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Monday, May 9, 2016

The Second Injustice In the Aurora Theater Massacre

As I predicted several years ago, immediately after the massacre in an Aurora movie theater, the survivors and families of the victims of the massacre have filed a civil suit against the theater's owners alleging that they are morally culpable for what happened that night when James Holmes opened fire and gunned down a dozen patrons there for the opening night of a Batman movie.  Holmes has since been sentenced to life in prison, thus forestalling for several years his appearance before the judgment seat of God and, unless he repents, his being cast into the Lake of Fire for eternity.  Now the second great injustice is about to take place in Aurora.  Allow me to explain what is going on here in terms even the most envy filled sinner can understand.
According to the Denver Post, "In an Arapahoe County courtroom, 28 survivors of the attack and relatives of the victims will attempt to convince a jury that Cinemark, the movie theater's owner, should be held accountable for the shooting....the first civil trial over the shooting will ask jurors to weigh the forseeability of such attacks in an era where they are both statistically rare and terrifyingly routine.  In other words, are mass shootings in public places now so common that a movie theater chain can be held liable for not guarding against them?"  According to one of the immoral and parasitic lawyers representing the plaintiffs, "Our belief is that Cinemark had inadequate security measures to guard against a forseeable danger.  And, had they implemented proper security measures, this act would have never happened and our clients would have never been injured."  As the newspaper article noted, "There has never been a mass shooting at a movie theater prior to the July 20, 2012, attack on the Century Aurora 16."
Here are a couple of facts for you to consider about the issue of mass shootings:

Mother Jones defines a mass shooting as any incident in which four or more people are killed in one place.  According to Mother Jones there have been 62 mass shootings in the last 30 years, an average of a little over two incidents per year.  The increase shown in the above graph indicates roughly a 100% rate of increase in the incidence of mass shootings since 2009, when compared to the past 30 years.  It also shows that a 100% increase simply means the citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika have witnessed an average of 3.5 incidents per year over the past six years compared to an average of 2.0 incidents per year the prior twenty four years.  I will let you decide if those numbers are statistically significant.  Others, looking at the data from a different bias and using different definitions for key terms, conclude that the number of mass shootings have actually declined.   Use your best judgment.
According to Pew Research:

You can see that the homicide rate in which guns were involved has roughly halved in the past 23 years. That number seems pretty firm and not open to much biased interpretation.
What are the odds of being murdered in a mass shooting scenario?  National Review claims that the odds of being killed in a mass shooting are the same as being struck by lightning.  According to this website, here are some causes of death and your odds of going out that way:

Cause of
Annual #
of deaths
Heart disease 631,636 1 in 6
Cancer 562,875 1 in 7
Smoking-related deaths 433,000 1 in 9
Stroke 135,952 1 in 28
Obesity-related 112,000 1 in 35
Heavy drinking 79,000 1 in 49
Breast cancer 40,598 1 in 95
Prostate cancer 29,093 1 in 133
Fall 22,631 1 in 171
Assault 18,361 1 in 211
Brain tumor 13,000 1 in 298
Car accident 12,772 1 in 303
Skin cancer 8,461 1 in 457
Pedestrian accident 5,958 1 in 649
Motorcycle accident 5,024 1 in 770
Bicycle accident 820 1 in 4,717
Airplane accident 550 1 in 7,032
Flu 411 1 in 9,410
Lightning 46 1 in 84,079
Legal execution 40 1 in 96,691
Earthquake 26 1 in 148,756
Fireworks discharge 10 1 in 386,766

If National Review is correct, your odds of dying in a mass shooting are 1 in 84,000 over your lifetime.  You are more likely to die in an airplane accident, an auto accident, from the flu or from falling down.  Weigh your risks carefully when you step outside today.
The clumps of human detritus known as lawyers representing the envy filled survivors of the massacre believe that the shareholders of Cinemark are morally responsible for the massacre because any reasonable person looking at the circumstances of that day would have concluded that it was likely someone would walk into the theater for the midnight show and gun down 12 people.  The lawsuit alleges that after coming to that conclusion the shareholders of Cinemark should have hired a massive security force to frisk every patron, secure every doorway, inspect every bag of popcorn and continually patrol the aisles of the theater while carrying machine guns to shoot down the expected shooter.  The lawsuit further alleges that if Holmes had somehow managed to get past the security forces, perhaps after hiding a machine gun under his seat prior to the show, and opened fire in the darkened theater nobody would have been shot if proper security measures had been taken.  How the security patrols could have killed him without knowing in advance when he would stand and begin firing is not explained.
Let's call this suit what it is.  Immoral lawyers have teamed up with money-grubbing survivors to fleece a profit seeking corporation of its money.  They are using the massacre as an excuse to cover their sinful desires and motives.  If they truly believe that the massacre was entirely predictable there are many other groups they should be suing.  If any reasonable person or group should have known what was about to happen why are these maggots not suing the Aurora Police Department?  The cops are the ones charged with the duty of protecting the public.  Despite the fact that they did not act in advance to prevent an entirely predictable massacre, the cops come off as heroes while the profit seeking corporation is demonized.  Furthermore, why has the suit not been filed against every person who walked or drove by that theater in the couple of hours leading up to the shooting?  If it was so obvious what was about to go down it seems to me those people are morally culpable as well.  At the very least they should have called the cops/heroes to the scene to prevent what was about to happen.
The fact that this lawsuit has not been summarily dismissed is indicative of the grossly immoral state of SDA justice.    I don't know how much filthy lucre the alleged victims are seeking but under biblical law this suit would be thrown out and the "victims" would be required to compensate the Cinemark shareholders the exact same amount they are seeking.  Now that would be justice.  How do you think the lawsuit will turn out?  I predict a stunning victory for the plaintiffs with hundreds of millions of dollars being extracted from the shareholders of Cinemark just as Cinemark goes bankrupt. 


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