another passage in which homosexuality is defined as being a punishment and a judgement upon men for their refusal to acknowledge or worship the God of the Bible (Romans 1).  So once again we have a pastor adopting the presupposition of the denial of the principle of logical contradiction in order to support a position he has already decided to believe and wants to find in the Bible.
The story further describes what happened to a couple of Teaching elders who could see what was going on and objected to the proceedings by bringing charges against the pastor. "The recommendation to dismiss the charges against the pastor by his Presbytery’s CJB passed handily. It should be noted that when a couple of elders objected to the CJB’s recommendations, they were ignored by the Clerk, the Moderator and the Chairman of the CJB, and their comments were stricken from the minutes."   Humm.....that all sounds very familiar to me.  In fact, this whole situation sounds like business as usual in the PCA.

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