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Monday, June 27, 2016

It Is Time For A "No Tolerance" Policy For Christians

Please allow me to begin with an extended quotation from a theological luminary that I admire very much.  His name is Rushdoony and he wrote a book entitled "The Institutes of Biblical Law."  In the introduction to that book he explains some general principles about the nature of law and society.  It is from that section I extract this quote, "Law in every culture is religious in must be recognized that in any culture the source of law is the god of that any society any change of law is an explicit or implicit change of religion....Since the foundations of law are inescapably religious, no society exits without a religious foundation or without a law system which codifies the morality of its religion....there can be no tolerance in a law system for another religion.  Toleration is a device used to introduce a new law system as a prelude to a new intolerance....Every law system must maintain its existence by hostility to every other law system or else it commits suicide."  (emphasis mine)
It is time for a no tolerance policy for Christians in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  By no tolerance I mean precisely that.  Imagine your local government school if you need an example.  Nothing that is explicitly Christian should be allowed to exist in the public square.  Everything that is based upon historic Christian doctrine or practice should be made illegal.  The SDA has been a post-Christian society for some time now and it is high time for us to acknowledge that fact and begin the process of eradicating all remaining vestiges of Christian doctrine and practice that infect and inhibit the pure religion of government worshiping humanism in this idolatrous country.  God-of-the-Bible hating secular humanism is a relatively new religion in the SDA and it needs all manner of legal protections to be able to blossom and overcome the stigmas associated with it due to ancient and outdated Christian beliefs.  Lest you do not remember, let me tell you just how well the Christians managed to use their policies of intolerance to suppress and persecute our fellow progressives during their reign of cultural terror.  They have:
  • Declared adultery to be a crime and followed mind-numbing legal procedures to determine which party was at fault in a divorce.  The guilty party was then punished.  This practice was based upon the outrageous claim that the Bible indicates God hates divorce and desires those who commit adultery to be put to death.  Have these idiots forgotten the principle of the separation of church and State?  Many of our progressive and sexually liberated brothers and sisters were caught up in this state sponsored terrorism and robbed of their sexual right to have sex with anything and anyone they want.  Laws should be written that permit sexual expression of all types.
  • The Christian persecution of our homosexual brothers and sisters is reminiscent of the dark ages and the witch hunts that took place during the colonial period of the SDA.  Now that they have been granted most preferred status by the Supreme Court of Jokers of the SDA it is time for them to rise up and punish their oppressors.  Many local ordinances still criminalize homosexual sex.  Those ordinances must be removed and publicly burned.  All references to the "sinfulness," what an archaic concept that is, of homosexual behavior should be classified as hate speech and severely punished.  Those who persist in their beliefs that God hates homosexuals should, at the very least, be sentenced to life in prison or until they recant their belief and affirm the progressive homosexual lifestyle.  
  • Christians use corporal discipline with their children.  They quote verses from the Old Testament (a document we all know no longer applies to modern life) about sparing the rod and spoiling the child.  It is a well known fact that Christians continue to spank and otherwise physically abuse their children in the privacy of their own homes.  Just like the Christians used to spy upon the homosexuals having sex in the privacy of their own homes, we need to turn the tables on them and go after these barbarians in the gate who are terrorizing our children.  At the very least our children need to be removed from those hate-filled homes and, better yet, the so called parents who are engaging in these acts of homicidal rage need to be incarcerated for very long periods of time, lest they hurt someone else or be permitted to breed further.  
  • Although forgotten by most people today, Christians were notorious for their tirades against alcohol and public drunkenness.  They constantly argued, once again using the Bible they love so much, that drunkenness is a moral failure and not a mental illness.  It is hard for us to believe but the mentally ill were actually arrested and forced to spend time in prison simply because they were mentally ill.  Now I am not opposed to putting people into prison for mental illness, provided it is the right mental illness.  I believe a strong case can be made that delusional Christians suffer from a severe form of mental illness that demands their incarceration.  How else can the new law system be protected?  Are we expected to simply allow these people to go around making their absurd pronouncements and possibly lead some of our brothers and sisters astray?  I think not.
  • Bible thumping maniacal Christians believe women's health care to be something they call murder.  In the old days, prior to 1973, they would force our noble and resourceful women into back alleys to procure their vitally important and necessary health care procedures.  As a result of the sometimes unsanitary conditions found in those back alleys many of our women would die.  Who are the real murderers in that situation?  Do you want to go back to those days?  Neither do I.  We need to criminalize any and all criticism of women's health care procedures.  Anyone who opposes what women sovereignly chose to do with their own bodies is criminally violating a woman's right to be reinforced by society for her personal choices and anyone who offers up an opinion about her choices, especially if it is a negative one, deserves to be incarcerated for that hate-filled crime.
