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San Juan Mountains
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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fighting For Me In Washington

Recently I noticed a television commercial produced by the folks who support Hillary Clinton as the next, and first, Queen of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  One statement really jumped out at me.  The clip showed Hillary delivering a speech in which she proudly and confidently asserted that if I would vote for her she would "fight for you in Washington."  It struck me as a somewhat odd thing to say but I didn't give it much thought after that.
Yesterday I saw a commercial in support of a woman running for Congress, the Senate I believe, from Colorado.  She walked about quite confidently as she proclaimed her allegiance to a higher minimum wage and government wealth transfer payments for disabled people, whoever they are.  At the end of the commercial she informed me that if I would vote for her she would "fight for you in Washington."  Recalling the same refrain from Hillary a few days earlier I decided to contemplate just exactly what it means to vote for someone so they can go to Washington and do some fighting on my behalf.
Most of the time the folks who want to go to Washington to fight are running for a legislative branch office.  That means they see the process of making new laws as a win/lose situation in which one group of people will come out on the winning side and the other group of people will end up losing.  I find that very interesting in light of the fact that the Constitution of the United States, a defunct document that is still used for symbolic purposes only, recognized that the laws crafted by politicians were never to be designed to create a win-lose situation.  They understood that the goal of legislation was to address some pertinent issue in such a way that all parties to the issue ended up winning.  They sought to protect the rights of all parties and would never have described the process of enacting legislation as a process in which Congress exists for the purpose of creating losers and doing real harm to the poor souls who find themselves in that category.  My how things have changed.
As long as the list of civil rights Congress was making laws about consisted of the right to life, freedom and property there were no scenarios in which some group of citizens could be exploited by another group of citizens.  As soon as that political belief was abandoned and civil rights were expanded to include the right to plunder my neighbor's property and enslave him to work for me the doors were opened for unending fighting in Washington.  No longer were Congressmen seeking to protect the rights of all citizens.  Now they were representing the people who vote for them because they have promised to give them something in exchange for that vote.  It did not take long, given the naturally envious nature of sinful human beings, for the entire process to devolve to the point where we see it today.  It is quite accurate to describe what goes on in Washington as fighting because that is really what it is.  The goal is no longer to enact laws that are palatable for all.  Now the goal is to use the power of congressional lawmaking to enslave and plunder my neighbor for my own benefit.
People today wonder why politics is such a dirty business.  The answer to that question is simple.  Politics today means fighting, pure and simple.  Politics today is nothing but fighting, pure and simple.  All political action that takes place in this country today is divisive and designed to enrich one group at the expense of another.  Every new law that is enacted creates a winning class and a losing class.  Given those truths, why should the process not be filled with animosity, hatred and anger?  My neighbor is using the political process to steal my money and enslave me to work for him.  My neighbor is using the political process to force me to pay for his daughter's abortions.  My neighbor is using the political process to keep me from doing what I want to do business-wise.  My neighbor is using the political process to force me to pay him more than the free market would bear and more than what he is worth.   I end up hating my neighbor and all of the politicians he employs to do his dirty work.
If I try to keep my hands clean and stay out of the process I find that I become an easy target for those who wish to exploit me.  The only way to protect myself is to hire lobbyists and vote for politicians who will fight for my interests in Washington.  In the end we have a true civil war between those who believe they are entitled to the money of others because of some special need or government granted privilege and those who try to protect themselves from the stealing thieves who want their money.   The entire process is rotten to the core and utterly irredeemable.  No new law can be made to fix what the political process has become.  All new laws only make it worse by creating even more special interests and categories of government protected victims.  The only thing that will stop the cycle of lying, theft and enslavement is the total collapse of the Empire.  I can only hope. 
I will not be voting for anyone to go to Washington and fight for me this year.  I do not believe it is morally proper to hire a thug to go to Washington to make laws that allow me to steal from my neighbor.  I believe it is immoral to do something by majority vote that I cannot morally do by myself.  You should believe these things to and that is another very powerful reason why you should not vote.  When you engage in the process of voting you are quite likely engaging in the act of theft.  Do you really want to do that?
Despite my non-support of the political system I know it will go on and roughly half the citizens of this country will vote this year.  The majority of the voters will be voting to elect some career politician who will use the power of civil government to steal for him.  The minority of the voters will be voting to elect some career politician who promises, but never delivers, to keep people from stealing from him.  If you really want to do something productive this year, don't bother voting and pray that God will cause the entire system to collapse. 

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