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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hate-Filled "Patriots" Blast Kaepernick

It was not my intention to do a second post on the Kaepernick affair but it will just not go away.  Ignorant, stupid and foolish patriots insist upon continuing to make Kaepernick's decision to ignore the National Hymn and the Holy Icon into a federal case.  After posting my first article yesterday I heard on the radio that Kaepernick had previously refused to worship the military and the federal government it supports during the first two exhibition football games.  He rather obviously is not attempting to make a big deal out of his "protest."  On the contrary, it is the high priests of patriotism who have decided to take offense at Kaepernick's rational and moral behavior by crucifying him on their altar of State worship.  They are the ones who have turned this into a big deal.  Don't believe me?  Allow me to offer up two examples in support of my position.
Dan Montgomery of Arvada loves the Amerikan Empire and the military that expands and supports it.  Although he does not say so, I suspect he chokes up when he thinks of dropping bombs on foreigners and he probably sheds a tear or two when he contemplates what it is like to gun down an "enemy" fighter.  Dan is a very religious man and he worships at the throne of State power.  Anyone who refuses to bow down to his god is immediately declared to be his enemy.  Dan wrote this to the Denver Post, "San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is an unpatriotic, race-baiting loser disguised as a football player.  Disrespecting our flag and our national anthem was an in-your-face insult to all those who have worked so hard to make this country great, and those soldiers, police officers and emergency responders who had their lives stolen from them by punks, perverts, predators and foreign enemies....I think Kaepernick should move to China, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan or some other desolate place,...what an ungrateful and pathetic loser."  Let's consider Dan's rant for a moment, shall we?
Danny-boy, you don't seem to realize that Kaepernick was not seeking to publicize his decision to not engage in idolatrous worship of the Holy Icon.  Your assertion that his decision to not be an idolater is an "in-your-face insult" is stupid and wrong.  Indeed, Danny-boy, you are stupid and wrong.  Nevertheless, I appreciate your words.  Not because you are free to say them and most certainly not because the expansion of the Amerikan empire, at the cost of over 20 million lives of stinkin' foreigners since WWII, is what gives you the alleged freedom to say them.  No, Danny-boy, I appreciate your words because they are a perfect example of religious idolatry and your worship of the Beast.  You have proven my point perfectly.  Kaepernick is refusing to stand and worship the State because he believes, right or wrong, that cops murder black folks in this land.  His act of non-worship has nothing to do with your god of the military.  Yet you are utterly incapable of seeing or understanding what Kaepernick is doing.  Why?  Because your god has blinded you and you hate anyone and anything that you perceive to be contrary to the glorious, imperialistic and murderous nature of your god.
You also support my position that patriotism is now defined, in the exact opposite fashion as its historical definition, as support for a legalistic, God-hating, immoral, envy-filled and idolatrous civil government, including the military that supports and expands it.  I find it fascinating that you wish to banish Kaepernick to those wonderful bastions of Amerikan established socialist democracy found in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan.  If those three countries are such hell holes to live in, who do you think made them that way?  It was your blessed Amerikan solider who destroyed those countries and it is your blind love and adoration for that same soldier that leads you to want to banish Kaepernick to those wretched by-products of Amerikan imperialism.
You conclude your diatribe with the assertion that Kaepernick is an "ungrateful and pathetic loser."  You see him as ungrateful because he does not worship the same god as you.  You deem him a loser because he has the courage to stand up for what he believes, even if it disagrees with the majority opinion of the time.  Danny-boy, I wish I had Kaepernick's courage.  When I go to a Rockies game I stand for the National Hymn, although I refuse to sing it and I also refuse to genuflect by placing my hand over my heart.  My wife, who is far more courageous than I am, refuses to stand.  I wish I were as brave as she is.  I wish I were as brave as Kaepernick.  Instead, I am afraid of patriots like you who hurl insults, peanuts, beer and the occasional punch in my direction for refusing to worship your god.  There is a pathetic loser in this situation but it is not Kaepernick.  If you want to know who it is, take a look in the mirror.
Ann Moore of Centennial is another Amerikan patriot.  She writes, "Hey, Colin Kaepernick, why don't you stand up and show pride for our men and women who have lost their lives, limbs and minds so you can sit on your sorry butt and make millions of dollars?  What kind of role mode are you?"  Well, at least I appreciate the fact that Ann kept her ridiculous comments short.  Let's consider them for a moment.
Like Danny, Ann misses the point. She too is blinded by religious adoration for the Amerikan Empire and its holy artifacts.  Annie, Colin is not protesting the military.  He is protesting the fact that he believes cops are murdering black folks in this country.  I can't speak for Kaepernick, and I suspect he would strongly disagree with what I am about to write next, but the reason no one should ever stand up and adore the flag during the playing of the National Hymn is because they represent the murderous thugs who have murdered tens of millions of innocent foreigners around the world during my lifetime, all in support of the Amerikan Empire.  None of those tens of millions of dead people ever presented a clear and present danger to the life, liberty or property of any Amerikan citizen and yet they are all dead as a direct result of Amerikan military actions and Amerikan political engagement.  That is the very nature of empire.
I wonder, would Ann want me to stand up and applaud all the murderers presently rotting away in Amerikan prisons?  I suspect not.  So why should I stand up and applaud all the murderers who are not presently rotting away in prisons?  Annie's answer to that question, I am quite sure, would be that I am a horrible person for suggesting that killing a foreigner in the name of empire expansion is an act of murder.  In her delusional world it is an act of self defense.  Who has lost touch with reality now Annie?  Killing another human being who is not attempting to steal and destroy my life, freedom and property is murder, not self defense.  The contradictory notion that I could, or should, "support the troops" while they engage in immoral wars of empire expansion is ghastly and immoral.  If a war is immoral those who prosecute it are behaving immorally and should never be praised or held up as "role models."  When a war is immoral the people who fight it are murderers.  There is no escaping that logically necessary truth.
Thanks to Danny and Annie today.  These hate-filled patriots perfectly prove my point that in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika patriotism is now synonymous with religious adoration of the Amerikan Empire.  For those who engage in such behavior, and that is certainly the majority of the citizens in this post-Christian land, I have only one word.  Repent.

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