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Monday, July 18, 2016

The Perspective Of A Jack-Booted Thug

With all of the cops getting shot and killed in recent weeks it was only a matter of time before a Blue Lives Matter movement would be created.  I tried to start a Red Lives Matter in support of the generally oppressed and persecuted Welsh people but nobody joined it.  It was no fun being a club of one so I closed the club down.  I don't know if the Blue Lives Matter club is gathering members or not but I do know that the official position of the club on police brutality betrays a serious disconnection from reality on the part of the cops/jack-booted thugs who patrol the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  Let me tell you about that today.
Here is the Blue Lives Matter website.  The by-line of the website declares, "Serving and Honoring Amerikcan Law Enforcement."  That was all I need to know.  Here, straight from the horses mouth, is the perspective of a jack-booted thug on what is transpiring in the SDA these days.  The article this particular thug penned is entitled, "It's Citizens; Not the Police, Who Need De-escalation Training."  That pretty much tells the story.  Blame the victim is a tried and true tactic utilized by bullies all around the world.  Let me give you some direct quotations from a man who carries a gun and is legally permitted to gun you down in the street.
Joe Grit (a pen name?) is the author of the article.  He begins by informing me that cops are intellectuals.  I never would have guessed that based upon my interactions with them but who am I to judge just how smart these gun-toting geniuses are?  He writes, "Our educated law enforcement community– In the United States today, we have never seen a more diverse, better educated, well trained and technologically advanced law enforcement community. Police academies today are more like mini-universities; all accredited through community colleges, where officers receive undergraduate credits for course work.  In most states police recruits study and are tested in over forty-three separate topics of instruction during an intense six-month academy. During this period, they must demonstrate written and physical/practical competency with a minimum passing score of between 80% to 100% in all subjects. Cultural and sexual diversity, tactical communication, laws of arrest/search and seizure; civil rights, victimology, preliminary investigations, forensics; mental health, drug influence; traffic enforcement and investigations; physical training and use of force/deadly force comprise just a few of the many subjects covered. This level and time compression of education and training is far more demanding; and more intellectually and physically challenging than any university I am aware of."
Joe is correct when he asserts that the cops have more ways to spy upon and kill the citizens of the SDA today than at any other time in our past.  The fact that police departments all around the SDA have become mini-military establishments is something he is proud of.  I am afraid I don't share his enthusiasm.  I also wonder if the intellectual demands of his police academy really are higher and more taxing than those put upon students in the hard sciences at some of the nation's top universities?  Never having been to either of those two campuses I would not know.
Joe gets to the heart of the matter when he writes, from his perspective as a near-genius, "Who really needs the training? -- I have come to the conclusion that it is generally not the police who need more training including “de-escalation,” diversity, sensitivity and civil rights training; it is the American public. The Millennium Generation has absolutely no understanding of what their actual civil rights are – and more importantly, are not. They have no idea what the legal constraints are with respect to their behaviors during police encounters. They have no awareness as to why they get detained and arrested for the stupid things they say and do. Most of their parents are worse than their offspring are. Young people and most adults have no understanding of how police officers are trained and how that training combined with their non-compliant, suspicious, potentially threatening and/or active physical resistance become part of the calculus of the peaceful, or defensively forceful response by police their actions precipitate."  Well there you have it.  We are all too stupid to understand that when a cop pulls us over and starts ordering us around and playing the bully it is our fault when we get upset and it is also our fault when we get shot.
I can't speak for the Millennium Generation that Joe refers to but I can speak for myself.  I know what my civil rights are.  They are described in the now defunct Constitution of the United States of Amerika.  I have the right to be left alone by the police.  I have the right to demand that the police may only detain me if they have a warrant, signed by a judge and based upon probably cause that I have committed a crime.  I have the right to remain silent when they interrogate me.  I think I know my rights pretty well.  But Joe does not think so.  He believes that my comprehension of my civil rights is completely wrong.
