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San Juan Mountains
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Monday, August 1, 2016

A Biblical Message For The DNC & RNC

The conventions are over and each religious party has selected its candidate for next King of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika. All that is left to be done is for the sovereign will of the majority to be declared in November of this year, thus infallibly chosing who shall ruler over us the next four years.  Then we will all have the wretched experience of witnessing the coronation of a new King to rule over us with an iron fist and a God-hating system of law.
I took some time to download the documents that make up the platform for each political party in our de facto one-party system.  They both believe that government is imbued with the attributes of deity, fully capable of creating jobs, creating wealth, making people healthy and removing all of the risks associated with life in today's world.  In other words, they both claim to be gods.
Not only do the Democrats and the Republicans believe they are capable of doing things that only God can do, they are also ardent proponents of various laws that are all diametrically opposed to the law of God found in the Bible.  Even Evangelicals, who claim to believe that the Bible is the only guide for their lives, quickly abandon their belief in the sufficiency of Scripture in order to embrace the various pagan law systems proposed in the platforms of each political party.
In future blog posts I am going to critique several of the planks in each party's platform.  I think you will find my analysis of their most genuinely stupid and incomprehensibly obtuse planks informative and entertaining.  Today I have a simple word for both the Democrats and the Republicans.  I also have a simple word for the great majority of you who worship at the throne of civil government.  When you spend all of your time thinking about your choice for the next  King of the SDA, when you castigate those who refuse to validate your religion by their refusal to participate in the sacrament of voting that you hold so dear and when you find that you have truly come to believe that career politicians are capable of the good deeds they profess to be able to perform once you elect them, I know for a fact you are a worshiper of civil government.  So for all you career politicians, career bureaucrats and lovers of civil government, hear the Word of the Lord:
"Why are the nations in an uproar, and the peoples devising a vain thing?  The kings of the earth take their stand, against the Lord and His Anointed: 'Let us tear their fetters apart, and cast away their cords from us.'  He who sits in the heavens laughs, The Lord scoffs at them.  Then He will speak to them in His anger and terrify them in His fury....Worship the Lord with reverence, and rejoice with trembling.  Do homage to the Son, lest He become angry, and you perish in the way, for His wrath may soon be kindled."
The above quote is extracted from Psalm 2.  It is most appropriate when considering what has happened at the RNC and DNC in the last two weeks.  Both conventions were in an uproar.  They were outraged with each other and they were also outraged against the other party.  The Republican establishment hates Trump and attempted a coup to put one of their own in the driver's seat.  The Democrats rigged their procedures to ensure that Bernie the Outsider would not unseat Hillary the Great.  Division among the ranks was the name of the game for both parties.  The only thing the RNC and the DNC agreed upon was that the candidate from the other party is a satanically inspired type of Hitler that will destroy the Amerikan Empire if elected in November.
As you will read in future blog posts, the kings of the earth have taken their stand against the Lord, strongly desiring to distance themselves from Christian morality, truth and law.  The platforms crafted by both parties clearly repudiate most everything that comes from the Bible about how a civil government should operate.  Both the Democrats and the Republicans have done a fine job of casting away their perceived cords of oppression found in the law of God in the Bible.  Certain truths follow from what the two conventions have accomplished.  They are found in the portion of Psalm 2 quoted above
The folks who crafted the platforms for each party, and all of the registered party members who support those two parties, find themselves in the unenviable position of being laughed at by the omnipotent God of the universe.  As God haters they refuse to acknowledge the fact that He is mocking them but that does not change the fact that He is.  It is not a wise thing to be in a position where the God who rules the world laughs at and scoffs at you.  When you find yourself in that position the only rational thing to do is to repent of your sin.  That, of course, will not happen.  You love your god of civil government far too much to repent of your idolatry.  That brings about the second consequential truth.
Those who refuse to do homage to the Son of God find themselves in a position of judgment.  Those who refuse to worship the true and living God will be subject to His wrath.  Contrary to what your Evangelical friends have told you, God is not in love with you.  He does not weep crocodile tears when you devise vain laws to oppose His most holy and perfect law for the organization of human societies.  On the contrary, He becomes enraged at you and your God-hating platform. If you do not repent your future is the Lake of Fire.  That includes you Evangelicals who believe the Republican party represents the will of God on earth.  Enough said.
For those who are interested you can find the Democratic platform here and the Republican platform here.

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