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San Juan Mountains
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Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Olympics Are A Politicized PED-Fest

I use the acronym 'PED' to represent two different things.  Usually when you see the word it represents personal electronic device and refers to those things everyone seems to be incessantly holding in their hands to which they are quite clearly addicted.  Users of PEDs look at them thousands of times per day.  They look at them while they are driving along the road and at every stop light.  They look at them while they walk along and while they are sitting in restaurants with people they allege are their friends.  PED addiction is an enormous problem in our world but since everyone but a handful of us are addicts nobody seems to notice.
The other use for PED is performance enhancing drugs.  In my world PEDs are most closely associated with professional bike racing, which many people consider to be the most corrupt and immoral sport in the world.  Lance Armstrong went a long way to destroy the reputation of the professional peloton.  As Chris Froome appears to be pedaling his way to his third Tour de France yellow jersey no less a statesman than Greg LeMond continues to accuse him, his entire Sky team and the majority of the riders in the race of doping.  Are they using PEDs?  I don't know.  I sure hope not.
I am no fan of the Olympic games.  I have commented on them in this blog in the past but am too lazy to look up the links for you today.  What I am going to complain about today is different than what I have complained about in the past.  I just finished reading an Associated Press article with the headline of, "45 more athletes test positive from 2008, 2012 Games."  I think you can guess where this post is going.  Here is more from the article:
"Forty-five more athletes, including 25 medalists from the 2008 Beijing Games and eight medal winners from London, have been caught for doping after the retesting of samples from the last two Olympics, the IOC announced Friday.  The new cases bring to 98 the total number of athletes who have failed tests so far in the reanalysis of their stored samples from Beijing and the 2012 Olympics in London....On Thursday, the Court of Arbitration for Sports upheld an IAAF ban on Russia's track and field athletes from the games...amid calls by anti-doping bodies to exclude Russia entirely from Rio over the allegations of systematic state-run doping."
Talk about the kettle calling the pot black!  PED use is pandemic in all participants in the Olympic games and the powers that be who control the games decide to single our the Russians for exclusion from the games for PED use.  What a joke.  But it is not a surprising joke.  The Olympic games have always been used by governments and career politicians to further their causes and keep themselves in the public spotlight.  Shall we all admit it?  The Olympic games are nothing more than a venue for the Socialist Democracy of Amerika to assert hegemonic control over the other nations of the world.  SDA politicians use it to punish their enemies and reward their allies.  What, in theory, was supposed to be a-political in nature is nothing more than another political dog and pony show.  Banning the Russians from participation for doing exactly what the great majority of the other countries are doing with PEDs is the highest form of hypocrisy.
The newspaper report refused to name the guilty parties from the past.  You can be sure that many, if not most, of them are from the SDA.  The reason for that is simple.  The Olympic games are a form of war against SDA enemies.  It is crucial for SDA "athletes" to garner more medals than the athletes from countries we consider to be our enemies.  Using the superior technology available from committed SDA scientists the participants in the games from the SDA have been able to utilize PEDs without getting caught, at least until now.  The technology to discover the use of PEDs continues to improve as well.  As old urine and blood samples are tested a decade after the gold medals were passed out the inevitable truth that all Olympic athletes cheat for their countries comes out.
The countries that are selected to host the games every couple of years are stunning examples of socialist economics.  When some poor country like Brazil is informed it will be the host, the inflationary spigots are opened and the local economy is destroyed in a vain effort to produce the capital necessary to create a gold plated Olympic venue that will impress all the materialists of the world.  Inevitably the construction projects are completed in a slipshod fashion and participants from wealthier nations around the world look upon the venue with mockery and scorn, comparing them to the shiny things in their own country which are clearly so much finer.  After the fun and games depart from the country what is left of the buildings and stadiums created for a two week event are permitted to crumble back into the dust as the poor citizens of the country face staggering rates of inflation without any clue where it is coming from or why it is there.
The commercials on the television have been going on for some time now.  They show handsome and beautiful athletic bodies, draped in the red, white and blue, standing on the podium and being graced with round pieces of metal.  They show close-ups of the faces of the drugged athletes with tears streaming down their faces as they listen to their national hymn being played over the loudspeakers.  They have interviews with 15 year old boys and girls who ignorantly inform us that they have "dedicated their entire life" to winning that piece of metal.  What a sad and disgusting scene it all is.  If you care about freedom, if you care about dignity, if you care about personal property, if you care about honor, if you care about truth, if you care about the beauty of real human athletic competition, then, by all means, do not watch one second of the Olympic Games.  They are about the exact opposite.

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