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Monday, May 16, 2016

Citizens Of The SDA Are Insane

The great majority of the citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika are insane.  Yes, I know that government approved "doctors" like to declare that all of us will become mentally ill, whatever that means, several times during our lives.  They also tell us that the only cure for our mental illnesses is to give lots of money to government approved talk therapists who will, after a long period of time, pronounce us sane once again.  That is not what I am writing about today.  Today I would like to give you three examples of how the citizens of this immoral country have abandoned common sense, not to mention biblical law, and plunged themselves into a world of moral relativism that is destructive to their very souls.  I opened my Denver Post on Saturday morning to be treated to three articles that sent me into an almost uncontrollable rage.  Allow me to tell you about those three stories.  I hope they will enrage you as well.
The headline story was entitled "Women may be nearing a draft."  The first paragraph of that story said, "Congress is on the verge of ordering young women to register for a military draft for the first time in history, touching off outrage among social conservatives who fear the move is another step toward blurring gender lines.  The female draft requirement, approved late Thursday by the Senate Armed Services Committee, could be as heated as the divisive debate over what public lavatories and locker rooms transgender people should use."  What?  Am I the only person in this country who sees the utter lunacy of that paragraph?  Drafting women has nothing to do with the debate over gender identity since everyone agrees that it is women who are going to be drafted.  Nobody is talking about drafting transvestites.  Furthermore, how can anyone keep a straight face when talking about the current debate on who can use which public bathroom?  How can the fact that male perverts want to get their jollies by legally hanging out in women's bathrooms ever rise to the level of being a serious concern, especially when compared to the potential reality of women being drafted into military service?  I can't think of any words to use that even come close to describing how utterly stupid this entire "debate" is.
The issue of women being drafted revolves around two important facts.  First, women should never be called upon to defend their country from foreign invasion.  Fighting in defense of the country is a job for the male members of the country and nobody else.  How this has come to be an issue is also utterly unfathomable to me.  It is so patently obvious that women should never fight in a war that I do not even know how to argue against the idea that they should.  It is similar to attempting to prove to someone that the sky is blue.  If you do not see it for yourself and you are convinced the sky is pink there is really nothing I can say to you but you are incredibly stupid and detached from moral reality.
Second, the draft is immoral and a sign of a weakening empire desperately trying to preserve its power and influence around the world.  Drafting people into military service is the sin of kidnapping and the biblical punishment for kidnapping is death.  Should any Christian have a daughter who ends up being drafted into military service it is the moral obligation of that man and his daughter to defy the authorities and refuse to be complicit in her kidnapping.  Christian churches will need to establish underground railroads that will carry away their children to countries where they can live free from the immoral claims of our rulers.  Christian leaders need to pray that God will bring His providential judgements upon those who support and initiate the draft.  Ultimately, in some cases, Christians will need to suffer at the hands of our rulers by paying fines, going to prison and being tortured for our obedience to the Law of God.  Maybe then the stupid Evangelicals who populate this God-hating country will finally see that the Republican party is not God's party.
The second article in the paper was on the fourth page of Section A.  It was entitled, "DPS is compliant on transgender."  DPS is Denver Public Schools and the article, written by Elizabeth Hernandez, proudly informed readers like me that DPS is firmly committed to enabling sexual perverts to engage in sexually perverted behavior while on the hallowed grounds of Denver government schools.  DPS spokeswoman Nancy Mitchell was quoted several times in the article.  Here is some of what she had to say, "Students have an unequivocal right to be addressed using their preferred pronouns.  Referring to a student who formerly identified as male but now identifies as female as anything but 'she' or 'her' is inappropriate and likely unlawful....Students are permitted to use the restroom/locker room of the gender with which they identify....You may not force a student to use any restroom other than the one affiliated with his/her gender identity....Even when other students, parents or community members raise objections or concerns about a transgender student, equal access to education programs and activities will be given to the transgender student."  Did you get all that?  In case you didn't let me explain what is going on within the government schools of Denver.
According to Nancy, it is "likely unlawful" for me to call a boy by the pronoun "he" if that boy is a pervert.  I don't know where Nancy came up with that idea since the Supreme Court of Jokers is yet to rule on this issue.  I fully expect that the transgender perversion will be fast-tracked and the Supreme Court of Jokers will find a place in the Constitution in support of Nancy's view but her position is not yet the law of the land.  Once it becomes the law of the land it is the moral duty of Christians to oppose that law.  We must serve and obey God rather than men.  If a pervert insists you use a personal pronoun that is the opposite of reality we must defy that request and suffer fines, imprisonment and possible torture for doing so.  Maybe then Christians in this immoral country will wake up and smell the coffee.  We are a post-Christian society and the perverts have taken over.  They will not stop until they have make Christianity illegal and  Christians are persecuted nation wide.
Every high school boy who wants to hang out in the girl's locker room is now legally entitled to do so.  I hope they take advantage of that opportunity.  I would love to read stories about how the girls locker rooms and bathrooms are filled with highly libidinous boys in search of a free and legal view of naked girls.  All they have to do to legally obtain the right to do so is to self-identify as a girl.  Even if "other students, parents or community members" object that the boys are just exploiting the law to see naked girls, their right to watch naked girls is incontrovertible and non-amenable.  The person who self-identifies as a member of the other sex is free to do whatsoever it wants to do and there is nothing anyone can do about it.  Wonderful, isn't it?
The third story could only have taken place in the People's Republic of Boulder.  The headline to the very short story said, "Investigators:  Squirrel feeding dispute sparked shooting."  The story went on to inform me that "Jon Barbour was arrested Thursday after calling 911 to report shooting his neighbor Jeffrey Browning in the rear....The Daily Camera reports neighbors have objected to Barbour and his wife feeding squirrels peanuts because they were worried about children with nut allergies."   When Browning was seen feeding peanuts to squirrels last week Barbour went out and shot him in the bum.  Barbour did it for the children.  I conclude that the entire population of this country has gone squirrely and nuts. 

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