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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Church vs State: The Flag Wins

The last post to this blog was about how the citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika venerate the flag as a holy icon and religious symbol of the Amerikan empire.  Those who refuse to worship at the feet of the Beast by genuflecting to the flag are pronounced unfit to be citizens of this immoral and idolatrous country and subject to verbal harassment by self proclaimed patriots.  In the course of writing that post I attached a link to a page that describes some of the proper protocols associated with handling the holy icon known as the SDA flag.  One part of that list of rules says this, "When it is displayed from the same flagpole with another flag - of a state, community, society or Scout unit - the flag of the United States must always be at the top except that the church pennant may be flown above the flag during church services for Navy personnel when conducted by a Naval chaplain on a ship at sea."  Let's consider this protocol for a bit today.
Western civilization since the onset of Christianity had been concerned with the struggle for power that existed between the Christian Church and the various empires, states, countries and civil governments that have coexisted with the Church over the years.  For most of the history of the west it was understood that the Christian Church is the superior institution and that whenever a conflict came up between the two it would be the Church that would win and enforce its will upon the State.  History is filled with tales of how various Popes would excommunicate various princes and then force them to stand outside in the snow awaiting absolution for their sins and reinstatement back into the Church.  No Pope, as far as I am aware, ever did the same in the presence of a leader of a civil government.  It was understood by all, whether they actually believed it or not, that civil government dealt with matters of this life while the Church dealt with the far more important matters of eternal life.  My how things have changed.
I frequently describe how the Socialist Democracy of Amerika is a post-Christian society.  It is not the first country in the world to become post-Christian.  All of the western European countries became post-Christian societies prior to the spiritual devolution of the SDA.  Concomitant with the spiritual devolution of the SDA is the rise of the omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent State, known as the federal government in our over regulated and idolatrous country.  Nature abhors a power vacuum so when the citizens of a land reject the God of the Bible and commit themselves to a pagan religion it is inevitable that something will take God's place to be worshiped as a god.  That is the place we find ourselves in the SDA today.  We are long past the point where a battle could rage between the Church and the State. The State has won and is now dictating all of the terms of the relationship between it and the Church.
Flag protocols are a perfect example of how the State now dominates over the Church and determines how the Church may function in the land.  It was inconceivable throughout most of western history, since the fall of the Roman empire, that a flag representing civil government would fly above the flag of the Christian Church.  Now the flag rules dictate that a Christian flag, called a "pennant" may only fly above the SDA flag when it is being flown during "church services for Navy personnel conducted by a Naval chaplain on a ship at sea."  Can it get any more statist than that?  Can the Church be any more subject to civil government than that?  I don't think so.
Let's get to the point in regard to state sponsored church services, shall we?   Church services conducted in a military setting are illegitimate and highly offensive to God unless the message of the service informs all of those present that they need to stop murdering innocent people in the name of the SDA empire and, in the case of  Evangelical Republicans, God Himself.  Furthermore, the message of the worship service should inform those present that it is their moral duty to get out of military service as soon as possible and never go back.  The God of the Bible is enraged when He is mocked by chaplains who pretend to represent Him to the world and who do so inaccurately by proclaiming the glories of the Amerikan empire and each soldier's place in it.  God's opinion has not changed....murder is still murder and expanding the Amerikan empire around the world by killing tens of millions of people who pose no legitimate threat to the national security of this country is a grievous offense against God for which all who participate will be judged harshly.
Flag protocols allow the Christian "pennant" to fly above the SDA icon only according to the strict restrictions shown above.  That clearly proves that the "church" being referred to is nothing more than a modern example of the False Prophet described in the book of Revelation.  The False Prophet, for those of you who know nothing of the Bible (which is just about everyone these days) is the pseudo-Christian institution that grows up around the State, called the Beast in Revelation,  that exists exclusively for the purpose of inducing religious worship of the Beast.  Anyone involved in the chaplaincy is an example of the False Prophet at work.  It is impossible to be a consistent Christian and a member of the military, a member of the chaplaincy or a member of any part of the military-industrial complex.  All Christians who find themselves in any of those positions must get out ASAP.  Perhaps going AWOL would be a good idea.
Because the Evangelical church in the SDA is dominated by false teaching, accompanied by a truth stifling worship of the military, the empire and the career politicians who pull the strings, it has now become fashionable to mock and ridicule the few remaining true Christians in this disgusting country.  True Christians have no civil power or authority.  True Christians are now fair game for all and the season is always open.  Make no mistake, the Church is the superior institution in society because it is the keeper of all truth, but in the SDA it is impotent.  Every career politician, every person in the military, every bureaucrat down to the lowest clerk in the municipal court, will be held accountable to the Law of God found in the Bible for the sin of rejecting God's most perfect and holy Word.  Men believe they are free to ignore and mock the Law of God but the day will come when their mockery will turn to terror and they will cry out for the mountains to fall upon them to protect them from the wrath of God that is falling upon them for their sin.
Yes, in the Amerikan empire the State has won.  Christian doctrine and practice is now considered, at best, to be wrong. It is no longer possible to hold to traditional doctrines and practices of the Christian Church and still be considered a good and obedient citizen.   In many cases Christian beliefs and practices are now illegal.  God's perfect moral standard has been rejected and replaced with a humanistic law that glorifies perversion, theft, idolatry, murder, lying and greed.  There is no fellowship between light and dark.  There is no such place as a neutral playing field where Christians and Statists can meet to discuss civil affairs.  The matter is already decided and the Beast has won.
Given these truths it is time for Christians to keep a low profile as much as possible and prepare for the wrath of the civil government that is to come.  Unlike the empire builders in civil government who believe they are free to kill whomever they want, whenever they want, Christians are forbidden from taking up arms against those who rule over us.  On the contrary, we are required to suffer persecution to the point of death at their hands, knowing that as we are slaughtered the wrath of God is being magnified against those who oppose Him and His Church.  So bring it on!  Kill us with a passion.  Persecute us with great zeal because those of us who are true Christians know how all of this is going to end.  You may kill our bodies but God will cause you to suffer eternal punishment of both your body and soul in the Lake of Fire for you statist actions and beliefs.  Fulfill your destiny.  Persecute God's people and fill up the Lake of Fire with a great hoard of people who will suffer throughout eternity for their refusal to acknowledge the God of the Bible. 


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