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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Ford Outsources Jobs To Mexico To Increase Profits

How did you react to the title of this blog post?  Did you sigh in disgust?  Did you get angry at the tale of another greedy corporation seeking to enrich itself at the expense of the Amerikan worker?  Did you call out to your favorite career politician and ask her to make a law that would make it illegal for Ford to move some of its jobs to Mexico?  Or perhaps you thought to yourself, "Good for them, this will allow Ford to make quality cars less expensively and, in the long run, save me money when I need or want to purchase a car!"  If you have any knowledge of economics and the ability to suppress the sinful emotion of envy you would have reacted with joy to the Ford decision to outsource jobs to Mexico.  Allow me to explain why.
I was listening to the Donald last night as he was discussing the tragedy of "our jobs" going to some country populated with stinkin' foreigners.  He promised that if he is elected he would hunt down and punish every profit seeking corporation that ever even thinks about outsourcing labor to a foreign country.  He described the process whereby any profit seeking company that attempts to bring back goods produced by stinkin' foreigners would be so heavily taxed, also known as a tariff, that no company would ever dare to do that again.  The tax would be so punitive that the company would be incapable of selling the foreign produced good for a profit, thus hitting immoral profit seeking companies where it hurts them the most.  In the Donald's view, any company that outsources jobs should be driven out of business and into bankruptcy for refusing to keep "our jobs" in the SDA.  The crowd wildly applauded Trump's plan to stick it to every company that would ever dare to attempt to make a profit by using foreign labor.
The example of Ford Motor Company was given as proof positive of how the immoral and unpatriotic profit seeking activities of Ford have done damage to hard working, loyal and dedicated Amerikan citizens.  Ford has moved some of its operations involved with casting engine blocks across the border to Mexico, where the job can be done with equal quality and less cost.  As a result, several thousand Amerikans who previously sold their labor services to Ford found themselves temporarily out of a job.  Since those workers believed they had a right to eternal job security and since those workers believe that the profit motive is immoral they called out for career politicians to protect them from the depredations of Ford.  The politicians quickly put away their mistresses and crawled out from under their rocks in response to the call.  Trump is simply the highest profile politico to denounce profits obtained by outsourcing labor services.  Let's consider a couple of the many absurd, illogical and downright stupid presuppositions behind the generally held belief that outsourcing labor to foreign countries is immoral and should be punished by the federal government.
No person who is selling his labor services to a profit seeking company has a moral claim upon the profits of that company.  This is one of the most common stupid presuppositions floating about in the envy filled minds of the citizens in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  A job is nothing more, and nothing less, than a contract whereby one person agrees to sell his labor to another person or company in exchange for cash payments.  Sometimes the job has a specific end date.  Other times it does not.  In all cases it is understood that when the company no longer requires the labor services of the worker the job will terminate.  No worker has a right to expect that his job will last forever.  No business creating a job is morally obligated to ensure that job will exist forever.  Furthermore, no worker has the right to expect that he should receive some of the profits the company earns simply because he has a contract to supply labor to the company.
No company has a moral obligation to pay more for the labor services it purchases simply because the person being hired happens to live in a particular geo-political zone.  All companies have the moral right to pay whoever they want, whatever amount they want, for their labor services.  Anyone who complains about the free market transactions of a profit seeking company is a sinful louse who needs to repent of his sin and leave the company alone.  It is nobody's business but the company's and the person being hired when it comes down to how much he will be paid, how long he will work and where he will work.
No company is under any moral or economic obligation to only hire labor services from people who live within the geo-political zone in which the company is headquartered.  Jobs are not owned by politicians, nor are they owned by some amorphous entity known as "us," "we," or "our."  Jobs are created by profit seeking companies and those same profit seeking companies can do anything they please with the jobs they have created.  No profit seeking company has a moral or patriotic duty to only contract with citizens of the SDA and any politician who claims that they do is an economic idiot and a liar who needs to repent of his sin.
The notion of profit being evil exposes the pandemic hypocrisy found in the hearts and minds of envy filled citizens of the SDA.  No person I have ever met in this country has ever personally behaved as if profits are immoral.  All SDA citizens I have ever known have always attempted to maximize their personal profits.  When they look for a job they look for the best paying job. When they go shopping at Wal-Mart they seek out the lowest prices.  When they go to a football game they seek to pay the lowest price for the ticket, the lowest price for parking and the lowest price for a beer and a dog.  When they have a garage sale they seek to sell their items for the highest possible price.  When they engage in trades on E-Bay they seek the highest price for what they sell and the lowest price for what they purchase.  In other words, everyone in the universe always seeks to maximize their profits.  Even more, that is never considered to be a bad or immoral thing to do.  Then, when it comes time to speak of corporate profits, everything suddenly changes.
Corporate profits are, by definition, immoral because they are indicative that the workers employed by the company are being exploited, even though nobody forced anyone to take a job and nobody is working at gunpoint.  This is socialism at its finest.  My profits are mine and your profits are mine also. Why?  Because the religiously held doctrines of socialism and the federal government say so.  My profits are indicative of my superior negotiating abilities and your profits are indicative of your immoral behavior.  My profits prove I am serving the consumer and your profits prove you are exploiting the worker.  There is a word for all of this and that word is envy.  Everyone wants what he has and everyone also wants what his neighbor has.  When career politicians become involved that will happen for those who are granted special government privileges.
I rejoice when Ford sends some of its jobs to Mexico.  I rejoice when Ford realizes record profits.  Do you know why?  Because profits are nothing more than the best litmus test for consumer satisfaction.  A profit can only exist, in a market free of government coercion, when consumers are being served.  No company ever makes a profit by refusing to serve the consumers.  No company ever makes a profit, in the absence of government coercion, by exploiting any human being.  The companies that make the largest profits are those companies that serve the consumers the best.  Profits are a direct and unadulterated sign of how well the company is providing goods and services to consumers for prices they are willing to pay.  Profits are wonderful.  Everyone should rejoice when profits are high because that means more people are being economically satisfied.
When career politicians slap taxes on goods imported from foreign lands because the stinkin' foreigners making those goods allegedly "stole Amerikan jobs" they are only punishing the consumers within their own country.  If the taxes are so high the company can no longer make a profit the company will go out of business.  When the company goes out of business consumers have fewer choices about what to purchase and the remaining choices will cost more than they did before.  If the company can mange to stay in business it will only do so because it raises its prices on the good that it sells to Amerikans.  Who then is forced to pay the bill for the tariff?  The Amerikan consumer of course!  If politicians were forced to tell the truth, imagine Jim Carey in "Liar Liar" here, they would change the content of their speeches about how evil profit seeking companies are exporting "our jobs overseas."  Here is what they would say instead:  "If you elect me I will tax profit seeking companies in order to garner the votes of the envy filled socialists who live in this immoral country.  My actions may indeed cause a couple of labor services contracts to remain with citizens of this land for a little bit longer but they will most certainly raise the prices and decrease the selection of thousands of goods produced for the Amerikan consumer.  I am a smart politician and you are a stupid member of the electorate.  I know that I can exploit the highly publicized loss of a couple of hundred labor contracts and that almost nobody will ever realize that the price for my tax is to be borne by each and every one of you every time you make a purchase.  If you vote for me you can feel good about yourself and you will never know that you are the one who is being fleeced to keep me in power."

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