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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Sexual Perverts Opening Salvo Against Christians

The war is on.  Immediately after the Supreme Court of Jokers declared that homosexuals have "most protected" status in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika a group of them threatened to sue a Bible believing Christian church because the pastor preached a sermon about the sinfulness of homosexuality.  The limp-wristed sissies who read his sermon on the church website were enraged that anyone would dare to offend their god and refuse to affirm their wretched lifestyles at least twenty times per day.  They informed the allegedly hate-filled pastor that he must immediately cease and desist from preaching biblical truth or they would bring a lawsuit against him.  In an act of great courage the insurance company issuing the liability coverage to the church informed the church leadership that they would not be protected from a lawsuit filed by the government protected class of heterophobes (people with a pathological fear and hatred for Bible believing heterosexuals.)  You can listen to that story here.
In a related story, and in a misguided attempt to launch a proactive strike against the homosexual/transvestite government protected class, a church in Iowa is,  "...suing the state’s civil rights commission, claiming the state is trying to censor the church’s teachings on sexuality and force the church to allow men who identify as women to use the women’s restrooms."  You can find that story here.  I believe the lawsuit is a mistake because the Christian Church does not need the permission of the Beast (federal or state government) to preach the truth.  Rather than seeking permission from the Beast to preach what is true the church should simply do what it has always done and force the jack-booted thugs who enforce the immoral laws of the Beast to come and arrest us.  It is time for the war to escalate.  It is time for Christians to be jailed for hate crimes and speech that violates the government's speech code parameters.  I have no idea how many real Christians there are in this country but I would guess there are at least several million.  It is time for us all to suffer the consequences of our allegedly disgusting, hateful, unloving, absurd, archaic, and biblical beliefs.  The civil government has spoken and homosexuals and transvestites are highly moral individuals who must be affirmed by all citizens of the SDA on a daily basis.  No negative speech is ever allowed to be directed towards them.  So please, come and arrest us all.  Throw us all into prison for our crimes.
Even though the church should not have filed the lawsuit it is an interesting case study.  It dramatically illustrates how much the SDA has become a post-Christian society.  It was inconceivable, prior to the Supreme Court of Joker's decision enshrining the adoration of sexual perverts, that any church would ever ask the civil government for permission to preach biblical truth.  My how things have changed.  Here is a portion of the plaintiff's complaint found in the suit, "The Act and City Code prohibit the Church from issuing statements that might cause individuals to believe that they are unwelcome because of their perceived gender identity.  The language of the Act and the City Code are broad enough to include within that prohibition sermons, theological expositions, educational speeches, newsletters or church worship bulletin text, or other statements from the Church and its leaders....The Church’s minister desires to preach sermons addressing God’s design for human sexuality and the Church’s beliefs about ‘gender identity,’ but reasonably fears that if he were to do so it would violate the Act’s and the City Code’s speech ban. The Act’s and the City Code’s prohibitions would also apply to a church bulletin that included an explanation that the women’s restrooms are reserved for biological females, while the men’s restrooms are reserved for biological males...The Act’s and the Code’s prohibitions thus cause Fort Des Moines to self-censor and chill its speech, while permitting other churches and entities to freely express beliefs regarding sex that are consistent with the Act and City Code.”
Fascinating, isn't it?  The point that is being made is one hundred percent correct.  When the government grants most privileged status to one group, any other group that was previously in competition with that group is automatically made into a loser.  When the federal government granted most privileged status to sexual perverts those who teach that sexual perversion is sinful immediately lost the intellectual and cultural war.  The only thing that remains to be done is for the civil authorities to arrest those who dare to challenge what the government has declared to be true.  That means the ministers of this particular church are in violation of the law when they preach the Bible. They are also in violation of the law when they tell men to use the men's bathrooms.  The plaintiff's belief that they are required to change their biblical views in deference to the grossly immoral views of the politically protected class is correct. So now they have a decision to make, will they obey man or God?
The situation for this church becomes even more absurd.  The application of the principle that requires Christian bakers to be legally obligated to bake cakes for homosexuals who wish to get "married" is involved here as well.  That principle alleges that anyone who is "serving the public" is required to serve all of the public without discrimination against any government protected class.  Sodomites and trannies are protected so they must be served.  Christians are not protected so when they brought suit against a homosexual bakery for refusing to bake a cake with a Bible verse on it they lost the case.  In this case, "The speech ban could be used to gag churches from making any public comments—including from the pulpit—that could be viewed as unwelcome to persons who do not identify with their biological sex.  This is because the commission says the law applies to churches during any activity that the commission deems to not have a ‘bona fide religious purpose.’ Examples the commission gave are ‘a child care facility operated at a church or a church service open to the public,’ which encompasses most events that churches hold.”  Did you get all of that?  It is hugely significant.
The city commission declares that church services are deemed to be examples of activities that are serving the public and are, therefore, subject to regulation by the state.  Anything proclaimed from the pulpit of a Christian church that is open to the public is subject to the scrutiny of the thought and word police, who are lawfully entitled to suppress all offensive content.   Indeed, any service of the church that is not held in secret and away from the eyes of any potential offense-finding sexual pervert must comply with the rules requiring affirmation and worship for sodomites and trannies.  These days there are almost no services conducted by churches which are exclusively for members.  Perhaps the congregational meeting practices of baptistic churches would qualify for exclusion from government regulation, since you must be a member to vote,  but any meeting that even allows the presence of outsiders would be subject to the new rules.
Churches in Des Moines have two choices.  They may refuse to comply with the immoral rules that are being rammed down their throats by a God-hating, messianic civil government and thus face incarceration.  They may also go into hiding.  I don't know which option is best and suspect that each local church will have to decide for itself which route to pursue.  For churches with elderly pastors who no longer have families to support, especially if they are widowed or single, they might decide to go the imprisonment route and offer up their leaders as Christian martyrs.  Other churches might want to continue their ministries and go underground.  I like the idea of an underground church.  It takes us back to the time when the Roman authorities blamed Christians for all the evils in world and sought to eradicate them from the face of the earth.  The early Church refused to bow down to Caesar and was punished severely for that refusal.  We too must refuse to bow down to the Beast so how about we go underground and let this God-hating society rot and die in its own immoral effluence?

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