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San Juan Mountains
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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Economic Progress Yes, Political Progress No

I was watching CNN last night when an angry blond airhead made a statement about how political progressives are the only people who should be allowed to hold office in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  As is the case with all propaganda efforts in this confused country the use of the term 'progressive' has been hijacked by those who want to use the coercive power of government to legally steal things.  According to Webster, 'progress' is "the process of improving or developing something over a period of time."  A progressive is, therefore, a person who aids or enables this state of progress toward what is allegedly an improved condition for all.
An all important part of the definition of a progressive is the question of the goal.  Just what is the goal of all this progressive action?  Without exception the goal of the progressives in the SDA is more state control of all aspects of life and less personal liberty, including the outright abolition of my right to life, freedom and property. There is no necessary reason why the goal for a progressive must be more state control.  Indeed, the goal for a progressive could theoretically be a complete absence of state control.  But in a country populated with sheep who religiously worship government and the career politicians who rule over it and who also promise to give them money and shiny things in exchange for a vote, that state of affairs will never come to be.
There is a group of people who ceaselessly dedicate themselves to the goal of eliminating the felt needs of humankind.  This group of people tirelessly work to produce more goods and services and then sell those goods and services via voluntary transactions to people who want them for prices they are willing to pay.  This group of people, although largely unknown and, shockingly, generally despised throughout society, have had enormous success at their task.  Because of them the citizens of the SDA live at a standard of living unknown through all human history.  Because of them nobody starves to death.  Because of them nobody dies in the streets.  Because of them medical science has made tremendous advances, allowing lifespans to dramatically increase.  Because of them the citizens of the SDA have leisure time to pursue athletic, cultural and philosophical activities on a scale unknown to all but the most privileged royal castes of the past. Because of them we all live in conditions that would have been deemed idyllic by all previous generations.
Are these brave and noble warriors against human privation praised for the progress they have made against human suffering?  No, they are not.  On the contrary, they are blamed for those less than perfect social, political and economic conditions that continue to exist in this envy filled land.  Why are they blamed for the few remaining ills in our country?  Because they do what they do in order to earn a profit.  Many of them have become very rich because of their never ending pursuit of human comfort.  Many of them are much more wealthy than the people they sell their products to, thus resulting in an immoral condition in which the satisfied customer feels envy for the wealth of the entrepreneur who has satisfied his wants.  The sinful customer not only wants the pleasure that comes from the item he has purchased from the businessman, he also wants the businessman's wealth.  In a society with a civil government that protects the private property of the minority nothing would ever come of this sinful envy.  In a progressive society where the wealth of the minority is up for grabs, the sinful customer is encouraged to vote for career politicians who will make the plundering of the rich a legal activity.
There is progress in progressive politics and it is all sinful and immoral.  All progressives are socialists and all socialists believe that what someone else has produced actually belongs to them if the person who has produced something makes more money than they do.  The simple socialist mantra that the "means of production belong to the workers" is one of the most philosophically ignorant and economically suicidal concepts in the history of man.  The means of production never come into existence without the prior work of entrepreneurs.  Then, once the businessman has done all the work, the people he has voluntarily employed to aid him in his quest suddenly claim to own the entire enterprise.  Under the tenets of progressive politics those workers are right, and laws are crafted to enable them to enact policies that will inevitably end up killing the golden goose.   To rub salt into the wound, guess who is blamed when the goose dies?
The goal of all political action must necessarily be to make no progress at all.  The progressive movement and the progressives themselves are deadly to a society.  God has given mankind every law (a little over 600 of them found in the Bible) necessary to order society, even a society as complex as the one found in the SDA.  That body of biblical law is sufficient to order everything that takes place in this immoral, God-hating and post-Christian society.  Twelve of the original thirteen colonies realized this truth and structured their civil governments according to the biblical model.  The ratification of the Constitution of the United States changed all of that.  According to the terms of the Constitution a new, secular society was to be created and thrust upon the citizens of the newly liberated country that allowed no reference to biblical law and that imposed no religious test upon the civil rulers who would control the system.  Although that was an example of de-progression, it was not as bad as what happened next.
The Constitution was a serviceable document that did allow for the biblical principles of empowering government to protect the life, freedom and property of all citizens.  Sinful men, however, will not be stopped.  It was not long before adherents to the strict interpretation of the Constitution were being ridiculed and the process of progress was initiated.  Soon the majority came to believe that the Constitution is a living document that is constantly growing and changing.  Not surprisingly, the direction the document always grew was towards greater government power and the suppression of the rights of the political minorities that made more money and created all of the goods and services that existed in the land.
That brings us down to today when any group that can obtain a majority of those who vote can steal from their neighbors at will.  Career politicians, far from being noble statesmen who protect the rights of the minority, are now men and women (gasp!) who specialize in fomenting envy and exploiting it to advance their own political careers.  The system works splendidly as we all careen forward, making huge leaps of progress every election cycle and every time Congress is in session.  However, unlike the economic progress brought to you by businessmen, political progress is self-defeating.  It is only a matter of time before the empire collapses.  Then everyone will blame the profit seeking businessman for what has happened while, at the same time, they will once again all turn to him to provide the goods and services they will so desperately need as civilization collapses around them. 

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