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Friday, June 17, 2016

What Even Donald Trump Is Not Willing To Say

I was talking with my wife last night, we do that every once in a while, and she informed me that the social media world was filled with posts from people who hate the God of the Bible writing about how they believe Christians are responsible for the actions of Omar in Orlando.  I was not surprised.  Later on last night I sat down for my daily dose of Bill on Fox News and he read several newspaper headlines making essentially the same claim.  One headline blamed Christians outright and several others described the "culture of hate" that exists in this country, ostensibly as a result of the influence of Christians who actually believe what the Bible has to say about homosexuality.  All of this is strangely reminiscent, in my puny little mind, of how the Christians were blamed for burning Rome.  The Empire is collapsing and who is to blame? Christians!
I am sick and tired of God-haters saying all sorts of things and doing nothing.  It is time for them to put up or shut up.  The Christians in this country who continue to obey the God of the Bible are not going to change their opinion about homosexuality and homosexuals.  That means it is time for those of you who hate us with a passion to start the persecution against us.  Quit complaining about our beliefs and start passing laws to make them illegal.  Quite whining about what we preach and teach and make that preaching and teaching illegal.  Get some good, solid hate crime legislation passed and start arresting Christian ministers for preaching the contents of the Bible to their parishioners.  All of you heterophobes (a person with a paranoid fear of those who believe the Bible's teaching on homosexuality and homosexuals)  are such a wimpy bunch of sissies!  Stop chattering like a bunch of brainless monkeys on a banana high and start arresting us, punching us, attacking us and, ultimately, killing us.  We are ready for it.  We are ready to die for our God. We have been called to die for him and we are prepared to do so.  We will not fight back when you attack us.  We will not attempt to seize political power and persecute you.  We will be like Jesus described us to be....sheep led to slaughter.  We will fulfill our role, will you fulfill yours?
To help inflame your anger and hatred for Christians like me I would like to tell you something today that even Donald Trump is not willing to say.  We all know that there is almost nothing that the Donald will not say.  There is one thing, however, that he will not say.  He, and the rest of the God-hating citizens in the post-Christian Socialist Democracy of Amerika will never assert or believe that Omar's activities in Orland were the direct result of God's righteous decree and an act of judgment against homosexuals for their behavior.  Unlike the Donald, many Bible believing Christians are willing and able to make and believe this claim. 
I know what I just wrote inflamed you with anger.  Stop complaining and do something about it.  Call your Congressman and order him to craft a new law that removes the 1st Amendment rights of all Bible believing Christians.  We should not be allowed to say or write such things.  We are all horrible people who deserve to die for what we believe.  Christians need to be fined, incarcerated, tortured and killed for believing the doctrines of historic Christianity that are found in the Bible.  To inflame your hatred for me and my brothers and sisters even more, let me tell you a couple of facts:
  • The God of the Bible exists and your attempts to deny that truth will only increase His wrath against you.  You know that He exists and you are denying that truth in unrighteousness.  That fact that you are outraged by what I just wrote proves that I am correct.  If the God of the Bible really did not exist you would be no more angry with me for saying that He does than if I had said the sky is pink.  Your anger betrays your suppression of the truth.
  • The God of the Bible has revealed His opinion on many matters, including the practice of homosexuality. God's opinion about homosexuality is that it is sin.  In addition, it is a sin that is so serious in His eyes He commands the death penalty, at the hands of the civil government and not vengeful renegades, for those who practice it.  The fact that civil government does not punish homosexuality will be one of many grounds God uses to judge career politicians, lawyers, judges and bureaucrats for their sin of rejecting His perfect moral law. 
  • God is absolutely and completely sovereign over everything that happens in the history of the world.  This doctrine is known as God's eternal decree and it, until Evangelicals decided to abandon it, was a part of the necessary-to-be-believed doctrines in the historic Christian faith.  The doctrine of God's eternal decree declares that everything done by every human being has been specifically decreed by God to take place so that it is impossible that anything else could have taken place but what actually did take place.
  • God consistently uses evil people to judge other evil people.  He judged the Assyrians with the Babylonians.  He judged the Babylonians with the Persians.  He judged the Persians with the Greeks.  He judged the Greeks with the Romans.  He judged the Romans with the marauding hordes of Vandals and Mongols.  He will judge the SDA someday.  In fact, He is probably already doing so in the destructive and invasive actions of Koran-consistent Muslim missionaries.  He has done this throughout the history of the world and He continues to do this today.  Omar of Orlando is a prime example of this truth.  God used evil Omar to execute evil homosexuals and bring judgment upon the immoral and idolatrous citizens of the SDA.  
On television last night Bill opined (one of his favorite words) that 49 "innocent people" were killed by Omar in Orlando.  I have news for Bill and you.  There are very few innocent people in the world.  Yes, it is true, Omar was a murderer and he had no right to murder the people in Orlando.  But the people Omar murdered were not innocent in the eyes of the God of the Bible (quick, call your legislator and ask him for a law to stop people like me from writing hate words like these).  According to the God of the Bible all men are guilty of sin and worthy of death.  Also according to the God of the Bible, He has chosen some men, called the elect, to be saved from their sins and not die.  In the process of time God applies the work of Jesus upon the cross to the elect members of His Church by means of  a spiritual process called justification.  In justification He forgives them of their sins and imputes the righteousness of His Son to them.  At that point those people are truly innocent.  Everyone else is guilty.  If you do not want to be found guilty then take this opportunity to repent.
I guess this is enough hate speech for today.  Now it is your turn to do something.  Make every effort to criminalize what I have just done in this evil and reprehensible blog post.  Political action is your way.  Your political efforts and actions acknowledge who your god is.  It proves that you worship at the throne of civil government and despise freedom.  It also proves that you are a member or supporter of the Beast of Revelation and you would love nothing more than to persecute and prosecute Christians.  It is time to bring human history to an end and you can have a big part in that process, right up until the moment you cry out for the mountains to fall upon you to hide you from the wrath of the Lamb.


  1. Welshy,

    While I completely agree with the point you're making, I must take exception to your comment of, "Stop chattering like a bunch of brainless monkeys on a banana high ...".

    First of all, the average monkey has considerably more intelligence than the average human. A person need only spend a single day among the human populace to discover that most of them are paste-eating morons.

    Secondly, a banana contains isoleucine and myristic acid which, when consumed in large quantities, causes lethargy. Mata, my hairy little wife, could tell you about the time we attended a wedding that had a fruit buffet reception afterwards. After I enjoyed 32 bananas, she had to cart me home in a wheelbarrow.


    1. Mr. Link:
      I will defer to your superior knowledge and experience with the effects of a banana induced euphoria. In fact, your observation might just explain why God-hating heterophobes refuse to do anything more to Bible believing Christians than whine and complain like a bunch of sissy-girls. They are probably as lethargic as you were that day.