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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Do They Really Hate Us Because We Are Free?

Yesterday I wrote this, "None of the professional pundits analyzing the alleged problem of Koran-consistent Muslim missionaries even bothered to address the issue of the SDA military presence as an occupying imperial force in the Middle East.  None of them stopped to consider that it is possible for the SDA to win this war against Koran-consistent Muslim missionaries simply by withdrawing military forces from their homelands and leaving them alone." I wrote that in regards to the alleged problem of Islamic terrorists and their sympathizers killing Amerikans on Amerikan soil.  The standard position, apparently believed by the all important majority of the citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika, is that Islamists and their supporters are killing Amerikans because they hate "our freedom," whatever that means.
My good friend Peter Bruno of Arvada wrote a letter to the editor of the Denver Post last week expressing precisely that sentiment.  Here, in part, is what he wrote, "I am sick and tired of hearing the same rhetoric after every terrorist act performed by Islamist terrorists.  There are those who refuse to acknowledge who these terrorists are and their motivation.  No one wants to face the true facts that radical Islamist terrorists have been attacking innocent civilians in Western societies for decades and they continue to grow and hate in their warped ideology.  Their motivation is simple:  They hate our freedoms and way of life."  Really Peter?  These folks are killing some of us because they lie awake at night in their homes fuming with hatred for people who live thousands of miles away who they perceive to be living freely?  How can any sane person really believe that hatred for our alleged freedoms is a motivation to kill us?  Let me give you the real reason Islamist terrorists and their sympathizers are killing SDA citizens.
Here is a map of SDA military bases in the Middle East:

Here is a map of the sum total of all military bases on SDA soil operated by Middle Eastern countries:


Notice any difference in the maps?
According to this website, 4 million Muslims have died at the hands of SDA led military forces since 1990.   According to this site, the population of the Middle East is a bit over 200 million people, most of whom are Muslim.  That means SDA military forces have wiped out almost 2% of the population of the Middle East in the last 35 years.  By my last count nowhere near 4 million SDA citizens have died on SDA soil as a result of Islamic terrorist attacks.  According to this site, 3158 Amerikans have died on SDA soil as a result of Islamic terrorist attacks since 1995.  That represents about .001% of the SDA population, if I am doing my arithmetic correctly.  Do you notice any difference in those numbers?
I know this is a wildly unpatriotic idea but is it possible that Islamic terrorists hate us because we have occupied their countries, turned them into subjects of the SDA empire and killed them with alarming frequency and total impunity? 

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