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San Juan Mountains
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Friday, September 2, 2016

Post-Christian Politicians Make Modesty Illegal

The bikini was invented for the expressed purpose of destroying Christian standards of modesty and inciting sinful lust in men.  Progressives, moral degenerates and other God-haters constantly seek to erode all standards of moral decency and clothing is one of their favorite tools to move the world into a state of moral degeneracy.  Women's clothing, in particular, has long been the focus of attention of those who want to create an imaginary world in which men are not sexually aroused by the sight of the naked female body and all women are treated as subjective works of art to be admired and adored but never lusted after.  Despite the fact that God-hating fashion designers profess to be doing nothing more than tastefully adorning the female body, the fashion changes and designs they bring about persistently and consistently expose more of the erogenous zones of the female body, thus betraying their true goal of selling products by arousing lust in men and empowering women to lead men around by their lustful noses.
Just how far has the departure from biblical standards of modesty gone?  Attend any Evangelical mega-church on any random Sunday and examine the attire of the women.  Ample cleavage and exposed long legs will fill your eyes with lustful delight.  Evangelical Christians who love to say that they seek to live their lives in a way that causes people to come up to them and ask, "What makes you different?" quickly justify their immodest and sinful swimwear by asserting that wearing a conservative swim suit would "make me stick out like a sore thumb at the beach or the pool," thus proving that they want to behave as immodestly as the world when it comes to swimwear.  Not surprisingly, when the contradiction between their alleged doctrine and their actual behavior is pointed out they claim to be unable to understand what they are being told.
The attack by the purveyors of immodesty takes a very strange turn when they are accused of immoral and sinful behavior, especially if they happen to be Christians.  People who would rush to the defense of a woman who claims to have been raped but whose allegations are downplayed because of the belief that she was "looking for it"  will be first in the chorus to inform men that they are guilty of exactly the same thing.  That's right.  Men are "looking for it" when sinful lust wells up in their minds at the sight of erotically clad women.  Half naked women parading around the beach and at the pool are not responsible for the lust that men feel.  No, the men are perverts and it is their fault they feel lust when they see half naked women.  The women, on the other hand, are paragons of moral virtue and victims of the male propensity to see naked women as sex objects.  I have had Christians inform me that I have the problem if I am sexually aroused by the erotically presented female body.  The women doing the presentation, on the other hand, are innocent of all charges and not responsible for anything that takes place in the minds of men.  It is nothing more than a classic case of "blame the victim."
As if the complete adoption of unbiblical cultural standards of dressing were not enough, the French have taken an additional step and criminalized modesty.  Let me tell you about that today.  Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post wrote a column a week or so ago in which she reported the story of how French civil authorities have made wearing modest swimwear a crime.  She wrote, "Once upon a time, a scantily clad lass padding down a beach might cause a riot -- at least of eyeballs eager to extend the sidelong glance.  Today, its the fully clothed woman who overheats the passions in France, where three towns have banned the burkini.  Leave it to the French to criminalize modesty....In the strangest justification offered for the wardrobe ban, Lionell Luca, mayor of Villenueve-Loubet, said it is unhygienic to swim fully clothed. For whom?  The fish?" 
Accompanying the story was a photograph juxtaposing two women at a French beach.  The first woman is wearing a bikini that most likely covers less skin than her underwear would.  The woman next to her is fully covered, including her head, with only her feet, face and hands exposed.   The Muslim woman appears to be enjoying herself as she cavorts in the water.  The French slut appears to be concerned about only one thing, making as many men look at her in lustful delight as possible.
I like the new French law.  I wish the Socialist Democracy of Amerika would adopt something similar.  We lead the world in everything, or so we believe, so I think the new SDA law should criminalize all swimwear at the beach or the pool.  By law everyone should be required to go nude at the beach and the pool.  If my experience of what takes place at most beaches and most pools is representative, this standard would not be very much different than what actually takes place anyway.  Force Christians to either go nude, which I suspect most would do so they could have opportunities to evangelize their fellow nudists, or cover up and be arrested.  Those who are arrested for disobeying the world's standards for clothing decency should be harshly punished.  Make it clear that divergence from the world's standards will not be tolerated.

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