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San Juan Mountains
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Monday, August 29, 2016

The Kaepernick Brouhaha Proves My Point

For the two or three citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika who are not aware of this, Colin Kaepernick is a washed-up quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers.  During an exhibition game last week he made the voluntary, rational and legal decision to refuse to stand and address the flag during the playing of the national anthem.  His protest, if you have seen the video, was very understated.  To even realize that he is not standing the video producers have highlighted where he is seated among the throngs of state worshipers who are standing and genuflecting to the holy icon known as the flag.  In a country in which the government is not idolized his action would have gone unnoticed.  In a country that worships civil government his action became the worst sort of sacrilege.
I have argued many times in this blog that the flag of the SDA is symbolic of the Amerikan Empire in general and the Amerikan military in particular.  Any notion that the flag is representative of the land, rivers, lakes, people, businesses, hobbies or 50 million citizens of the SDA murdered by their mothers and government approved medical professionals is utter nonsense.  When I make that argument I am always informed that I am exaggerating the situation and that I need to calm down and realize that nobody worships the Beast in this fine and fair country.  I am told that patriotic Amerikans do not worship civil government or its military branch.  I am told that patriotic Amerikans just love Amerika and that if I don't I am free to leave.  Now I have proof for my assertion that flag idolization is little more than worship of the Beast.
I have read dozens of angry responses to Kaepernick's apostasy on various websites, news outlets and Facebook pages and the one common theme I have found in all of them is that Kaepernick has insulted the Amerikan solider who died to protect his freedom, most especially his freedom to exercise his 1st Amendment right to not salute the flag.  There appears to be almost universal agreement that Kaepernick's decision to remain seated during the playing of the National Hymn of adoration for the State is an offensive action in the eyes of the military which ostensibly protects my freedoms by killing foreigners in foreign lands.  I have been told, in response to Kaepernick, that the Amerikan soldier has died to grant me the right to refuse to worship civil government.  That got me to thinking....precisely which Amerikan soldier died in precisely which war to protect my right to remain seated during the playing of the National Hymn?
Since I was born so many moons ago the SDA has fought wars in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Lebanon, Grenada, Panama, Iraq (twice), Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Libya.  To the best of my knowledge, no Vietnamese, Cambodian, Laotian, Lebanese, Grenadian, Panamanian, Iraqi, Somalian, Haitian, Bosnian, Kosovian, Afghani, Pakistani or Libyan has ever been a threat to invade my country and take away my civil rights, including my right to free speech critical of those wars of imperial expansion.  I don't deny that Amerikan soliders have died in dozens of foreign countries since I was born.  What I do deny is that any single one of them died protecting my right to free speech from foreign aggression or invasion.  When someone informs you that the Amerikan soldier has died to allow you to speak freely, ask him who it was and when it happened.
By the way, as Amerikan soldiers have been drying in droves allegedly to protect my freedom to not worship the civil government of the SDA, they were responsible for the murder of 20 million people in 37 victim nations since WWII.  Did all 20 million of those people really present a clear and present danger to my right to speak freely?  If not, why were they killed? 
By the way, why is nobody apparently concerned about real attacks upon my right to free speech?  Why must I stand in a segregated and physically isolated "free speech zone" when I wish to express myself in the presence of a career politician?  Why can I be arrested for hate speech when I express the opinion heterophobes are sinful and need to repent of their sins?  Why am I deemed to be immoral when I declare that trannies should not be permitted to shower in women's bathrooms?  Are those not all denials of my right to free speech?  Oh....right....I keep forgetting.  Only Christian speech is forbidden in this immoral and God-hating country.
I have not conducted a statistical analysis but I believe it is fair to say that the majority of the citizens of the SDA worship civil government and the military that supports it.  The reaction to the Kaepernick display is proof positive of my opinion.  Kaepernick is being treated as a heretic because he refused to bow down to the holy icon and stand up for the playing of the national hymn.  In a truly patriotic country no man would ever be criticized for his refusal to pay homage to the Beast.  It is only in a country that has given itself wholesale to the worship of the Beast that such things take place.
Pagans and assorted God-haters love to condemn Christians for their religious zealotry.  Go stand in front of a mirror for a moment you hypocrites.  Your response to Kaepernick is exceeding more zealous than even the most ardent response of a Christian to perceived offenses against his God.  And the Christian God actually exists!  Confess your sin and repent of it, especially you who call yourselves Evangelicals who seek to ride the fence between the God of the Bible and the god of the State, by acknowledging that you are religious idolaters who command and demand worship of civil government.  Your actions speak louder than your words.  You may protest all you wish that you are merely being secular and patriotic but that does not change the truth revealed by your behavior.  Liars, all of you.  You worship the god of civil government and you vehemently desire to punish all who do not agree with you and who have the audacity to refuse to bow down in the presence of your god.  How else, Mr. and Mrs. State Worshiper, do you explain the Kaepernick affair?

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