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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Freedom Of Religion Is Not A Biblical Concept

Warning:  This is the second time I have composed a post to my blog that contains theological content.  Being fully aware that many people despise the God of the Bible with an intense passion I issue this warning in advance.  If you hate biblical truth please go somewhere else today.  If you hate biblical law you will be better served elsewhere today.  If you worship at the throne of career politicians from the legislative branch of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika you will be highly offended by what follows.  Consider yourself warned.

Two days ago I wrote the audacious, absurd, outrageous and utterly ridiculous statement that the God of the Bible believes His law should be the law of the land.  I would like to follow that preposterous comment up with an additional inconceivably harsh and intolerant argument today.  You already know what I am going to write since it is in the title of today's post.  The God of the Bible does not recognize the right of men to deny Him, nor does He allow them to refuse to worship Him without bringing His eternal wrath upon those who make the irrational and deadly decision to deny His existence and ignore his commandments, statutes and laws.  Simply put, there is no such thing as the doctrine of religious pluralism in biblical teaching.  Although men who hate the God of the Bible should never pretend to worship Him, that would cause the hypocrite to incur even more of His wrath, everyone is expected to at least outwardly conform to biblical law. Most importantly, no competing religions or religious law systems would, could or should ever be permitted to exist.
The Westminster Confession of Faith, as it was originally written, contained a truthful and biblical statement about the relationship of civil government and the Christian Church.  Paragraph 3 in Chapter 23 of the confession, entitled "Of the Civil Magistrate," said, "The civil magistrate may not assume to himself the administration of the word and sacraments, or the power of the keys of the kingdom of heaven; yet he hath authority and it is his duty, to take order, that unity and peace be preserved in the church, that the truth of God be kept pure and entire, that all blasphemies and heresies be suppressed, all corruptions and abuses in worship and discipline prevented or reformed, and all the ordinances of God duly settled, administered, and observed."
You will notice that the Christians who wrote the confession clearly believed that it was the duty of civil government to enforce both the first and second tables of the law of God, thus declaring that blasphemy must be suppressed.  Most everyone remembers from their high school history classes that the Protestant Church took that directive seriously and would either execute or banish those people who decided to engage in blasphemous doctrines and practices.  Most everyone also remembers how we were all told that the practice of enforcing the law of God by means of the civil authorities was a horrible example of religious oppression that free men should never have been subjected to.  The glories of religious pluralism were extolled and the beauty of the then-budding Amerikan empire was praised. 
Amerikan Christians, committed to the evil principles of democracy and religious pluralism, readily amended the original confession to remove the offensive comments about the duty of the civil magistrate to enforce the law of God over all citizens in the land.  Little did they know at the time that it would not be long before Progressives would take over the civil government and begin to enforce their own brand of religious doctrine and practice upon the citizens of the land, all in the name of freedom of religion.
In a June 27, 2016 post to this blog I noted that, in reality, there is no such thing as religious pluralism or freedom of religion.  In every society at every point in time there is one, and only one, system of religious law in force.  Here is my original quotation:  "Please allow me to begin with an extended quotation from a theological luminary that I admire very much.  His name is Rushdoony and he wrote a book entitled The Institutes of Biblical Law.  In the introduction to that book he explains some general principles about the nature of law and society.  It is from that section I extract this quote, 'Law in every culture is religious in must be recognized that in any culture the source of law is the god of that any society any change of law is an explicit or implicit change of religion....Since the foundations of law are inescapably religious, no society exits without a religious foundation or without a law system which codifies the morality of its religion....there can be no tolerance in a law system for another religion.  Toleration is a device used to introduce a new law system as a prelude to a new intolerance....Every law system must maintain its existence by hostility to every other law system or else it commits suicide.'"  (emphasis mine)
Yesterday I wrote that most people disrespect the police because the police enforce an ever increasing body of law that criminalizes just about everything we do.  That is the nature of the messianic state.  It grows ever larger as more and more laws are created to appeal to more and more groups of voters who want to cash in on their power as voters and receive special privileges from the government.   As long as people worship at the throne of civil government we will be strangled by laws and the people hired to enforce them.  As long as legislators create more laws and then turn those laws over to bureaus which create even more laws which are then turned over to the cops to enforce, we will have disrespect for the cops. 
The rather obvious and simple truth is that there can be no coexistence between competing law systems.  Biblical law was rejected long ago when the Constitution was ratified and the citizens of the then emergent Amerikan Empire made the conscious decision to reject biblical law in favor of laws made by men intent upon feathering their nests and remaining career politicians.  As Progressives generally took over the entire infrastructure of civil government it was only a matter of time until we arrived at where we are today.  There is no freedom of religion in this land anymore than there was freedom of religion in colonial America.  Heretics, blasphemers, Unitarians and Baptists were either killed or banished to the wilderness when they were discovered in the New England colonies.  In the same fashion we see today that Christians are intellectually and culturally banished from the public square when they express their biblical opinions about life in the SDA.
Do you thing I am overstating the case?  Let me ask you a couple of questions.  What do you believe would happen if you quoted the Bible as an authoritative source for law in an SDA court of law?  How about in a government school?  How about in a government bureau?  How about in divorce proceedings?  How about in a custody hearing?  How about when a cop pulls you over for a traffic violation that is not a violation of the moral law?  How about when you are arrested for possession of a controlled substance?  Do you really believe your biblical arguments in your defense will carry any weight?  What happens if you believe the Bible is literally true?  Are you not intellectually marginalized?  What happens when you assert that the Bible is authoritative over all matters of life and practice, as the confessions used to say?  You are banished from the public square.  What happens if you do as I am doing here and call out for biblical law to be the law of the SDA?  I don't think I need to answer that question but I will.  You will end up writing a blog that, after over four years and more than 1000 posts, is read by about 15 people per day.  Make no mistake, the illusion of religious pluralism was only maintained until the Progressives assumed power.  Now comes the ever increasing suppression of Christians and biblical truth.
It is time for us to admit that, in the political arena,  we are at war over law.  It is the Christians against the Progressives and the Progressives are in control.  If Christians were in charge and biblical law was the law of the land all sorts of people would find themselves being executed.  Read Monday's blog post for the list of sins that would get you killed.  We would have no tolerance for dissent. We would have no tolerance for those who cry for tolerance.  We would not pretend that religious pluralism actually existed in our land.  We would proudly and confidently execute the law of God, believing that we were garnering His good pleasure and obtaining an inheritance in heaven for doing so.
Progressives need to do the same thing.  They need to stop pretending that there is some sort of religious freedom in this country.  The illusion of religious freedom that is produced merely because jack-booted thugs don't shoot down ministers as they preach betrays the reality that Christian teaching, doctrine, law and practice is already illegal in many states and bound to become only more so in the future.  So once again I call upon the Progressives who rule over us to stop being sissies and do things right.  Behave consistently with what you believe.   Enforce  your laws.  Criminalize Christianity and jail Christians.  A couple of pogroms would be good for us as it would weed out the fake Christians and soundly prove that the God-hating government of the SDA will tolerate no dissent.  If we were in power we would have the courage and conviction, as we have in the past, to enforce our law upon you.  Why are you too cowardly to do so with us?

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