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Friday, July 8, 2016

Ethnicity, White Racism And Income

In other to exploit the widespread opinion that racial tensions are running high in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika these days, and in the hope of getting some additional readership for my blog, I have decided to post an article to my blog today that explains the program of white racism that I am a willing participant in.  We white racists have made a commitment to secrecy as we carry out our programs of hate around the country.  Today I am going to break the white line and let you in on some secrets you no doubt are utterly unaware of.   Some of the things that I will write might shock you.  Others will probably enrage you but they are all true.
Whitey has been trying to oppress the noble black man for generations.  We have successfully convinced everyone that our program of racist exploitation targets all "people of color" but the fact of the matter is that it is the noble black man from Africa we wish to destroy.  Evil whitey utilizes a variety of programs to keep his boot on the throat of the noble black man.  We have created and perpetrate "institutional racism," whatever that is.  We have designed our reproductive process such that each new white child is automatically a racist by birth.  We control all of the financial means in the SDA and we use that power to keep the noble black man in poverty.  We have amazing powers of mind control and we use those powers to exploit the black man while we attempt to convince him that we are not evil.  We engage in thousands of micro-aggressions against the black man every day.  In short, we are very good at what we do.
To prove my point I would like to show you a chart that perfectly illustrates what I am writing. The chart can be found here.  The median household income in 2014 for whitey was $57,355.  With that in mind, please note the following chart of household income by ethnic/national group:  (I have cut and pasted the chart from the article so it is filled with hyperlinks that I did not put there.  I don't know if they will work but you are free to pursue them if you wish.)
  1. Indian American : $101,591[2]
  2. Taiwanese American : $85,566[2]
  3. Filipino American : $82,389[2]
  4. Australian American : $76,095[3]
  5. Latvian American : $76,040[3]
  6. British American : $75,788[3]
  7. European American : $75,341[3]
  8. Russian American : $75,305[3]
  9. Lithuanian American : $73,678[3]
  10. Austrian American : $72,284[3]
  11. Scandinavian American : $72,075[3]
  12. Serbian American : $71,394[3]
  13. Croatian American : $71,047[3]
  14. Japanese American : $70,261[2]
  15. Swiss American : $69,941[3]
  16. Slovene American : $69,842[3]
  17. Bulgarian American : $69,758[3]
  18. Romanian American : $69,598[3]
  19. Chinese American: $69,586[2]
    (including Taiwanese American)
  20. Lebanese American : $69,514[3]
  21. Belgian American : $68,767[3]
  22. Chinese American: $68,672[2]
    (excluding Taiwanese American)
  23. Greek American : $68,627[3]
  24. Italian American : $67,866[3]
  25. Ukrainian American : $66,957[3]
  26. Polish American : $66,948[3]
  27. Scottish American : $66,899[3]
  28. Welsh American : $66,531[3]
  29. Israeli American : $66,355[3]
  30. Slovak American : $66,296[3]
  31. Iranian American : $66,186[3]
  32. Danish American : $66,166[3]
  33. Swedish American : $66,119[3]
  34. Norwegian American : $66,041[3]
  35. Czechslovakian American : $65,807[3]
  36. Slavic American : $65,363[3]
  37. Czech American : $64,779[3]
  38. Hungarian American : $64,622[3]
  39. Turkish American : $64,617[3]
  40. Portuguese American : $64,002[3]
  41. Palestinian American : $63,864[3]
  42. French Canadian American : $63,847[3]
  43. Canadian American : $63,521[3]
  44. German American : $63,105[3]
  45. Pakistani American : $62,848[2]
  46. English American : $62,573[3]
  47. Irish American : $62,141[3]
  48. Finnish American : $61,980[3]
  49. Indonesian American : $61,943[2]
  50. Scotch-Irish American : $61,334[3]
  51. Nigerian American : $61,289[3]
  52. Syrian American : $61,151[3]
  53. Egyptian American : $60,543[3]
  54. Armenian American : $60,363[3]
  55. Guyanese American : $60,234[3]
  56. Vietnamese American : $59,405[2]
  57. Yugoslavian American : $59,336[3]
  58. Dutch American : $59,089[3]
  59. French American : $58,783[3]
  60. Korean American : $58,573[2]
  61. Ghanaian American : $57,029[3]
  62. Albanian American : $56,509[3]
