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San Juan Mountains
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Monday, July 25, 2016

It Is Time For The Progressives To Put Up Or Shut Up

A reader sent me this link.  You might want to click through and read the content found there.  It tells the story of a logically consistent Progressive and hater of the God of the Bible drawing up plans for the future domination of Progressive religious doctrine in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  Most important to me, it also contains his opinion about what to do with the pesky Christians who keep getting in the way of his programs.  Let me tell you about that today.
Mark Tushnet is a law professor at Harvard.  That means he is a big gun.  Mark hates the God of the Bible with a passion.  He also despises Christians with a passion.  Unlike most other big guns in the Progressive arsenal, Mark is willing to come out and admit that his group is no longer subject to the tyranny of biblical morality.  Indeed, he freely and openly confesses that the Progressives have won the cultural and political war in the SDA.  He writes, "The culture wars are over; they lost, we won…. For liberals, the question now is how to deal with the losers in the culture wars. That’s mostly a question of tactics. My own judgment is that taking a hard line (“You lost, live with it”) is better than trying to accommodate the losers, who—remember—defended, and are defending, positions that liberals regard as having no normative pull at all....I should note that LGBT activists in particular seem to have settled on the hard-line approach (emphasis mine), while some liberal academics defend more accommodating approaches. When specific battles in the culture wars were being fought, it might have made sense to try to be accommodating after a local victory, because other related fights were going on, and a hard line might have stiffened the opposition in those fights. But the war’s over, and we won."
Well there you have it!  Mark admits the obvious, even though both Christians and Progressives continue to live in the imaginary world in which the war continues.  The God-haters have won and it is time to assume the controls and remake the universe in their moral image.  Mark ponders how he should deal with the Christian "losers" in this war.  He believes the best way to deal with Christian losers it to take the "hard line" with them.
What does it mean to "take the hard line" with Christians?  The author of the article in which Mark's quote is found comments, "Conservatives are the equivalent of racists and Nazis because they believe human beings whose lives begin at conception have a right to exist and that marriage has an intrinsic nature central to which is sexual differentiation. No more need for politically expedient rhetorical deception about tolerance and diversity. Carpe Diem, Tushnet proclaims. To the victors belong the spoils, which to 'progressives' like Tushnet just might include the presumptive 'right” to abrogate the religious liberty of conservative losers.'"  Now we are talking.  Let's see if we can't heat things up a bit, shall we?
Anyone who does not believe and understand that the Christian Church has been at perpetual war with the various empires and civil governments under which She has operated over the millennia is foolish, blind and in denial of reality and biblical revelation.  There are been times when the Church was supreme.  Sadly, those times were often associated with massive amounts of heresy and apostasy in the Christian Church Herself.  On the other hand, most of the time the Beast (god of civil government as described in the biblical book of Revelation) has powerfully reigned over the Church, often with murderous and oppressive tactics and results.
When the United States was born via the signing of the now defunct Constitution it was generally agreed upon by the handful of Christian signatories and the large number of Deists who signed the document that some sort of Christian morality would hold sway over the political affairs of the newly created country.  They were careful, unfortunately, to clearly specify that biblical law would not be the law of the land, thus ensuring that the republic they created was doomed to die in its inevitable democratic future.  As time went by the republic was abandoned and democracy, the worship of law-creating man himself, was enshrined as the form of government for the land.  Under the principles of democracy the majority of those who vote are responsible for determining moral law, civil law and the civil sanctions associated with the violations of those laws.  I believe the first major victory for the Progressives took place in 1973 when the Supreme Court of Jokers in the SDA declared what the majority already believed to be true.  The Court said that a mother is permitted to conspire with a government approved medical practitioner to murder her baby with legal impunity.  In fact, the Court went further than that.  The Court, in full agreement with the majority of voters (most of whom had already murdered at least one baby), agreed that murdering babies was a morally good thing to do.  That single event initiated the downward spiral that has come to fruition in our time.
The strategy of the Progressives who hate the God of the Bible and His people was a simple one.  They repeatedly cast themselves as downtrodden minorities who were living as victims of the tyranny of the Christian, or quasi-Christian, majority.  They called out incessantly for tolerance for their doctrines and practices.  They repeatedly begged for mercy and kindness at the hands of their allegedly tyrannical rulers.  They told us repeatedly that all they wanted was to be acknowledged as human beings with equal dignity to our own, with no desire to ram their specific agendas down our throats, as we had allegedly done to them.  Gradually the conservative rulers in power began to be replaced by Progressives, first one here and then one there.  They persevered.  Career politicians, ever vigilant to follow the will of the perceived majority of voters, suddenly morphed into different creatures.  I have personally witnessed the complete transformation of both the Democratic and Republican political parties during my lifetime.  The Republicans are currently exactly the same as what the Democrats were in the 1970s.  The Democrats have now become what the Democratic Socialists (very few of them at the time) were in the 1970s.  Present day Libertarians are not the Libertarians of the 1970s, they are effectively what the Republicans were in those years.  Everyone has slowly and inexorably moved to the left.  There is only a tiny group of us who still believe in liberty as the founding fathers believed in liberty.
