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Friday, July 22, 2016

Mind Your Own Business - Part 2

(Part One of this post can be found here.)
Let's get the shock factor out of the way right up front......nigger.  There, I wrote it.  Are you over it yet?
A story about a recent use of the word 'nigger' was deemed worthy of page 2 coverage in my Denver Post two days ago.  The headline said, "Papa John's apologizes for receipt's racial slur."  I don't know how a profit seeking company can apologize, given the fact that it has no vocal cords or the ability to speak, but somehow the newspaper found out that a pizza chain called Papa Johns had issued an apology for somehow using the word 'nigger.'  Here is the story:
"A racial slur used on a Papa John's pizza order has outraged Denver's black community and has led to an apology from the company.  The $6.22 pizza was ordered Tuesday from Papa John's Green Valley Ranch location, which is owned by Peyton Manning, a corporate spokesman said.  The computer generated receipt included the N-word in place of the customer's name."  Well there you have it.  Some employee at Papa John's in Green Valley Ranch has committed a capital offense.  The cops need to find out who did this terrible act of domestic terrorism, arrest him and make sure that he "accidentally" dies while being held in prison awaiting trial.
I don't know how something called a "black community" can be outraged about something.  I don't even know what a "black community" is.  I suspect it is some group of black people and their white sympathizers who are seeking to use the coercive power of government to get special privileges for themselves by casting themselves as victims of evil white people like me.  The interesting thing about this story is the fact that the pizza was ordered by a black teenage male and the Papa John's employee who took his order was also a black teenage male.  They knew each other.  The problem began when the pizza was delivered and the teenager's mom decided to throw a hissy fit because she saw the word 'nigger' on the order ticket.
According to the story in the paper, "The teen's mother saw the order ticket and called Brother Jeff Fard, a community activist to ask for help, Fard told the Denver Post on Wednesday."  So that is how it went down.  Do you know what a "community activist" is?  It is a person who specializes in minding the business of others for the political, social and financial gain of himself and the handful of people who allow him to be their mouthpiece.  All community activists who have ever existed have several characteristics in common.  They all worship the power of government.  They all believe that the majority should rule.  They all seek to use the coercive power of government to get things from other people that would never be given to them if government were not involved.  In a word, they are parasites.  All community activists seek to get "most privileged victim" status from the government so the wealth of the productive class can legally be transferred to them. 
Fard, despite the fact that this was a harmless case of communication between two black teenage males, said that he was offended by the use of the N-word and that there was "no excuse" for it happening.  I can think of many excuses for why it happened, and all of them make plenty of sense.   If Fard was so offended by "what happened" (always in the passive voice, isn't it?)  why didn't he talk to the two teenage males involved in the highly offensive and censorable speech rather than running to the media with his complaint?  He said, "Certain things are not funny regardless of who uses it.  It's totally unacceptable."
As a result of Fard's heroic efforts the story also reported that, "Denver politicians, community activists and church pastors took to social media to shame the company."  Well there you have it.  A couple of kids call each other nigger and a profit seeking corporation is to blame.  Isn't it strange that profit seeking businesses are to blame for everything community activists believe is wrong in the world?  All Papa John's is trying to do is give people a quality pizza for a reasonable price.  But that is not what Fard sees.  Fard sees a vast right wing conspiracy to bring back the word 'nigger' and turn the black man back into slaves of the privileged whitey.  Apparently he also believes that Papa John's needs to be shamed for the activities of its employees.  I wonder if he would apply that principle to government employees?  I don't think so.  They are always given a free pass, plus, they are all heroes. 
Can only a nigger call another nigger nigger?  Let me put it another way, can only a ginger call another ginger ginger?  I am a ginger.  Or at least I used to be before the ravages of time took away my flowing red locks and replaced them with somewhat less flowing gray locks.  I can't begin to tell you how many times I was referred to as "ginger."  I heard the word so many times while I was growing up I thought I lived in a spice factory.  And do you know what?  I never took offense when somebody called me a ginger, even when they meant to be derogatory by using the g-word.  I believed, as my Mama taught me, that sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me.  And do you know what?  Mama was right.  I have never been hurt by a word, although I have been hurt by several sticks and stones over the years.
What is the point of this rambling post?  The point is in the title.  Another thing my Mama taught me was to mind my own business.  The moment I started to get on my high horse and take up the real and imaginary offenses of other people she would tell me to mind my own business. She had to tell me that many times as a youth but I finally learned the lesson.  In the old days, just a generation ago, the principle of minding one's own business was sacred.  We all knew and understood that life is hard enough without taking up the offense of everyone else in the world.  We also knew that our own character was sufficiently flawed to the point that any effort that needed to be expended to improve human nature needed to first be expended on ourselves.  Since I have not yet attained perfection, although several people have told me that they believe I have, I continue to work on my character and leave you to work on your own.  In other words, I seek to mind my own business and I really wish you and the rest of the citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika would do the same, and that includes all you community activists.

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