  • A social hot button today is what the Christians are trying to do to our transvestite brothers/sisters/neuters.  Several state legislatures, as you probably all know, have enacted laws attempting to criminalize the morally perfect behavior of transvestites.  All people should be free to define their gender in any fashion they desire.  And in a progressive society the top 49% of the income population should be legally required (they are already morally required) to pay for the construction of millions of public bathrooms, showers and other places where people who identify themselves of any particular gender can get naked with each other.
These are just a few of the things Christians are trying to do to us as they cling to their outdated beliefs and sense of social privilege.  Make no mistake, Christians are a real threat to our freedom.  Any response to their machinations less than a powerful legal putdown will not be sufficient.  It is time to make examples of them, especially the most verbal and public of them.  Allow me to suggest some meaningful legislation that could accomplish our goal of eliminating the odious influence of Christianity in our morally pure and downright delightful society:
  • The Chinese have it right.  The Chinese government has created a place for those who claim to be Bible-believing Christians.  It is called the Three-Self Patriotic Movement and it is the official Protestant State Church of China.  Its ministers are strictly regulated and the content of what is proclaimed is sharply redacted to include only those things that are favorable for the governmental authorities in power.  True Christians refuse to participate in the TSPM church and that makes them easy to identify and incarcerate.  The SDA needs to sponsor its own state church and require all Bible believing Christians to join it.  Only then can we begin to control these people.
  • You can always kill the beast by cutting off its head.  Christian pastors, especially the most high profile among them, must be jailed for multiple violations of the hate speech ordinances.  Teaching that God desires adulterers, homosexuals, transvestites, rebellious children, kidnappers, blasphemers and proclaimers of non-biblical religions to be executed by the civil authorities must become a criminal activity itself.  Insofar as the churches are willing to use most or all of their money in public service programs designed to help the mentally ill among us (excluding themselves of course), we will have no problem with them.  The moment they start teaching ancient Christian doctrines like the belief that Jesus is the only way to God and Christianity is the only true religion will become the moment the mighty hand of Thor shall fall upon them with a vengeance.  How can these people be so ignorant and stupid so as to not perceive how offensive their message is?  We will teach them tolerance, at the end of a taser if necessary. 
  • It is inevitable that small groups of Christians will spring up in various house churches around our glorious country so it is vitally important that everyone practice watchfulness of his neighbor.  The best sources for intelligence about home churches are the people living in the homes.  Praise them in public in direct relationship to how much they practice turning in their neighbors to the authorities for violations of the hate speech and abominable practices ordinances.  Success will be achieved when everyone is spying on everyone else.  
  • The tax code must be rewritten to stop the flow of funds to these terrorist organizations known as churches.  All church property must be subjected to a tax at least double of that found for private real estate holdings in the area.  All donations to churches must no longer be tax deductible and the churches must pay the corporate income tax on all receipts.  One of the best ways to kill a parasite is to hit it where it the pocketbook.
Some may think I am overstating the case.  Those who believe I am exaggerating have not fully examined the problem.  Rushdoony was right on when he penned the words I began with today.   The glorious victory of the progressive movement and all of the wonderful benefits of that movement we enjoy today are the direct result of a beautifully crafted and executed propaganda campaign emphasizing the need for tolerance for us and our LGBTXYS brothers/sisters/neuters.  We were successful at convincing the Christians that all we wanted was to be on equal ground with them, tolerated by them and, if not accepted, at least not punished for being who and what we are.  We approached our takeover knowing full well that the Christians had never treated us that way and would continue to oppress us if they could.  But we won!  We convinced people that this was about tolerance for each other.  Now that we have won it is time to abandon the charade and enforce the new intolerance.  That new intolerance must begin with our biggest sworn enemies, the people in this glorious land who call themselves Bible believing Christians.  Until they are silenced we have not finished our work.  Until they are silenced we will still continue to suffer from their insults and lack of affirmation.  Rise up brothers/sisters/neuters and shout the rallying cry of "death to the Christians!"  And above all, if they adopt our strategy and begin to cry out for tolerance for their position, don't be an idiot and fall for that old trap.  Squash them like the vile little bugs they are.

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