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Thursday, June 9, 2016

King Obama Apologizes For Bombing Japan

Barak Obama, King of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika, recently made a trip to Japan where he outraged patriotic Amerikans by apologizing to various Japanese people about the fact that the SDA military had dropped two atomic bombs on their country in 1945.  In the course of his apology our King said, "Hiroshima and Nagasaki are known not as the dawn of atomic warfare but as the start of our own moral awakening."  As you would probably expect, defenders of the Amerikan empire are enraged at what they consider to be treasonous remarks made by our King to a bunch of stinkin' foreigners, all of whom probably deserve to die.  Let's consider that for a while today.
Public apologies are meaningless.  Go here for a blog post making that argument.  Technically an apology is an admission of sin against another person.  In post-Christian Amerika an apology is simply a statement about the emotional state of the person who sinned against another person.  When a sinner says he is sorry for what he did to an innocent victim he is only saying that he feels bad about himself.  That is a meaningless and utterly worthless assertion.  Any alleged apology that is not immediately followed up with reparations is valueless.  Indeed, the act of repentance must include both a statement about how the sinner recognizes the sin he has committed and how he is going to make things right with the victim.  Anything less is simple posturing for the cameras and nothing more.
It is impossible to apologize on behalf of someone else.  That is what makes all public apologies issued by career politicians to groups of people who were not even alive at the time of the offense so comical.  Furthermore, King Obama is not qualified to apologize to the surviving Japanese people for dropping the atomic bombs upon them because he was not responsible for those actions.  So what our King did in Japan a month ago is nothing more than tokenistic symbolism designed to create a photo opportunity to allow various parties to feel good about themselves for things they had no part in.  What a total waste of time it all is.
Anthony, I call him Tony, Accetta of Denver wrote a letter to the editor of the Denver Post to express his utter disgust for our King and his actions while in Japan.  Tony wrote, "President Obama's flowery words to the Japanese people went over the line when he said he looked forward to the day when" the bombings would be illustrative of the moral awakening of the SDA.  He continued by asserting that, "Obama is saying that America, and its greatest generation, were morally asleep when the Japanese refused to surrender, when they promised to fight to the last man, when the casualties among American GIs alone would be over 1 million!  Every American, particularly our youngest generation, should know the horrors of war as waged by the Japanese, and should be proud of Truman's heroic decision to stop the slaughter."
Tony is mimicking precisely what I was taught in the government schools about the atomic bombing of two Japanese cities.  I was told the only way to defeat the mongrel hoards that infested the Japanese homeland was to bomb them into oblivion, thus saving countless lives of heroic SDA soldiers.  The trouble with that story line is it is not exactly true.  The only reason the Japanese military vowed to fight to the bitter end was due to the fact that the SDA government and military insisted upon an unconditional surrender.  The Japanese were fully committed to a complete cessation of warfare provided they could retain their imperial government.  The career politicians in Washington refused to recognize that request and made plans to try out two atomic bombs they were just itching to drop on people they considered to be sub-human anyway.  (Go here for the complete story of the bombings.)  The bombing of the Japanese homeland could have been completely avoided, and hundreds of thousands of innocent civilian lives saved,  if SDA power brokers had agreed to let the Japanese keep their Emperor, who would have continued on as a symbolic figure only.
Almost always ignored in the discussion about the atomic bombs is the fact that SDA air forces had been relentlessly firebombing the Japanese mainland for months prior to the dropping of the atomic bombs.  According to Wikipedia, "The Allied bombing campaign was one of the main factors which influenced the Japanese government's decision to surrender in mid-August 1945....The most commonly cited estimate of Japanese casualties from the raids is 333,000 killed and 473,000 wounded. There are a number of other estimates of total fatalities, however, which range from 241,000 to 900,000."  Then, "The United States...dropped nuclear weapons on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945... The two bombings, which killed at least 129,000 people, remain the only use of nuclear weapons for warfare in history."
Why were Amerikans so happy to obliterate entire cities in Japan?  The answer is simple.  The Japanese people were not fully human and deserved whatever they got.  Wikipedia continues, "During the war 'annihilationist and exterminationalist rhetoric' was tolerated at all levels of U.S. society; according to the British embassy in Washington the Americans regarded the Japanese as 'a nameless mass of vermin'. Caricatures depicting Japanese as less than human, e.g. monkeys, were common. A 1944 opinion poll that asked what should be done with Japan found that 13% of the U.S. public were in favor of 'killing off' all Japanese men, women, and of the atomic bombing was greeted enthusiastically in the U.S.; a poll in Fortune magazine in late 1945 showed a significant minority of Americans (22.7%) wishing that more atomic bombs could have been dropped on Japan."  Amerikan imperial blood-lust knows no bounds.
Tony's belief that Amerikan soldiers are noble heroes and Japanese scum dogs are immoral cowards is typical of the way history is rewritten by the victors in a conflict.  All movie footage and photographs coming out of Japan that showed the impact of the SDA bombing campaigns, plus the atomic bombs themselves, was confiscated and censored.  Very little of it ever saw the light of day.  The military officials in charge of the censorship were fearful that the sentiments of the Amerikan populace might change if they saw what actually happened when entire cities were obliterated, not to mention the after affects of the bombings upon the survivors.  War is war and no side has clean hands.  The sterilization of what SDA soldiers did on all the various fronts of the war is a masterful work of propaganda that allows SDA citizens to continue to believe they are exceptional, whatever that means.  So keep sticking your head in the sand and repeat after me, Amerika is Great, Amerikans are Exceptional, and anyone who does not like that deserves to die, preferably by means of an Amerikan bullet or bomb.

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