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San Juan Mountains
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Monday, September 12, 2016

Remembering 9/11

Today's post is improperly titled.  I am not going to remember 9/11.  Indeed, as a Welshman I find the fascination with recalling horrific events from the past to be a distinctly Amerikan phenomenon.  What is it about the citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika that its citizens seem to glory in bringing up all of the allegedly bad things that have happened to them over the years?  Most of the rest of the citizens of the world do their best to repress or forget the negative experiences from their past.  Most of the rest of us, who are not citizens of the Empire, do our level best to focus upon the positive past experiences in our lives.  But that is not the case for citizens of the SDA.
Maybe it is their sense of privilege.  Maybe it is their sense of moral superiority.  Maybe it is nothing more than the fact that they are citizens of the most powerful, murderous and evil empire the world has ever seen.  As they perceive life, nothing bad should ever happen to them because they are citizens of the Empire and, by definition, whatever happens to them is more significant than what happens to the rest of the citizens of the world.   As the most powerful Empire in the history of the world it is incomprehensible to the average Amerikan citizen that his god (civil government and the military in is a two person deity) did not protect him from what happened on 9/11.  Rather than blaming his god however, the citizen of the Empire makes the religious and irrational decision to cast himself as a perpetual victim of his god's impotent failings.   Hence we have an endless streams of memorials, each one dedicated to something that should not have happened to exceptional Amerikans but did anyway.  No matter what the reason, the Amerikan obsession with 9/11 is downright crazy.
The Denver Post reported on the local memorial held yesterday.  It was entitled "Colorado Remembers 9/11."  How a geopolitical entity known as "Colorado" has the personal attributes necessary to remember something was  not described.  How this thing or person known as "Colorado" had managed to forget something that took place a scant 15 years ago was also not explained.  I could not find anything in the article to explain who paid for the festivities that took place at Civic Center Park yesterday, although I suspect that as a taxpayer I was responsible for paying the bill.  The memorial was highlighted by a concert by John Fogerty and Big Head Todd and the Monsters.  That probably would have been a fun concert to attend but I didn't have the will to sit with tens of thousands of  government worshiping "patriots" while the concert was taking place.
Melanie Pearlman, identified as the Executive Director of the Counterterrorism Education Learning Lab, or CELL, was quoted explaining the purpose of the memorial.  (CELL is partially funded by the taxpayers and mostly funded by private donations.)  She said, "When we come together as a community, we triumph in the face of tragedy.  This commemoration will help us not only remember, but also demonstrate our country's spirit of resilience."  Melanie is the perfect post-modern woman.  She fills the air with words that make State worshipers feel good about themselves but she says absolutely nothing of substance or value.  I am a member of the geopolitical zone known as Colorado so I am technically a member of the community.  I didn't "come together" with anyone yesterday.  I also fail to see how it is that the mere gathering of a couple thousand people in a government owned park in central Denver causes the citizens of Colorado to "triumph in the face of tragedy."  Indeed, I can't even figure out what that means.  The people who died in 9/11 certainly didn't triumph in anything.  They are all dead.  Those who did not die in the 9/11 attacks are not heroes, nor did they triumph over anything.  We are all simply witnesses to what took place that day.  I sure wish people would learn to talk about substantial things when they gather for momentous occasions but I know enough to know that will never happen when the god of civil government is involved.
As a part of the ceremony the folks who organized the event brought in a holy icon, to which the worshipers showed their adoration by genuflecting.  The story informed me that "steel wreckage from the World Trade Center, flanked by more than 30 honor guards from across Colorado, will be on exhibit."  I wonder who paid for the presentation of the holy icon and the guards who accompanied it?  I couldn't find an answer to that question in the story but I would be willing to bet that some of my taxpayer dollars were used to foot the bill.  I wasn't there but I read some reports about what went on at similar ceremonies around the country.  At those similar events the attendees were in rapt worship of the various icons that were paraded before them.  I don't see the value of getting all teary eyed and praising my god for a piece of metal but, then again, I do not idolize civil government.
The story also told me that "an imam, priest, rabbi and shaman will share in an interfaith invocation and benediction."   Now that would have been something to see.  Religious leaders from Islam, Catholicism, Judaism and Paganism all get together and invoke the name of the god of civil government, asking that it would bless their memorial service and give them the military might necessary to continue to expand and defend the Empire.  I wonder why there was no Protestant minister there?  Certainly it would not have been difficult to find a Republican minister who adores the Empire as much the other fellows who called upon their god to round out the "interfaith" group.  I suspect the Protestants were left out of the festivities to emphasize the fact that Amerika is a post-Christian society.  Let's simply set aside and ignore the fact that there is no such thing as an "interfaith" group.  Each of those religions is different and each is diametrically opposed to the others.  But, when in the presence of the real god of this land (civil government in case you have not already guessed it), those disparate groups are able to join hands in unity.  Like I wrote, what a sight that would have been.
I will conclude with the statement made by the rabbi.  He said, "Fifteen years ago, terrorists sought to murder our people and break our country's spirit, but they did not and will not succeed, for when light and goodness encounter darkness and hatred, without fail light and goodness will always prevail."   Let us all forget that the reason the "terrorists" attacked the twin towers was entirely about seeking revenge for the millions of citizens in their countries who had been killed by Amerikan military action as the SDA has expanded its Empire throughout the Middle East.  Let us forget that apart from the SDA's support for Israel none of this would have ever happened.  Let us forget that Amerikan forces have destroyed large portions Iraq and Afghanistan and that the leaders of those countries have been begging us to leave.  Let us forget that the SDA's King and his Court have established hegemonic control over a good part of the homelands of the people responsible for the attack.  Let us forget that Palestinians were forcibly removed from their homes to make room for returning Jews, by order of the United Nations, in 1948.  Let us forget the pain, suffering and misery the SDA military forces have brought upon tens of millions of innocent citizens of foreign lands who were doing nothing more than trying to live their lives when the bombs began falling from the sky.  Indeed, as we remember 9/11, let us make a concerted effort to forget all of the real reasons it took place.  I have closed my eyes and shut my ears and now I can say with the others.....Praise the Empire!

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