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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Militant Lesbians Seek To Create New Civil Rights

Did you hear the one about the militant lesbian couple who are suing their health insurance company for not providing pregnancy coverage?  Ha! Ha! Ha! I wish that it was a joke.  It isn't.  Here is the story, as told by the Associated Press:
"A federal lawsuit brought by a New Jersey lesbian couple who want to have a baby may mean insurance coverage for women who currently don't meet the state's definition of infertile.  Erin Krupa was denied insurance coverage for infertility treatments essentially because she failed to show she couldn't get pregnant by having sex with a man....Krupa's insurer eventually agreed to the coverage, based on her doctor's diagnosis...But she and Marianne Krupa (her "husband" I suppose....isn't it quaint that Erin took her "husband's" name, ed) say in their lawsuit that they are pursuing the case as a civil rights issue....Two other women have joined them as plaintiffs in the case....Meanwhile, state lawmakers plan to advance legislation to change the law...their proposal would revise the definition of infertility to include lesbians, women without partners and those who have protected sex." The news article also quotes one of the lesbians as saying that she is seeking, "the right of all New Jersey women who dream of becoming mothers to access the reproductive health care they need to realize that dream on an equal basis."  Equal to what, I wonder?  Aren't they already equal?  All they have to do is have sex with a man, just like any other woman, and they can have a baby.
So let me see if I have the story straight.  A militant lesbian woman is seeking to become pregnant by means of artificial insemination but she does not want to be required to pay for the unnecessary and elective procedure.  Although this militant lesbian woman could be inseminated by a man naturally and for free, she clearly finds that option odious.  So she believes that the other members of her health insurance company should be forced by government rules to pay for her decision to attempt to have a baby.  To bring about the state of affairs whereby she can force the other members of her insurance company to pay for her artificial insemination she has beseeched her god, civil government, to make a new law on her behalf. Erin's insurance company knuckled under and agreed to pay for her artificial insemination but she is suing them anyway because she sees herself as a civil rights pioneer.  Indeed, she believes that, at least, women living in New Jersey should be allowed to use the revenues of profit seeking health insurance companies to pay for their artificial inseminations, regardless of what the other policy holders believe or desire.
Vote seeking career politicians have jumped on her bandwagon and are now drafting a new law that will make everything right with the world, except for those of us who happen to be Christians.  To accomplish the goal of reproductive equality, whatever that is, the new law is going to redefine what it means to be infertile.  Being infertile used to mean that a woman could not get pregnant after having sexual relations with her husband.  In our post-Christian society infertility does not mean anything like that anymore.  Now infertility means what happens when lesbians get "married" and, shockingly, are incapable of having children.  Infertility also refers to single women who fornicate and don't get pregnant and, to top it all off, the term also refers to single women who fornicate while using birth control and don't get pregnant. We now have a classic case of infertility!  Only in a post-modern world filled with meaningless terminology could the term "infertile" apply to a woman who uses birth control devices to prohibit conception while she is fornicating.
I am intrigued by the notion advanced by the lesbians defining "infertility" as what happens when it is physically impossible to conceive, either because you have been engaging in sexual relations with a person of the same sex or you are using birth control devices that prevent it.  I am also intrigued by the fact that they believe the ability to force a profit seeking insurance company to pay for something that is physically impossible under the practices of normal sexual behavior is a "civil right."
Historically a civil right has been defined as something each citizen of a particular geo-political zone has or enjoys that does not, by the exercise of that right, impinge upon any other citizen in that geo-political zone.  As political philosophers debated the issue over the ages it became a matter of general consensus that there are only three civil rights:  the right to my life, the right to own and use my property as I wish and the right to be free to do as I please provided my actions do not impinge upon others.  Hence, life, private property and freedom were generally considered to be the only civil rights available to the citizenry.  My how things have changed.
In today's world militant lesbians define a civil right as anything they can convince career politicians to make a law about that allows them to take away a portion of the property and/or freedom of other people.  Interestingly, pro baby murder activists also define their alleged right to kill their babies as a civil right, thus putting the taking of a human life into that category of things granted to people by the nature of the universe and the eternal decree of God.  In today's immoral and topsy-turvy world the three things that used to be civil rights are no longer while a whole host of wealth redistribution programs are now considered to be God-given civil rights.
Erin sees herself as a civil rights crusader because she wants to use the coercive power of government to force her insurance company to pay for medical procedures she does not need.  To justify her profligate behavior she attempts to include other "victims" of the free market in a vain attempt to convince herself that what she is doing is moral.  If she is successful, and I suspect she will be, she will have managed to use the services of her career politicians to craft a law that will force other health insurance policy holders to pay for a procedure she does not need and would not need if she were not a God-hating lesbian.  Well done Erin!

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