Christians refuse to acknowledge that they have lost the war.  They continue to believe that the Republican party will be their savior.  It is bitterly ironic and downright depressing that Christians have flocked to the alleged conversion of Donald Trump as evidence that he is now one of us and willing to lead us to the political promised land.  Deluded and willfully ignorant followers of Christ believe that, with the right man in place, it is still possible to rescue this country and return it to its allegedly Christian foundation.  All of this is to simply say that I am thankful for men like Mark.  Mark is willing to inform the emperor that he is wearing no clothes. Mark is willing to state the obvious truth that no one else is willing to admit.  Mark is willing and able to declare that the Christians have lost the cultural and political war and it is time to make us pay for our past indiscretions.
The recent decision by the Supreme Court of Jokers enshrining sexual perverts of all sorts as politically and economically privileged groups of people is the natural progression of the God-haters.  Granting homosexuals "marriage" rights is as morally significant as declaring baby murdering to be moral.  That one decision has given the God-haters the powerful platform from which they can eventually declare Christian beliefs and practices to be contrary to the law of the land.  Indeed, that is already taking place.  I have posted a number of articles to this blog over the last year proving that Christians are in violation of the law when they believe and behave consistently with biblical truth.  Yet, as much as neither side wants to admit the truth, the war is over and it is time for the post-war trials to take place.  The Progressives have won and today is the day to find Christians guilty of heresy for refusing to bow down and worship the State.  Now is the time for punishment.
Despite the fact that they have won the war, most Progressives are still pretending to be victims.  They walk about spouting incessant poor-mouth and informing us how victimized they are.  Hey, you idiots, get over it.  Listen to Mark.  You won!   Stop talking about how hard your silly little immoral lives are and start cooking up ways to persecute the Christian Church.  That is, or should be, your next objective.  The only real enemy you have is the Christian Church.  Stop us now, while we are disorganized and confused, and criminalize all of our doctrines and practices.  You have taken nice steps in criminalizing our teaching and preaching about homosexuality and transvestism.  Now expand the agenda and criminalize everything we do.
Let me tell it straight.  Progressives are sissies.  They are wimps.  They are emotional children.  They are intellectual midgets.  Yes, I wrote "midgets."  You might want to make a law criminalizing the use of that term as well.  Throw in "retard" and "nigger" while you are at it.  But that is precisely the problem.  While Progressives love to talk the big talk they walk a very small walk.  They have played the victim for so long they don't know how to act like victors.  Victors kill their enemies.  Victors make sure they remain victors forever.  So stop your whining, get off your lazy bums and start the persecution of Christians!  Now!
Since Progressives have the mental and intellectual capabilities of a small dog, let me give you some suggestions as to where to start:
  • Require all citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika to swear a loyalty oath that includes statements about validating the authenticity, propriety and morality of homosexual practices.  Those who refuse to do so should be imprisoned until such a time as they change their minds.
  • Require all citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika to swear a loyalty oath that includes statements about validating the authenticity, propriety and morality of transvestism.   Those who refuse to do so should be imprisoned until such a time as they change their minds. 
  • Place government "peace officers" in every church.  Their task is to record any hate speech found within the church walls.  Hate speech is defined as anything based upon the Bible that makes any class of citizens feel bad about themselves.  Possible classes include homosexuals, pedophiles, transvestites, necrophiliacs, and all people the Christians keep referring to as "sinners."  There is nothing worse for the self esteem of SDA citizens than the perpetual assertion that all men are sinners.  That must be stopped, now!
  • Require all Christian businesses to serve every pervert that comes through the door, under penalty of law for refusing to do so.  Oops, this law already exists.  Just make sure you enforce it you wimps.  
  • Force Christian churches to pay income taxes at the corporate tax rate.
  • Disallow an individual tax deduction for contributions to churches while continuing to allow the deduction for contributions to political parties and career politicians.
  • Most important of all, you need to start making examples of some of us so that the rest of us will fear you.  Arrest prominent ministers on charges of "hate crimes" and throw them into prison for life.  Force the Church underground where we will be no threat to your power.  Make us disappear from Progressive society. 
The theme of this particular blog post has come up frequently in my recent posts.  Some readers have commented on the change.  I do not see my writing here so much as having undergone a change as having undergone a progression.  I admit we have lost the war.  I want both sides to be epistemologically consistent.  I want to be consistent.  We are the losers and we should be treated as such.  I also believe that a serious persecution of the Christian church in this God-hating country is exactly what we need at this point in time.  The Church has grown flabby and bloated with non-believers.  Our close association and cooperation with the Beast has only harmed the Church.   A good persecution will weed out the nonbelievers and purify the Church.   We will see who the true believers are during a period of persecution so to the Progressives I say, bring it on, if you can, you wimps.

To regular readers of this blog.  I am heading to the mountains to view the wildflowers for a couple of days.  I will be back on August 1st, hopefully with some photographs for you to enjoy.

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