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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

About UNC's Bias Response Team

A reader sent me a link to this webpage that you might want to take a moment to read.  It tells the story of something called the Bias Response Team that exists on the campus of the University of Northern Colorado.  I know some folks who have gone to UNC in recent years and I never heard about the BRT from them.  Apparently they did not show sufficient bias, whatever that is, to get investigated by the team.  Here, in part, is what the article says about the BRT operating at UNC:
"A professor at the University of Northern Colorado assigned Jonathan Haidt and Greg Lukianoff’s “The Coddling of the American Mind” to his students — and watched as they proved the essay’s point. According to a report obtained by Heat Street, students filed a complaint with the school’s 'Bias Response Team' based on the professor’s lesson. The professor, whose name has been redacted, seems to have assigned the essay as part of a broader lesson about the value of debate: After reading 'The Coddling of the American Mind,' students were instructed to chart out competing arguments on topics such as transgenderism, abortion, and global warming....he unwittingly gave the world more proof that American higher education has gone off the rails: The mere notion that people disagreed about such issues was, apparently, cause for an investigation. The Bias Response Team was put on the case....What, precisely, is a Bias Response Team? Around the country, universities are increasingly using them as part of an effort to do . . . something. The University of Northern Colorado describes that something as follows in response to an inquiry: 'The intent of the bias-response team is to facilitate discussions between members of the campus community when non-legal concerns of offensive behavior are reported.'”
What in the world is a "non-legal concern of offensive behavior" and who in his right mind would ever report one?  That is a phrase that could only have been concocted in post-modern world where language has lost all meaning.  I would guess that "non-legal" means that the alleged offensive behavior has not yet been made illegal by statute.  As such it would include such things as Christian ministers reading passages from the Bible that declare God's hatred for adulterers, fornicators, pedophiles, homosexuals and the incestuous.  In this particular case it included the behavior of a professor who assigned a book to read that contained the argument that Amerikan college students are a bunch of emotional wimps and limp wristed intellectual sissies.  The fact that the thesis of the book is rather obviously proven to be true in the case of the student's response to it was apparently lost on them as they decided to explore their feelings rather than think with their puny little brains.  The lesson to be learned here is that the truth should never get in the way of a good opportunity to take offense at something.  My oh my, these students are really preparing themselves well to be good citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika. 
What is a "concern?"  That word has always bothered me.  I can't tell you how many times people have come up to me and attempted to control my behavior by informing me that they "want to express their concerns" about this thing or that.  Without exception every time I have heard the phrase about expressing their concerns the matter under consideration was something that they took offense to because of their own extreme emotional and intellectual insecurity.  Those who express their concerns about something never do so because they are actually concerned about the things they are talking about.  And it is a foregone conclusion that those manipulative and deceitful people who have told me they are concerned about me are in reality concerned only with themselves.  When someone tells you she would like to express her concern about XYZ in your life what she is really saying is, "Your thoughts and behaviors bother me because they show me how insecure I am.  I want you to stop doing them because they make me feel bad and, after all, the universe really does revolve around me."
At UNC some students required to read a book arguing that college students are intellectual and emotional midgets decided to take offense at that assignment and ran to notify the BRT.  No person in his right mind could argue that merely making the assignment to read a book about the dumbing down of Amerikan college students is an offensive behavior, especially in a college setting and for college students. That did not keep those students from taking offense and running to their deity for protection from ideas that would certainly prove the stupidity of everything they believe and feel.   Rather than allowing their own erroneous presuppositions and beliefs about the nature of life to be challenged, they ran to a government bureau and asked for the right to suppress the ideas they found so offensive.  To the surprise of nobody, the government bureau known as the BRT injected itself into the situation and made everything worse.
The story does not say what happened to the professor who had the audacity to assign a book to read that did not coddle the infantile emotional constitutions of his students.  I hope he got fired and found a career in the real world, outside of academia and away from government control of his thoughts.  The story does go on to say something so bizarre it is almost impossible to comprehend how it could have been said.  The administration of UNC, composed of intellectual giants and leaders in the community no doubt, issued the following statement after siccing the BRT on the poor professor, "UNC is committed to being a place that supports the free and vigorous exchange of ideas in building understanding. Promoting dialogue around how we use language fits with that tenet.” So there you have it.  As long as all students and professors agree to limit their discussions to those items previously approved by the progressives among us, they are free to speak their minds.  The moment, however, somebody crosses over the line and says something that is not preapproved by their progressive handlers, they will be shut down by the BRT in the name of freedom of speech and inclusivity.  As the BRT henchmen declared, "the actions (of the offending party, ed) may still run counter to UNC’s commitment to foster civility and inclusivity."  Have you figured that all out?  If so, you are qualified to work on a college campus in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  SDA college campuses are one place where you are guaranteed to never be challenged by the truth.  You can live your life in insular self-satisfaction and self-righteousness for as long as you can afford to go there.  

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