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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Toy Guns Are A "Crazy Risk?"

I was reading my newspaper yesterday morning when I came across an article entitled "Students hope to arm selves with knowledge."  As one who believes that most graduates from government schools are turned into blithering idiots by what they experience there, I was interested to find out how some poor souls sentenced to three or four years of government school imprisonment might somehow manage to come out unscathed.  Little did I know that I was about to fly into an almost uncontrollable rage.  Let me tell you about it.
The first paragraph of the story told me all I needed to know.  It said, "With a table full of fake guns that looked all too real in front of her, South High School interim principal Deborah Blair-Minter told a library of students that the days of playing cops and robbers with toy guns were over."  What!?  Cops and robbers is now illegal?  What has happened to take away such a venerated rite of passage for all male children in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika?  How can some air-headed government school official make the official pronouncement that playing cops and robbers is wrong?  I was angry beyond belief but I forced myself to continue reading.
"Blair-Minter cited a national conversation stemming from shootings in which kids have been shot by law enforcement officers when playing with a toy gun as one of the reasons why Tuesday's event was so important."  So let me get this straight....these high school students have been taken from their usual classes such as "Why Socialism is Great," "How Global Warming Is Going to Destroy the Universe" and "Why You Should Worship the Government" and forced to participate in an awareness group that brainwashes them into believing that innocent children playing with toy guns who are gunned down by jack-booted thugs are to blame for their fate.  Blair-Minter (why does she not get a real name, like you know, one without a hyphen?) proudly declares that taxpayer financed enforcers of the immoral rules of the SDA are heroes when they shoot and kill innocent children who just happen to be playing with their toy guns in public.
The article continued as the author described how the brainwashing took place.  "Denver police and Denver Public Schools teamed up to present a slew of counterfeit guns to students and pose the question: 'If you were in the position of law enforcement, would you know the difference between a real gun and a fake gun?'"  Apparently one question the students were not asked was, "Can you tell the difference between a child playing with a gun and a criminal brandishing a weapon?"  Another question the students were not asked was, "How many years of training have you had to prepare you to make decisions such as which gun is a toy and which gun is real?"
Notice how the report is scripted.  Toy guns are now "counterfeit guns."  The clear intimation is that innocent children playing with toy guns are attempting to pull one over on "law enforcement" officials by using guns designed to look real but that are not.  I believe that.  Every young child I know wants to be shot by a cop because he successfully convinced the cop that he was holding a real weapon with the intent to kill.  What kid who goes out to play cops and robbers does not want to fool the police into shooting him?  None that I know.
The next paragraph enraged me.  It made me despise and pity the products of government schooling even more than I did prior to reading the article.  It said, "South High senior Nathan Carter, 18, and his peers approached the display of replica guns apprehensively, cautiously reaching out to handle the imitation weapons that they treated as if they could go off at any moment."  What?  An 18 year old male is afraid of a toy gun? What is this world coming to?  By the time I was 18 years of age I owned several real guns and had been shooting them for years.  I was never afraid to touch one of my guns and I most certainly did not think that one of them would suddenly "go off" and kill everyone in the room.  What have government school teachers been doing to their inmates that 18 year old males like Carter are afraid of toy guns?
The brilliant luminary known as 18 year old Nathan Carter was quoted extensively in the article.  He pointed out, as he had been properly instructed to do, that black kids play with toy guns and white kids do not.  How he came to that conclusion I do not know.  He did say that the fact that black kids play cops and robbers and white kids do not was the "elephant in the room," whatever that was supposed to mean.  Why his statement was not a prime example of a micro-aggressive racial epithet delivered by a boy laboring under the curse of white privilege I do not know.  What I do know is that any time a white teenager talks to the press he needs to apologize for his incipient white racism.  Well done Carter!  Mission accomplished.  I hope you feel better.
Carter went on to describe that he had spent some time at the Denver police academy where he observed various training programs related to identifying who the cops should kill and who they should leave alone.  That fact alone should have been sufficient reason to inform the cops that they should be able to distinguish between innocent children and homicidal maniacs but Carter did not see it that way.  Carter, spouting cop terminology that is sickening, said, "I saw that they have to think ahead and do what is best for the environment."  As a product of the government schools I have no doubt that Carter is a flaming environmentalist who hates capitalism with a passion.  Still I rather doubt that he was referring to the biological environment that surrounds us when he made his assertion.  Somewhere he picked up a cop-talk word called 'environment' which is clearly little more than a simile for the physical area in which a cop thinks about nothing but protecting himself from harm.  In other words, Carter now believes that the most important thing in any cop-citizen-innocent child confrontation is the safety of the enforcer of the immoral rules.  Citizens and children can be killed as long as the government hero emerges without a scratch.
Carter concludes his informative propaganda speech by saying, "I need to inform more of my youth.  I need them to know this stuff so they can be safe."  At this point I reached for my barf bag and up came up my breakfast.  Carter is already a thoroughly brainwashed statist.  Notice the use of the possessive "my" when referring to his peers.  Since when did he obtain legal possession of his peers?  That sort of talk usually only comes out of the mouths of career politicians.  I think we can speculate what Carter is going to be when he grows up, can't we?  Carter's concluding point that what matters most in life is "being safe" is disgusting and typical of his generation.  The only reason a child playing with a toy gun is not safe is due to the fact that gun-toting enforcers of the rules run around seeking to defend their "environments" by shooting and killing anything and anyone they ridiculously perceive as a threat.  I have a message for the cops....if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.  Nobody forced you into your career.  If you feel threatened by children playing cops and robbers maybe you should take up another career path.  Something like government school teacher would be nice.

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