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Monday, July 11, 2016

Homosexuality Is A Pleonastic Sin

Warning:  Today's blog post is heavily influenced by historic and orthodox Christian theology.  Those of you who are offended by the truth would be better off going somewhere else today.  This warning includes all God-hating citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika as well as Evangelicals who have long since parted ways with historic Christian theology as evidenced by their extreme embarrassment for biblical law.  Enough said.

If you have ever taken the time to read the Bible or listen to much Christian preaching on the Bible you are no doubt aware of God's opinion about homosexuality.  If you are not aware of God's opinion on the matter I will enlighten you.  He hates homosexuality and homosexuals.
Although it is true that even the smallest sin on the part of a human being is justly punished by the sentence of eternal punishment in the Lake of Fire, it does not follow that all sins are equally heinous in God's mind. God prioritizes the sins that we humans commit and He ranks them according to those which are most odious in His sight.  At the top of the list are those sins for which the Law of God proscribes the death penalty as the just sentence for those who commit them.
God proscribes the death penalty for those sins which are so evil that He wants to have the soul of the offending sinner ushered into His courtroom immediately.  Taking the physical life of the sinner is not the primary point in the sentence of execution.  The primary point is to get the soul displaced from the sinner's body and into the presence of God where He can begin to enforce His punishment upon the sinner directly.  Death penalty sins are sins that God desires to be immediately involved in the punishment thereof, without waiting for human agents to carry out His divine will.
Here is a list of the sins that God authorizes execution for:
  • Murder
  • Striking/cursing a parent
  • Kidnapping
  • Adultery
  • Incest
  • Bestiality
  • Homosexuality
  • Witchcraft
  • Perpetual Juvenile Delinquency
  • Blasphemy
  • Propagation of False Doctrines
  • Refusing to Obey the Judicial Decision of the Court
What a wonderful world we would have if the civil authorities in the SDA actually enforced the death penalty upon all of those who commit the twelve sins listed above.  In a sinful world filled with sinful human beings it will never be possible to eliminate all capital offenses but it would most certainly be true that the incidence of the above listed offenses would dramatically drop if the perpetrators were killed.  Imagine a world in which murder, kidnapping, incest and bestiality were dramatically reduced.   I have a dream!  I can see a world in which adulterers are executed in droves and the sanctity of the marriage bond is preserved.  I see a world in which the honor of God is upheld and all blasphemers and propagators of false doctrines are executed for their sins.  I also see a world in which homosexual practices are punished by death.
There is a further distinction to be made within the category of capital offenses listed in the Bible as shown on the list above.  Some of the capital sins are pleonastic and some are not.  A pleonastic sin is a capital offense in which the death penalty is mandated and not merely permitted.  Half of the above capital crimes do not mandate the death penalty.  In cases where those crimes are committed the victim of the crime has the right, if he or she so chooses, to specify a penalty less than death.  In the other half of the crimes listed above the death penalty is mandated and there is no possibility for a lesser sentence.  Let's play a game.  Can you guess which capital sins are pleonastic?
I will give you a hint to help you come to the correct answer.  Pleonastic sins are sins that have no surviving human victim and, as such, require the instigation of prosecution by the civil authorities.  Does that help?  It should.  The pleonastic sins in the above list are:  murder, bestiality, witchcraft, blasphemy, propagation of false doctrines and homosexuality.  There is no surviving victim in a murder, nor does biblical law recognize an animal as a victim of bestiality.  God is the victim in both witchcraft and blasphemy and He summons the perpetrator to His courtroom via the sentence of death.  The death penalty for the practice of spreading false doctrines is a somewhat different case that I will not be discussing in detail in this blog post.  Homosexuality is not a "victimless" crime simply because those who engage in the practice do so by mutual consent.  Homosexuality is an affront against God and the universe He has created.  Approval for homosexuality is indicative of a tacit approval for the exact opposite moral standard for sexual ethics than the one God created in the universe originally.  As such it must be punished by death.
As a pleonastic sin the civil authorities are responsible to punish people whom it finds guilty of that crime.  There is to be no mercy and there are to be no lesser sentences.  Those God-hating people who fill our system of injustice in this land will be held morally accountable by a morally perfect God for their refusal to do what God has told them to do.  Unless they repent their future is the Lake of Fire as well.
The fact that Evangelicals in the SDA believe that God has changed His opinion about the civil enforcement rules and punishments in regards to the first table of the law reveals that they deny the doctrine of God's immutability and are, by definition, heretics.  God is immutable.  His moral and civil law is the same today, yesterday and forever because it is based upon His perfect moral nature and will.  God is highly offended when first table offenses (blasphemy, propagation of false doctrines) go unpunished by the civil authorities and He will judge them for their refusal to abide by His commands.  He will also judge Evangelicals for their denial of the continuing validity and applicability of the entirety of His law.
So far this year women and government approved medical "doctors" have conspired to murder about a half million citizens of the land known as babies.  Moral reprobates who recoil in horror at the things I have written above about adulterers and homosexuals are not in the least bit emotionally or intellectually disturbed by the truth about the hundreds of thousands of summary executions of innocent citizens that surround us.  When the citizens of a country consider the death penalty as a mandated civil punishment for homosexuals to be a severe and barbaric punishment while, at the same time, they joyfully murder a million of their own countrymen every single year you can be sure we are living in a post-Christian society populated by God-haters who have consciences that are entirely seared. 

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