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San Juan Mountains
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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Ten Reasons Why I Hate Amerika

I stepped outside this morning to get my morning paper and was immediately accosted by the vision of the holy icon of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika planted in my front yard.  I flew into an immediate rage.  Somebody had trespassed upon my property.  Somebody had cast litter upon my property.  Somebody had placed a flag upon my property and in doing so had punctured the plastic underneath my landscaping that I put there to prevent weeds from springing up.  Worst of all, somebody had forcibly involved me in the worship of the federal government, the SDA military and all career politicians.  I quickly grabbed the flag and tossed it into the trash.
The flag had been placed there by a local realtor.  As such she violated at least three rules about how to properly venerate the flag.  I believe she should be arrested by the patriot police.  She ignored the fact that the flag is never to be used for advertising purposes.  Her name was plastered on the stick she had driven through my landscaping plastic.  The flag is never to be displayed at night without being lit.  She had put the flag on my property under the cover of darkness.  The flag is never to be left out in the rain, except in cases where it is flying over the high and holy grounds where career politicians work and live.  It had rained overnight and the little flag was soaked.  So the lady realtor who violated my private property to affirm her veneration for the military of the SDA empire actually violated three of the rules she professes to follow.  What a hypocrite.
People who call themselves patriots, but are not, call me a person who hates Amerika first.  I love America, when America is properly defined.  I hate Amerika, when Amerika is defined as modern day patriots define it.  Modern day patriots believe that love for their country consists of religious adoration of the Empire, its military and the career politicians who rule over them.  Occasionally they will also throw several classes of government employees, like cops and firemen (heroes, all of them), into the pot.  For most of the idolatrous citizens of the SDA, love for their country consists of adoration for the Empire.  That is sin.  That is wrong.  That is one reason why God's wrath is being and will continue to be providentially poured out up this wretched land. 
I hate Amerika.  That may surprise some of you who believe that Christians, which I profess to be, are expected to love everything and everyone.  That may be what evangelical Christianity teaches these days but it is not consistent with historic Christian doctrine.  God commands us to hate the things He hates.  He orders us to hate them with a holy hatred.  Furthermore, God has revealed many of the things that He hates and a great number of those things are found in Amerika.  Allow me to give you ten reasons why I hate Amerika:
  1. I hate Amerika because it is an evil empire.  Like all empires the SDA sticks its nose into the business of other countries with impunity.  Amerika has military bases all over the world.  Amerika is at perpetual war with the countries of the world, seeking to bend them to our will and make them our vassals.  Amerika claims to have national interests in the sovereign affairs of hundreds of foreign countries.  There is absolutely no moral justification for the foreign policy and military activities of the SDA empire. Everything the SDA leaders do in foreign countries is immoral.  Amerika is the biggest, baddest, meanest, most murderous empire the world has ever seen and I hate it.
  2. I hate Amerika because it has killed 20 million citizens of the Middle East since 1990, all in the name of spreading democracy and freedom to various peoples who do not want it.  Most of those people were innocent bystanders killed in various wars that we started.  No Middle Eastern country has done anything to threaten the national security of the SDA and yet we kill them with a viciousness consistent with only the most reprobate empires from the past.  The SDA empire makes the Roman empire look like child's play.  The SDA killing fields make the acres of Roman crosses look like playgrounds.
  3. I hate Amerika because Amerikans believe that only their lives matter.  Go here for the blog post proving this point.  When foreigners die it is meaningless, even if they die in droves at the hands of SDA soldiers and bombs.  But if one SDA citizens dies it is worthy of a world war. 
  4. I hate Amerika because we have been at war with various foreign countries for 219 of our 240 years of existence.  Almost without exception (I believe without any exceptions but will make an exception for those who disagree with me) all of those wars were non-defensive in nature.  That means that almost every person killed by SDA soldiers, and there are tens of millions of dead, was murdered. 
  5. I hate Amerika because it murders its own citizens at an alarming rate.  54 million SDA citizens have been murdered by women and government approved doctors as they practice something they call "women's healthcare."  Somehow, when women are taken care of by government approved doctors, 54 million children are murdered.  54 million dead represents 16% of the total population of this immoral country today.  Those who protest these murders are labeled as fanatics and religious zealots who need to be silenced.  Ironically,  I am hated for proclaiming this truth.
  6. I hate Amerika because it hates the Christian Church.  Amerika is a post-Christian society.  There can be no neutrality in discussions about moral issues in this land.  Either abortion is murder or it is not.  Killing a person in a foreign land with a government issued rifle is either murder or it is not.  Christians believe those activities to be murder and for holding those beliefs we are despised and hated.  Progressive Amerika is moving rapidly and forcefully to the point where Christian truth and practice will be illegal.  I say, bring it on.  Arrest us in droves.  Make the proclamation of the Bible a criminal act.  It is time to take off the masks and behave consistently with who you really are.  Admit it, you hate us.  Now do something about it.  I am so tired of your whining.
  7. I hate Amerika because it first hates me.  My opinions are called hateful and, in some cases, unlawful.  My refusal to worship before the flag is considered a form of treason that must be punished.  My belief that singing "God Bless Amerika" is a horrible idea is deemed "extreme" and, in some cases, "dangerous."  I am not allowed to express my opinion about anything in the public square, especially if I cite the Bible in defense of my view.  I didn't start this fight, Amerika did.  For that I hate Amerika.
  8. I hate Amerika because it is filled with self-serving career politicians who are worshiped and adored by ignorant and idolatrous citizens.  Everything about the Amerikan political system is religious in nature.  No Christian can be surrounded by rampant idolatry without becoming extraordinarily vexed.  I am extraordinarily vexed.  Everywhere I look I see idolatrous worship of sinful human beings, many of whom should be in prison for what they have done and are doing.
  9. I hate Amerika because everywhere I go I am subject to a bevy of immoral and God-hating laws, rules and regulations created by those aforementioned career politicians and their bureaucratic underlings.  These laws are then enforced by the most immoral judicial system in the history of mankind.  The entire legal system is designed to suppress biblical law and enrich the government employees who work within it.  My daughter cannot open a lemonade stand in the front yard because of them.  I can't rent out a basement room to a stranger because of them.  I can't put an addition on to the back of my house without their prior approval.  When I seek their approval it becomes too expensive and time consuming to be worth doing it.  Every day, just by living my life, I commit several felonies without even knowing it.  I live in the land of the cowardly and the home of the slaves and I hate it.
  10. I hate Amerika because I am surrounded by hundreds of millions of God-hating reprobates who glory in their progressiveness and rejection of biblical truth.  Half of them have committed adultery.  Half of them believe that the sexual perversions found in homosexuality and transvestism are morally proper.  Half of the women have murdered one of their children.  The great majority of them are serial fornicators.  Lying is a way of life for most of them.  At least 51% of them are committed to the immoral principle of theft by majority vote.  They glory in their thievery and rename it "compassion."  All of them glory in their sin.  All of them mock the God of the Bible All of them suppress the truth in unrighteousness.  And, to top it all off, they hate me when I point these things out.

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