  63. British West Indian American : $56,444[3]
  64. Barbadian American : $56,078[3]
  65. Brazilian American : $54,675[3]
  66. Laotian American : $53,655[2]
  67. Thai American : $53,468[2]
  68. Cambodian American : $53,359[2]
  69. Cajun American : $52,886[3]
  70. West Indian American : $52,876[3]
  71. Jordanian American : $52,191[3]
  72. Arab American : $52,096[3]
  73. Trinidadian and Tobagonian American : $51,670[3]
  74. Jamaican American : $50,302[3]
  75. American American : $49,605[3]
  76. Afghan American : $48,750[3]
  77. Hmong American : $48,149[2]
  78. Pennsylvania German American : $47,397[3]
  79. Moroccan American : $45,004[3]
  80. Nepali American : $44,677[2]
  81. Bangladeshi American : $44,512[2]
  82. Cape Verdean American : $44,394[3]
  83. Haitian American : $42,942[3]
  84. Assyrian/Chaldean/Syriac American : $42,755[3]
  85. Subsaharan African American : $41,787[3]
  86. Ethiopian American : $41,236[3]
  87. African American : $38,675[3]
  88. Burmese American : $35,016[2]
  89. Iraqi American : $30,855[3]
  90. Somali American : $18,756[3]
This list includes ninety different ethnic/racial/national groups.  Whitey Amerikcan, not on the list, would slot in at number 61, just below Korean Amerikans and just above Ghanaian Amerikans.  Since we all know that evil whitey controls the financial affairs of all people in this immoral and racist country, we can conclude that the 60 ethnic groups above evil whitey are not subject to the hate-filled racist control programs currently directed at the noble black man from Africa.
As a Welsh Amerikan I am proud to say that my ethnic group comes in at 28th place on the list, with an average family income of $66,531, well above the average for evil whitey in this country.  I conclude that the Welsh people are too insignificant, and probably far too irrelevant, to be noticed by evil whitey.  As a result they cannot impose their racists programs of income deprivation upon us.  However, being a generally dull and lazy race, we Welsh don't make it anywhere near the top of the list.
The last time I checked Indian Amerikans (dot, not feather) were a pretty colored people.  Their skin is pretty brown, sometimes almost black, and they often wear very brightly colored tunics as well.  They lead the list of ethnic groups in the SDA with a median family income of $101,591.  This fact makes a strong case to disprove the belief that evil whitey uses his amazing powers to keep down "people of color."  Indeed, yellow people are in second place on the list.  Taiwanese (Chinese) Amerikans make an amazing $85,566 in median family income.  We all know that they would never be able to do that if evil whitey had set his sights upon them and used his amazing powers to keep them down.  Third on the list are Filipino Amerikans.  They make much more than evil whitey families do and they are quite a colorful people, both in skin color and attire.  Once again we can see that the belief that evil whitey is exploiting and destroying the lives of "people of color" is simply not true.  We are only interested in destroying the noble black man from Africa.
Our goal of financial destruction for the noble black man from Africa has been largely realized.  African Amerikan families only made $38,675 in 2014, slotting in at 87th place out of 90 places.  Only the Burmese (who knew?), the Iraqis (they deserve it) and the Somali's (who also deserve it) have been successfully exploited and oppressed more than the noble black man from Africa.
You may wonder why evil whiteys like myself have committed ourselves to a program of personal and financial destruction of the noble black man from Africa.  Why have we singled him out and allowed other "people of color" to prosper even more than we do ourselves?  I wish I could answer that question but I can't.  Institutional racism, the culprit in this case, has existed for so long none of us evil whiteys even know why we do the things we do these days.  It is sort of like the feud that existed between the Hatfields and the McCoys.  Something had to start the feud but after several generations had passed nobody in either family could recall why they were still fighting.  Evil whitey's program of exploitation and financial suppression of the noble black man from Africa no doubt had some reason to come into existence at some point in the past but I can't, for the life of me, figure out why we keep doing it today. 

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