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San Juan Mountains
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Monday, September 5, 2016

Nobody Should Ever Celebrate Labor or Labor Day

Today is Labor Day in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  Labor Day is a government created holiday to celebrate the greatness of socialism by emphasizing the importance and significance of those who sell their labor services to profit seeking businesses.  It is an utterly ridiculous and stupid day.  There is nothing about the act of labor that should ever be celebrated.  Of all the people who contribute to the economic growth of the geo-political zone known as the SDA laborers contribute the least to the process.  Those who contribute the most, like entrepreneurs, independent businessmen and profit seeking corporations, are demonized by the socialist career politicians who rule over us.  I guess that is to be expected in a country that bows down to the throne of government mandated wealth redistribution.
I am a janitor.  I own a janitorial company.  I sell my labor services to people and companies who want me to clean their bathrooms and offices.  I run a tight ship and only employ the best janitors.  My crews are the best in the business at what they do and, as a result, they are the best paid in the business for what they do.  The people I work for are willing to pay a premium for the labor services I provide.  That allows me to make a living doing nothing more than using my labor, and the labor of my employees, to clean up after the people who are really responsible for making the world go around.
Some of my contracts are with oil and oil services companies.  Other contracts are with technology companies, such as those who specialize in writing code for the millions of new apps that seemingly appear every day.  I won't work for lawyers because I believe what they are doing is immoral.  The people I work for are not parasites.  The people I work for come to work each day with new ideas about how to best serve the consumer.  They work tirelessly to provide goods and services that they hope the consumers will be willing to purchase from them.  Sometimes they succeed at serving the consumers and they become quite wealthy.  Other times they fail to provide the things the consumers want and they go out of business.  Usually the folks who go out of business get back on their feet, dust themselves off and try to figure out what they did wrong.  Then they are back at it again, striving mightily to figure out precisely what it is the consumers want that they are capable of providing, and then getting that good to them.
All of the companies I work for are profit seeking companies.  All of the companies I work for employ other people for their labor services.  None of the people employed by any of the companies for their labor services ever does anything that someone else at the company has not thought up previously.  In other words, those who provide labor services to profit seeking companies are the least important, least significant and most overrated people in the entire process of providing goods and services for the consumers.  Why, then, are we expected to celebrate labor on this day?  Conversely, why are the real heroes of the economy like entrepreneurs, profit seeking corporations and independent businessmen not celebrated with a special day?
The answers to those two questions are the same.  The SDA is, after all, a socialist country. The SDA is also a post-Christian nation.  The combination of the abandonment of Christian law with socialism results in the worship of the worker and the hatred of the employer.  Sprinkle a generous portion of sinful envy over this stew and we have the perfect pot of sinful porridge.  The men and women who are responsible for creating all of the things we use, enjoy and want to purchase in the future are treated with disdain while the people who simply sell those heroic folks their labor services are worshiped as gods.
For socialism to continue to make progress it is important to continually stir the sinful pot of porridge.  Profit must be seen as a bad thing.  Those who earn profits must be labeled as evil people who exploit both consumers and the heroic workers whom they employ.  The mere word 'corporation' must come to be seen as almost demonic in nature.  Businessmen must be portrayed as fat cats interested only in the size of their own wallets, only occasionally considering the people they sell their goods to and then only to exploit them by overcharging them more efficiently and secretively.  At the same time career politicians and their lackey career bureaucrats must be seen as the anointed protectors of the people.  They must be portrayed as a vital and necessary weapon of war engaged for all of us in the war against evil profit seeking corporations.  Without them we would all be economically doomed.
Labor Day is nothing but government propaganda day.  Career politicians benefit because they can use the day as another tool in their kit to buy the votes of the ignorant and stupid citizens in this immoral land.  Our rulers praise the noble worker, in exchange for their votes.  Meanwhile, lazy and inefficient providers of labor services (descriptive of most employees of other companies in my experience) are glorified and given a day off, fully paid for by their employers by government law by the way.  What a con it all is.

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