Joe has a point.  The Supreme Court of Jokers long ago eviscerated the Constitution of the United States of Amerika, virtually eliminating all of the protections of the 4th Amendment and giving thugs like Joe the right to do anything they want during what he calls an "encounter."  Joe's concept of a civil right is "the legal constraints with respect to their (ie, our, ed) behaviors during police encounters."  Now that is a very interesting definition of a civil right.  When I encounter a cop my rights consist of the things I must do to please that cop lest he be justified in shooting me.  Here is a partial list of my civil rights, according to Joe:
  • I have the right to be detained by a cop without any probable cause I have committed a crime.
  • I have the right to be interrogated by a cop and further detained if I refuse to answer his questions.
  • I have the right to submit to whatever absurd command he might issue to me.
  • I have the right to allow the cop to search my property, without a warrant, based upon his assessment that I am somehow acting suspiciously when I refuse to allow him to search my property.  
  • I have the right to have my property confiscated and never returned to me under the cop's civil asset forfeiture laws.
  • I have the right to be deceived, lied to and tricked by Joe as he does everything in his power to get an arrest and, quite probably, a cash bonus for doing so.   
  • I have the right to be entrapped into the commission of a crime as I obey every command, word and thought of my kind and loving gun-toting benefactor.  I likely will not even be aware that by complying with his demands I have committed a crime right up until the moment he slaps the cuffs on me, tosses me into the back of the paddy wagon and drives off recklessly into the sunset.  
  • I have the right to be kicked, beaten and shot by any cop who feels "threatened" by the fact I don't agree with his list of civil rights or if I dare to address him as a human being of equal value to me. 
  • I have the right to prove myself to be stupid because of all of the things I say and do when in the presence of my master.  References to the Constitution or English common law are automatically deemed to be stupid by my intellectual superiors.
  • I have the right to address my personal jack-booted thug as "lord," or "my liege," or "your Highness."
  • I have the right to "comply" with every command that comes out of the mouth of my master, regardless of how stupid, absurd, illogical, irrational or illegal it might be.
Joe believes that he can eliminate all civilian deaths during encounters with the cops.  Here is what he writes, "A Simple Rule to Live or Die By– Literally every so-called 'controversial,' high-profile officer- involved death case bears example of this one simple fact. People who don’t make stupid life decisions; are compliant with police when contacted; and who don’t resist detention or arrest; almost never have problems with police; or end up hospitalized or in a morgue. It’s just that simple."  Well there it is.  To avoid being killed by a dedicated public servant enforcing the reasonable and eminently moral laws of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika, become a sheep and a voluntary slave to him.  Worship the cops as your superiors and all will be well.  Never question them in any way and you will be permitted to live.  Most of all, never forget that your primary task in this life is to comply, comply and comply some more.  As long as you comply you may live.  When you refuse to comply you will die.  Does Joe's "Simple Rule" sound like a threat to anyone besides me?
This article from a member of the dark side is most enlightening.  Joe concludes by informing me that, "The simple fact is that it is the public who needs de-escalation training. They need to calm down and have a studied response instead of emotionally charged reaction to the police they encounter during pedestrian stops, vehicle pull-overs, and investigative contacts. They need to know that a court of law and not the street is the venue for arguing the justification of a stop or an enforcement action. They need to know that no matter how much they might dislike the police; or the reason(s) for being contacted by them; they are legally obligated to obey an officer(s)’ directions, orders, or commands. The public needs to learn how to listen and not argue with police. They need to learn how to temper their behavior and not make stupid, threatening, and potentially deadly bad decisions. Essentially, they need to learn to grow up and mind their manners."
Hey Joe, where you going with that gun in your hand?  Are you going to shoot down some citizen who got emotionally upset because he was pulled over, detained, harassed, verbally harangued, and insulted by you for violating some stupid rule that has nothing to do with morality or the moral law?   Hey Joe, have you ever considered the possibility that the absolute power you claim for you and yours might give you an incentive to abuse that power?  Hey Joe, I have something to tell you.  I am a grown up and I am a very manner-full person. In every encounter I have had with jack-booted thugs it was the wearer of blue who lost emotional control and ended up yelling, screaming and making various threats.  So let me suggest that you are a massive hypocrite and your advice would be best directed to yourself.  Grow up and mind your own business.


