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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Genetically Engineered To Believe In Democracy?

A reader sent me a link to this article.  The article describes the possibility of imposing a eugenics program upon whoever is selected to be the first person to go to Mars.  It sounds like crazy talk but don't take my word for it.  Here is some of what the article had to say:
"It sounds like science fiction: A citizenry genetically engineered to be democratic. It’s not implausible. Last month, the National Academy of Sciences issued a report  touting the promise of a biological engineering technique called gene drive— ... it seems like only a matter of time, though, before gene drive becomes a mature technique. After all, it’s just a way to encourage—or block—the inheritance of select genes in a given population. Once it has, what’s to stop gene drive from being used for all sorts of other applications, including ones that enhance the fitness of organisms rather than weakening them? The underlying technology for it, CRISPR Cas9—a gene-editing tool adapted from the prokaryote immune system—can precisely, easily, and cheaply snip strands of DNA, allowing for customizable genomes. With such an accessible technology, it seems likely humans will start to not just take away bad things—like illnesses transmitted by mosquitoes—but also add good things....Of course, it only makes sense to select civic-minded people to be colonists in the first place. But it stands to reason that a human colony on Mars made of democracy lovers would still benefit from gene drives reinforcing qualities associated with civic participation, ensuring that the colonists would be politically engaged enough for a direct democracy to flourish"
Did you get all that?  Apparently some folks who know much better than we do what is good for us have determined that our political predisposition is, at least in part, genetically determined.  That being the case it is now a simple matter to slice and dice our individual gene pools to create a creature powerfully predisposed to believe in democracy, the god that failed.  The article goes on to assert that, "Consider the ideal Mars colonist. Elon Musk’s SpaceX was founded to colonize the Red Planet, and he recently said that colonists on Mars should engage in direct democracy because 'the potential for corruption is substantially diminished in a direct, versus a representative, democracy.'  Makes sense. Now all Mars needs are women and men who are up for the task."   I know a few people, including myself, who would dispute the concept that a "direct democracy" is potentially less corrupt than a "representative democracy" but let's set that idea aside for now.  Now, thanks to modern eugenics, some politically connected power brokers and their all-star eugenicists are looking for opportunities to craft an uber-man.
Does this proposal bother anyone besides me?  Just because some people have the ability to do something does not mean that something should be done.  I always get a bit leery when men start talking about messing around with the gene pool to create a superior human being. Just who is to decide which character trait is superior?  Many of the things valued by people today, like arrogance, pride, democracy, selfishness, athletic ability, sense of humor, physical attractiveness (whatever that is) and materialism are traits I would rather see micro-evolution remove from the human gene pool.  Of course that will never happen because there is a theological truth all eugenicists always omit and ignore in their misguided plans for the future.  There is a little thing called original sin that makes it impossible for men to do anything good, regardless of how well crafted their gene pool's may be. Everything men do, and every political system they adopt, will always be corrupted because of original and actual sin. 
The concept of engineering humankind to be predisposed to accept and practice the immoral principles of democracy intrigues me.  Indeed, the more I thought about what the author was writing the more I came to realize that the need for a new program to inculcate democracy into human beings is non-existent.  All human beings, by virtue of original sin, are already predisposed to believe and seek to practice the immoral and God-hating principles of democratic government.  Let me explain.
When the founding fathers of the United States of America set out to create a new form of government they were well aware of the two competing forms in existence at the time.  Monarchical rule inevitably resulted in tyranny as the old principle of absolute power corrupting absolutely was proven true over and over again.   On the other hand, the evils associated with the tyranny of the majority were also paramount on their minds and they did everything they could, as it turns out quite unsuccessfully so, to prevent the republic they crafted from degenerating into a democracy.  The original separation and balance of powers created by the fathers was designed to keep political power from being isolated in the hands of a despotic member of the executive branch.  That principle has been abandoned and we operate with a functional monarchy in the executive branch today.  Let us all admit that the president is really a King, or a Queen once Hillary is crowned.  But we also operate in a pure democracy when we select our King and tell him which programs of legalized theft to create.
The primary goal of a republican form of government is to protect the civil rights of the minority from the depredations of the majority.  My rights to my life, my freedom and my property should not be infringed upon by majority vote.  Just writing that sentence dramatically illustrates how far we are from a republican form of government.  Every election in this sad and immoral country is nothing more than an auction to distribute future stolen goods, as some famous person from the past once said.  The rights of the 49% are trampled underfoot by the thieving desires of the 51% majority.  Under the terms of democracy whatever the 51% says is good, right and true is good, right and true.  Under democracy whatever the political majority wishes to take from the political minority is fair game.  The entire system is based upon the practice of theft and the suppression of the civil rights of the minority.  It is about as immoral a political system as human beings can have.  The only difference between the tyranny of a monarch and the tyranny of the majority is how many people are enriched at the expense of the politically unprotected minority.
The folks intent upon creating a new race of human beings dedicated to using the principle of majority rule to determine for themselves what is moral and what is not, to force others to bow to their will in filial submission and to steal the property of the minority at will are spinning their wheels unnecessarily.  Thanks to original sin human beings are already perfectly fit to be democrats. 

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