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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Koran-Consistent Muslim Missionaries Have Won

I was watching Fox news the other night and Bill was fighting with Donald about what Hillary had said about the man who killed a bunch of people in Orlando the other day.  Specifically, Donald was asserting that Hillary had never voluntarily used the phrase "radical Islamic terrorist" in the context of the shootings.  Bill disagreed with Donald but they both agreed that a failure to use the phrase "radical Islamic terrorist" is a serious moral failing and proof positive that one is disconnected from reality.  Well call me a schizophrenic if you want to but I believe Bill, Donald and Hillary are all disconnected from reality.  The people generally put into the group known as radical Islamic terrorists by people like Bill and Donald are really Koran-consistent Muslim missionaries.  Please allow me to explain.
If you have ever read the Koran, and I have, you are well aware that the contents of the book can easily and best be described as radical.  If radical means that followers of Islam are to convert all nonbelievers or kill them then I think it is fair to say that all Koran-consistent followers of Islam are radical.  Liberal Muslims claim that Islam is a religion of peace and love but nothing can be further from the truth.  In this sense the same is true of Christians.  What passes for Christianity today in this country is a far cry from biblical Christianity.  The "Jesus loves you no matter what" crowd has long since dropped most orthodox Christian doctrines about judgment and the wrath of God and replaced them with a mishmash of feel good slogans designed to increase the membership of their clubs and pay the salaries of their professional staff.  Those select few who actually believe and live according to the teachings and doctrines of the Bible are always labeled as radicals by the great majority of post-Christian citizens in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.
Significantly,  from the perspective of Islam itself, those Koran-consistent believers and practitioners of Islam are not terrorists when they place a gun to your head and order you to convert or die.  That is what Islam commands them to do.  If Islam is true then it necessarily follows that converting to Islam is the single most important thing a person can ever do.  To emphasize the importance of that decision a Koran-consistent believer will order a potential convert to convert or die.  That, from the perspective of Islam, is a truly loving thing to do.  After all, what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?
Christianity is similar to Islam in this fashion as well, only with one significant difference.  The Koran-consistent Islamic missionary orders you to convert or physically die.  The Christian missionary, who is also a radical, orders you to convert or face eternal death in the Lake of Fire.  The only difference is that the Muslim will kill you today and the Christian will wait for God to kill you in the future.
While I am on the subject I think it is important to point out one additional significant difference between the Christian and the Muslim.  The Koran-consistent Muslim believes in a Muslim civil government that will rule the world by force, killing all the nonbelievers and operating under Sharia law.  The Bible-consistent Christian believes that civil government is the Beast (see the book of Revelation for the details) that exists to persecute and slaughter Christians throughout the period of time from the start of the Christian Church to the return of Jesus.  Muslims take up the sword and kill the enemies of their god and Christians are killed by the sword of the enemies of their God.  Muslims are called to kill.  Christians are called to be killed.
All of this is just introductory material to my primary point today.  Christians dream of the day when the last people-group on earth has heard the proclamation of the biblical gospel and had an opportunity to either repent or reject that truth.  We believe Jesus will return shortly thereafter and bring this entire process to a climactic close.  At that point Christians will no longer be sheep for slaughter and the Eternal State will have arrived.  Christian missionaries, armed only with Bibles and not with swords or guns, proclaim the Christian gospel around the world with that hope in mind.  I will leave it up to you to decide how successful they have been.
On the other hand, Muslim missionaries proclaim the Muslim faith around the world at the end of a gun or sword.  I believe it is fair to say that they are very successful at what they do, and they are becoming more successful every day.  Indeed, after listening to Bill, Donald and Hannity last week I am convinced that the Koran-consistent Muslim missionaries have won the battle.  Why do I come to that conclusion?  Consider this:
  1. Donald wants to build a wall around the country and thus refuse to allow anyone to come in.  He says that Mexicans and Muslims will not be allowed to enter until "we," never defined, "figure out a way to keep terrorists out."  I suspect it will take "us," never defined, a very long time to figure out how to keep terrorists out.  That brings me to Hannity's solution to the problem.
  2. Hannity says that the only solution to the problem of Koran-consistent Muslim missionaries is for the citizens of the SDA to give up their civil liberties.  Because foolish and reprehensible people like me continue to believe that we should be free men the government finds itself with its hands tied and thus rendered incapable of performing the sort of surveillance required to "keep this from happening again."  Hannity called for a complete suspension of the Bill of Rights, not recognizing that that has already happened, and the granting of unlimited powers to the FBI, CIA and other government spy organizations to do whatever they want to whomever they want whenever they want.  Hannity told me that I just need to trust them to do the right thing.  Looking down the corridors of history I can see that his theory looks like a dandy idea.  Imbuing government agents with absolute power always ends well for those under that power.
  3. Bill solemnly declared that the solution to the problem of successful Koran-consistent Muslim missionaries is to declare war on them.  He called upon Congress to declare war upon the practitioners of Islam and to fight that war all over the world, including in the SDA.  The necessary result of Bill's call for a declaration of war is that martial law would be imposed upon all of the citizens of the SDA as the war is prosecuted.  Bill had no idea how long martial law would be imposed.  Just remember what happened in Boston a scant few years ago and project that out on a long-term national scale and you will have what Bill wants.  
None of the professional pundits analyzing the alleged problem of Koran-consistent Muslim missionaries even bothered to address the issue of the SDA military presence as an occupying imperial force in the Middle East.  None of them stopped to consider that it is possible for the SDA to win this war against Koran-consistent Muslim missionaries simply by withdrawing military forces from their homelands and leaving them alone.   Instead of executing the relatively modest proposal of reducing the size of the SDA empire, all three of the men described above want to escalate the conflict and increase the size of the empire.  Their patriotism and love of government blinds them so that they cannot see that their plans are precisely what got us into this predicament in the first place.
I conclude that the Koran-consistent Muslim missionaries have won the battle.  The response to their missionary efforts by the best and the brightest the SDA has to offer is to attack our own people by taking away their freedoms and enslaving them in their own land in what would ultimately prove to be a futile and vain war. Look, quick, the enemy is at the doorstep.  What should we do?  Let's all shoot ourselves in the foot!  Brilliant idea Felicia. 


  1. Welshy,

    You're accurate and to the point ... as usual.

    Koran-consistent Muslims have incredible zeal for their god, based on a proper understanding of their scripture (Koran). Most professing Christians who have zeal for their god have an improper understanding of their scripture (Bible). Both groups are lost; neither of them realize that zeal must be coupled with an accurate understanding of God as revealed in the one true scripture, the Bible. (Rom 10:2)


    1. Mr. Link:
      I could not have said it better myself.