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San Juan Mountains
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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A Moral Tax Policy

While Donald and Hillary display all of the character, dignity, intelligence and emotional self control of  three year olds, they also continue to spout nonsensical and immoral tax plans.  Every tax plan ever proposed during my lifetime, that I am aware of, has been immoral.  No career politician has ever argued for a program to tax the citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika that did not constitute the act of theft.  Even the Libertarians have no clue how to go about raising revenue for the State to operate within its proper boundaries as they consistently call for the total abolition of all taxes and the IRS.  Civil government has the moral right to fund itself.  The question is how it should go about doing so.  Today I am going to tell you how the State can and should tax us in a moral fashion.  In other words, here is how the State can raise revenue without committing the act of theft.
All forms of taxation but one are immoral.  All taxes are a form of control and an assertion of power.  Sales taxes are immoral because they interject civil government into voluntary transactions between people. Sales taxes create perverse incentives that should not exist in the free market.  The State has no right to intervene between two or more parties as they engage in free trade. The same is true for tariffs, which are essentially sales taxes on the international level.  Tariffs are even worse than sales taxes because they create protected and privileged classes of domestic workers who then become dependent upon the taxes for their survival.  The end result of both tariffs and sales taxes is that consumers pay more for finished goods than they would have to in a true free market.
Real estate and property taxes are an assertion of ownership.  When the all powerful State claims the right to tax my real property it is making the claim that it owns my property and I am little more than a tenant.  This is not a difficult point to prove if you consider the simple truth that I will be evicted from my home if I do not pay the real estate tax on it.  The State owns my home and my rent payment is the real estate tax I am expected to pay annually.  The same is true of taxes on my personal property.  My automobile tax is a claim by the State that it owns my car and, in reality, I have a lease agreement with the civil government in which I agree to make an annual lease payment in exchange for the privilege of driving on the government's roads.
Inheritance taxes are socialism at its finest.  The idea behind the inheritance tax is that civil government has some sort of moral responsibility to break up family "dynasties" by taxing away a good portion of the estate that would be transferred from one generation to the next.  Why the transfer of wealth from one generation to the next is an immoral thing is never explained.  The simple truth is that the inheritance tax is one of the finest and purest examples of envy at work.  People with smaller estates, or no estates at all, are highly envious of the wealthy and they want to see their god, civil government, punish those rich people for their sins.  It is assumed that people can become rich only off the backs of the noble workers so when the State takes most of the money from them and gives it to the noble workers via wealth transfer programs it is deemed to be a moral activity.  The exact opposite is the case.  The inheritance tax is nothing but theft, pure and simple.
The myriad taxes such as gasoline taxes, utility taxes, technology taxes and telecommunications taxes are all little more than death by a thousand stings.  Each of the above taxes, and every other tax similar to them, suffers from the same malady.  They are all a form of sales tax attached to a particular product and, as such, they are as immoral as any other sales tax.  The State has no business interjecting itself into the voluntary decisions of its citizens to purchase a gallon of gasoline or to purchase natural gas to heat their homes.  The very notion that the State has the right to tax something anytime a voluntary transaction takes place is utter nonsense.  Why should the mere fact that two parties agree to trade with one another create an environment in which a tax should be imposed?   Answer:  It does not.
There is only one moral form of taxation and there is only one moral amount that can be extracted from a citizen before the act of taxation becomes an act of theft.  To the surprise of all God hating pagans, as well as to the surprise of all Evangelicals, God has an opinion about taxation.  There are  many things that God does not have an opinion about.  God does not care if you use Crest or Colgate.  God does not care if you drive a Ford or a Chevy.  God does not care if you eat a hamburger or a hot dog.  But there are many things that God does care about and whenever He has an opinion about something He shares that opinion with us through the Bible.
The Bible contains the opinion of God about how the State should obtain the money it needs to perform its God ordained functions.  Please note what I just wrote.  God gives the State the right to raise revenue to perform its God ordained functions and nothing else.  The State is a God ordained covenantal institution that has a limited function in this world.  According to God, the State is limited in its authorized activities to protecting the three civil rights of its citizens (right to life, freedom and property), defending its citizens from aggression by others, both internal and external, and enforcing the revealed Law of God as found in the Bible among its citizens.  Just writing that last sentence indicates how far the Socialist Democracy of Amerika has devolved into a post-Christian society.  What I wrote is laughable.  Nobody, even Christians who profess to believe the Bible, agrees with me.  That is okay with me since popularity is almost always a sign of error.  I much prefer to be a minority of one and be right. 
The Bible declares the income tax to be the only moral means by which a covenantal institution (there are only two with taxing authority....the Church and the State) can raise funds for operation.  The Bible also declares that both the Church and the State are limited in their ability to tax the incomes of their subjects to the rate of 10% of their incomes.  Does God have an opinion about how the State should be funded?  Yes He does.  God declares that civil government, in all of its permutations and levels, is limited to 10% of the annual incomes of its subjects.  If it finds itself unable to operate with that level of income it needs to reduce spending and come into conformity with God's revealed will for what it should be doing.  The Church is also morally required to extract 10% of the incomes of its members to enable it to carry out its biblically mandated duties.  That is known as the tithe and it is generally ignored by almost all Christians who claim to believe the Bible these days.
I live in a country in which Evangelicals give ~3% of their annual income to their churches and the State, at all of its various levels and through all of its thousands of different taxes, extracts ~50% of my annual income.  There is a reason I consistently refer to the citizens of this country as State worshipers.  Most people are just dandy with the state of affairs I just described.  Indeed, most people in this country would have the tax exemption for charitable contributions taken away and even higher rates of taxation imposed upon the top 49% of the income population who, unfathomably, are still deemed to not be paying their "fair share" of the federal tax burden.  What is that if it is not worship of the all powerful and beneficent State?
God will not be mocked.  Do not confuse His long suffering with tolerance for sin.  Do not think for one moment that His slowness to bring judgment is indicative of an unwillingness to do so. The tax policies of the SDA are immoral, through and through.  Those who support them, operate within them, enforce them and praise them will be severely judged for their actions unless they repent.  

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