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San Juan Mountains
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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Not Voting Is A Vote For Nobody

I was driving in my car yesterday, with the radio on, when I heard the King speak.  It wasn't an entire speech but the radio station had a sound bite from a full speech he had presented the day before.  I quickly genuflected, bowed my head and prepared to be addressed by the deity of this idolatrous land.
What the King said to me made me quite confused.  Here is an exact quote of what I heard, "Not voting is a vote for Donald Trump!"  I added the exclamation point because he was quite adamant about his assertion.  I turned off the radio to ponder the wisdom of my moral and intellectual superior.  I kept repeating to myself the phrase that not voting somehow actually constitutes the act of voting.  Not only that, not voting somehow constitutes the act of voting for Donald Trump.  No matter how hard I tried I could not figure out how things could be so.  So I decided to ask another person who is much smarter than me how not voting can become the act of voting.
My Republican friend, I will call him Bob, believes that every citizen in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika is morally bound to "exercise his constitutional right to vote."  Bob believes so firmly in the right to vote that he gets upset with people who do not vote.  I thought it would be a good idea to ask him if not voting actually means I voted for Donald Trump.  His answer surprised me.  Bob agreed with our King that not voting constitutes the act of voting but, according to Bob, when I don't vote I am really casting a vote for Hillary Clinton.  Now I was very confused.  My King tells me that when I do not vote I am casting a vote for Donald Trump and my good friend Bob tells me that when I don't vote I am casting a vote for Hillary Clinton.  What am I supposed to do?
After I got home from work yesterday I searched out the sound bite of my King I had heard earlier on the radio.  As it turned out he said more than just what I quoted above.  He went on to say that "casting your vote for a third party candidate is a vote for Donald Trump."  My head was swimming after hearing that statement.  I was still trying to figure out how not voting ended up being a vote for one of the two candidates for King/Queen of the SDA when my King informs me that voting for a real candidate ends up being a vote for Donald Trump as well.  I thought of Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate for King.  According to my King if I cast my vote for Gary Johnson I have actually just voted for Donald Trump.  I was now so utterly confused I decided to binge watch several episodes of "The Simpsons" in what proved to be a successful attempt to return to psychological and intellectual normalcy.
The first thing I realized, after regaining my senses and my rational faculties, was that the people I had been listening to and talking with are all worshipers of the State.  That should have been my first clue that something was going to be in error.  The second thing that I realized is that the different people I spoke with and listened to varied in their views of what their deity should be primarily involved with doing.  King Obama wants to expand the welfare state and Bob wants to expand the Amerikan Empire by means of perpetual warfare.  Once I realized that my information was coming from religious zealots with little to no ability to present a rational and logically necessary argument I started to understand what was taking place.  King Obama wants me to vote for Hillary so he creates the preposterous idea that not voting at all is a vote for Donald Trump.  King Obama also believes that any vote I cast for anyone other than who he wants me to vote for is a wasted vote.  That is why he told me that voting for Johnson would also be a vote for Donald Trump.  It is a really stupid thing to say but it makes sense when I think about the religious zealotry and passion my King displays in his worship of himself.  Bob is just as bad.  He uses the same argument used by my King but changes who it is I am allegedly voting for.  What a bunch of silly idiots those two people are.
I guess I should cut Bob and the King a little slack.  They are deluded by their religion.  They both become very angry when people like myself refuse to bow down to their god.  They become even more angry when I refuse to engage in the State sacrament of voting.  You read that sentence correctly.  Voting today has become a sacramental act that believers in civil government do to profess their continued loyalty and allegiance to the Beast.   That is why government worshipers become so angry when people like me refuse to vote.  It makes them as angry as when I refuse to salute the flag or stand at attention when the national hymn is played.  They don't understand that the God of the Bible does not allow for additional deities.  They do not care that God has forbidden idolatry.  On the contrary, they proudly enter their voting booths and swear their fealty to the god of civil government.  Anyone who does not do that is evil and should leave the country.
When I make the rational and conscious decision to not vote I am making a very clear statement.  I am declaring that it is my desire to be ruled by none of the people who wish to rule over me.  I am not voting for someone else when I do not vote.  I am voting for nobody when I do not vote.  Why that is so hard to understand is incomprehensible to me.  I guess that means that I do not worship the Beast, otherwise known as the State or civil government.   In case you do not know, that is a good thing.