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San Juan Mountains
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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Grotesque Failings In Humanistic Law

I have addressed this issue in the past but am compelled by my rage to address it again today.  The Socialist Democracy of Amerika is a country now populated by God-hating reprobates who worship at the throne of civil government and who use the laws created by that government to enrich and empower themselves at the expense of their neighbors.  The most reprehensible concept for a citizen of the SDA is the idea that the Law of God, found in the Bible, should ever determine how we are to properly relate to one another.  Men, utterly lost in their sin, are incapable of conjuring up any affection for God's law and, in its place, revere and genuflect in the presence of the contradictory and immoral law of the land as it is created by the career politicians who rule over us.
I read an article in the newspaper yesterday that starkly and tragically illustrates the difference between the morally perfect Law of God and the degenerate and disgusting law of man that exists in this immoral country today.  Back in 2004 a fellow by the name of Weldon Angelos was entrapped by an FBI sting operation and enticed into selling $350 worth of marijuana to a Salt Lake City FBI agent.  You have heard many stories like his before.  He was a law abiding citizen until the FBI agent approached him and promised him cash for marijuana.  Seeing an opportunity to make a little extra money, Angelos took him up on the offer and sold marijuana to the FBI agent in three separate transactions.  After the third transaction was completed the sting was finished and the full severity of the law fell upon poor Weldon.
According to the AP story, "Prosecutors said he was a gang member who carried a gun during two of those deals, though he was not accused of using or showing a weapon.  Angelos denied being in a gang and having a firearm but police found several guns while searching his apartment."  Angelos was a record store owner and the FBI set him up to increase and pad their drug enforcement statistics, thus ensuring that taxpayer dollars would continue to flow to that branch of the bureau.  The fact that they ruined his life was irrelevant as government careers and pensions were at stake.  The fact that he had the constitutional right to have guns on his property was ignored.  The fact that there was no evidence he ever carried a gun to one of the sales was ignored. 
Angelos was convicted on federal drug trafficking and weapons charges and sentenced to 55 years in prison with no possibility of parole.  Mandatory sentencing laws essentially guaranteed that he would die a ward of the taxpayers in some wretched federal prison.  Even in the "law and order" state of Utah his conviction and sentence seemed a bit much for the folks involved in the process.  The judge apologized for what he had to do, but the law must be served, and sentenced him anyway.  Eventually the man who prosecuted him had a change of heart and advocated for his early release, despite the fact that the law of that time would not permit it.  The story I read was written because Angelos did eventually obtain clemency and he was released after serving 12 years in prison for what is not even a sin, much less a crime.
Too bad for Angelos that he did not live across the border in the Colorado of today when he decided to sell a little marijuana.  As everyone in the world is now aware, Colorado has no penalty for selling marijuana, provided you have a government license permitting you to do so.  I ask you who believe in the beauty of law and order and the beauty of man made law, how is it possible for two such diametrically opposed legal positions to coexist without shattering your admiration for man's law?  How can you continue to call upon the various legislative bodies that rule over you to enact even more laws every time they are in session when the inevitable result of those laws will be more contraction, more entrapment and more injustice?  The only possible reason I can think of for why men continue to praise the immoral law of men is that they are idolatrous worshipers of civil government and the laws that issue forth from it.
God's Law is very clear on the matter.  Buying, selling, growing, smoking, drinking, eating, transporting or anything else you want to do with marijuana is neither a sin nor a crime.  The same is true for heroin, cocaine, meth and any other drug you can think of.  People, according to biblical law, are free to do whatever they want provided they do no harm to their neighbors or transgress the First Table of the Law.  God's law holds men responsible for what they do, not why they do what they do, and it provides for perfectly just punishments for crimes that treat the criminal with respect and protect the victim rather than enrich the state.  If you kill someone while in a drunken stupor God's law declares you to be a murderer and orders you to be executed.  The only thing that matters is what you did, not why you did it.  The same is true for marijuana.  If you do harm to your neighbor while under the influence of the hallucinogenic effects of THC you are responsible for what you do, regardless of why you did it.
Under biblical Law Angelos would have never been arrested.  Under biblical Law the FBI would not have deceived him and entrapped him to violate an immoral law.  Under biblical Law Angelos would have been free to run his record business and he would never have served a day in prison.  Under biblical law Angelos, and the rest of us as well, would be free to pursue our own interests and serve others as we see fit.  Under biblical Law we would be truly free.  Sadly, idolatrous state worshipers prefer to be enslaved to the government rather than to face the responsibilities that come with being free men. As long as that cowardly and idolatrous position reigns supreme in this land we will have many more Angelos. 

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