  1. Welshy,

    Belonging to a non-governmental secret law enforcement agency, I've been able to get my hands on the official manual used for their "intense six month academy". Joey states that topics covered include, "cultural and sexual diversity, tactical communication, laws of arrest/search and seizure; civil rights, victimology, preliminary investigations, forensics; mental health, drug influence; traffic enforcement and investigations; physical training and use of force/deadly force.

    Let me detail what is shown for each topic in their syllabus. Blogspot seems to restrict my comments to 4096 characters, so I will break this up into a couple of posts.

    Cultural and Sexual diversity: When you encounter a situation and detain a hot looking chick, be willing to have sex with her regardless of her culture or gender identity. Be sure to threaten the lives of all her family members if she complains to the media.

    Tactical communication: The best communication is loud communication. If the suspect whom you have encountered and detained loudly communicates, you must increase the volume of your communication until you win.

    Laws of arrest/search and seizure: When you encounter a suspect in a situation and you feel endangered, immediately employ tactical communication and then take the suspect to the ground. While the suspect is on the ground, search their person thoroughly, especially a female gender-identified person because they do a better job of hiding things under their clothing. You have the right to seize anything belonging to the suspect which makes you feel endangered.

    Civil rights: You have the right to be civil to a suspect whom you have encountered and detained after a situation. However, it is almost always best to suspend this right as it undermines your authority and your aura of total power.

    Victimology: If, during an encounter with a suspect, the suspect treats you as anything less than a god, you are a victim of their stupidity, disobedience, and audacity. Immediately increase the level of your tactical communication and employ the steps specified in “Physical Training and use of force/deadly force”.

    Preliminary investigations: Go with your feelings, which are infallible in all trained law enforcement officers; if a person walks, talks, smells, acts, or looks like a suspect in a potential criminal act, treat them as a suspect and proceed as if your life is seriously endangered.

    Forensics: This topic will be removed in the next edition of this course. Let it suffice to say that it involves science.

    Mental health: Your mental health is of the utmost importance to your superiors. Feeling endangered day in and day out takes a large emotional toll on all law enforcement officers. Every time you detain a suspect whom you encounter during a situation, it will drain you emotionally. Be sure to take plenty of time for yourself: park in secluded cul-de-sacs, avoid donut shops during lunch hour, and kick your dog or wife when you get home to alleviate the stress of the day.

  2. (continued)

    Drug influence: If you take drugs, be sure to use primarily the kinds which heighten your ability to communicate tactically and assist you in the use of force/deadly force. Never take a drug which calms you or which reduces your aura of authority and control.

    Traffic enforcement and investigations: You are free to pull over and begin tactical communication with any suspect you encounter performing or not performing whatever behavior you want them or not want them to do. Be sure to have an ample supply of donuts in your squad car to cause the suspect to wait a considerable amount of time while you consume them. Be sure to brush the powdered sugar off your uniform before returning to the suspect’s vehicle.

    Physical training and use of force/deadly force: The more you weigh, the less physical training you will require. Most law enforcement officers will require no physical training. Thus, be sure to stop at donut shops whenever you tire of protecting and serving all the suspects on your beat. Alternatively, have your spouse load your lunch pail with donuts, cookies, and cake, and threaten to beat her if she doesn’t. Even if she does, you are free to beat her if she doesn’t treat you like a god.

    When you encounter a suspect during a situation and they don’t treat you like a god, follow the following steps:

    1. Increase the volume of your tactical communication. If this doesn’t yield the desired result within ten seconds, proceed to step 2.
    2. Unholster your stun gun and stun the suspect. Proceed directly to step 3 before the suspect stops twitching.
    3. While holding the suspect’s head down with your knee, hit the suspect with your baton until either they stop twitching or until you no longer feel endangered. Remember that serving and protecting the public is a dangerous job, so don’t be ashamed if it takes you a long time before you no longer feel endangered. If after ten minutes you still feel endangered, proceed to step 4.
    4. Unholster your gun and pump the entire magazine into the suspect, then apply the concepts learned in the “Mental Health” topic. If you feel extra especially endangered when encountering a suspect during a situation, do not hesitate to skip steps 1-3 and proceed directly to this step.

    There you have it. The men in blue spend six intensive months perfecting these tactics. It is brutal training. The training employed by A.P.E is definitely a contrast in styles. Our agents are told, "It only takes a moment to be kind" and "When you shoot, don't miss the heart". It works for me.

    Lancelot Link
    Secret Chimp - A.P.E.

  3. Whoops ... I overlooked the Preface to their training manual. There is one over-arching rule that all law enforcement officers are trained in and are fired if they disobey:

    The Golden Rule of Law Enforcement: You are always in control. You will never engage in discussion with a suspect whom you have encountered during a situation. If a suspect ever accuses you of failing to utilize reason, logic, or common sense, ignore them, employ "tactical communication", and if you feel endangered or threatened employ the steps outlined in the section on "the use of force/deadly force."

  4. Mr. Link:
    Wow! You have clearly had a great deal of experience with those brave men in blue who protect and defend us every day. I had no idea of what the content of their training was but your comments ring true. Sorry the blog does not allow you to post them all in one comment but you have made your point.
    I failed to mention that the article also included a significant section in which Joe wrote about how underappreciated he is, despite the fact that all he is trying to do is make our lives easier and more safe. It was pitiful.