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Friday, May 6, 2016

Christians Should Not Seek The Permission Of The State To Be Christians

I opened my Denver Post this morning only to see a disgusting photograph on the front page portraying several people bowing down to pray on the steps of the capitol building in Denver.  They were doing so, as the article informed me, because yesterday was the National Day of Prayer.  According to the caption under the photograph, "The National Day of Prayer, an annual observance held on the first Thursday of May, invites people of all faiths to pray for the country."  I am hard pressed to come up with a more stupid waste of time than praying on government property for the government of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  Praying for the Beast on the steps of the Beast is not a good idea.
The National Day of Prayer invites Christians to pray for the country.  It does not specify what the content of that prayer is to be.  The fact that people of "all faiths" are invited to pray clearly indicates that the National Day of Prayer is nothing more than a feel good day for people who hate the God of the Bible and believe that being spiritual, whatever that means, is a good thing.  Since all paths lead to God and God loves the SDA, it necessarily follows that bowing down to the Beast on the first Thursday of May each year is a good idea.  What is not described is God's opinion on this nonsense.  Let me tell you what it is.  He hates it.  The Bible says that God hates it when people who do not know Him pretend to pray to Him.  Do so at your peril.
I don't mind praying for the career politicians and bureaucrats that populate the government of the SDA. The content of my prayer never changes. First I pray that they would all repent of their sins and dedicate themselves to upholding the Law of God and defending the Church of Jesus Christ.  Second I pray that if they refuse to do that I implore God to bring His righteous providential judgement upon them for their sinful hatred of Him and His law.  I think those are two pretty good prayers, don't you?
Ranting about the National Day of Prayer, however, is not the main point of today's blog post.  Yesterday I read an even more disturbing article in the paper that described how the President of Colorado Christian University has petitioned the federal government of the SDA (I believe the petition was sent to the Department of Injustice) for an exemption from the provisions of Title IX as they pertain to non-discrimination against transvestites.  President William Armstrong is asking the federal government to give CCU the right to not be forced to provide public bathrooms for men who identify as women so they can get their jollies hanging out in women's bathrooms.  Not only that, he wants the university to be permitted to continue teaching that transvestism is a sin.  Not only that, he wants the university to be permitted to not admit transvestites to the student body.  Not only that, he wants the university to be permitted to not be forced to hire transvestite teachers.  Let's consider this for a moment.
God's opinion about transvestites and their lewd practices is pretty clear......He hates them and will send them to the Lake of Fire for eternity if they do not repent.  Needless to say, the historic Christian Church has believed that the practice of transvestism is a sin that God will punish with eternal death for almost two thousand years now.  During that two thousand year period the vast majority of people living in nations under the educational and cultural sway of Christian teaching have agreed with that position.  Now, in post-Christian Amerika, those doctrinal and practical positions are now illegal.  That creates a serious problem for Christians that they are attempting to solve the wrong way.
The fiction that Christian beliefs are "religious" and the beliefs of state worshiping God haters are not is powerfully involved in this process.  The truth of the matter is that all beliefs are religious in nature and the only question is not whether they are religious in nature but whether they are true.  I posted an article making that important point here.  I would suggest you read it if you have not already done so.  The fact that God hating members of our post-Christian society have granted special civil rights to transvestites does not change the fact that the granting of those rights violates the ethics found in the Bible and goes contrary to what most people have believed for thousands of years.  To dismiss all Christian positions as "religious" in order to justify ramming equally religious and immoral doctrines and beliefs down the throats of Christians, all in the name of religious secular humanism, is disingenuous and a stroke of progressive genius.  Sadly, Christians in this immoral country have adopted the myth of neutrality and allowed God-hating progressives to dictate the terms of the fight.   As a result, we are losing big time.
Let's get a couple of things straight.  When comparing the Church and the State there can be no doubt that the Church is the superior institution.  As a result, the State should be taking its instructions on what is right and wrong from the Church, not the other way around. The Christian Church is the "pillar and bulwark of the truth," as the Bible says.  When it comes to public policy in this wretched land it is the moral responsibility of civil servants to account for the morally perfect Law of God in all of their pronouncements.   Sadly, the Church has either forgotten or decided to ignore this fundamental message about the nature of reality.
Second, the Church is a sovereign and independent institution that does not need to give an accounting for itself to the State.  The fact that the SDA still does not tax Church property is a historic hangover from this truth.  The affairs and activities that go on within the Christian Church are the business of the Church and no one else.  The civil government of the SDA has no moral, political, cultural or biblical right to interject itself into the affairs of the Church.  When it comes to the affairs of the Church the old mantra so loved by God-haters in this disgusting land is true.   There must be a strict separation of Church and State.  Keep the State out of the affairs of the Church.  When the State claims to have the authority to dictate beliefs and practices within the Church it has grossly overstepped its authority and will incur the providential wrath of God for doing so. 
What is taking place in this country today turns the nature of Church/State relations on its head and gets them completely backwards.  Christian churches and institutions are now appealing to the government of the SDA for permission to believe the doctrines they have believed for thousands of years.  Christian institutions and churches are giving the beastly civil government of this country the right to tell them what they can and cannot believe, as well as how they can and cannot behave.   Christian beliefs and practices must now be approved by the SDA's Department of Injustice prior to being acted upon by believers in this land.  Although this all seems right dandy in the spiritually dead minds of the millions of reprobates in this country,  it is actually dreadfully wrong and must stop immediately.
Here is the point I want to make today, as forcefully as I possibly can.  The proper stance for the Church to take in defense of itself against the undeclared war being waged against it by the federal government is that we are going to obey God rather than men and if the men don't like that they are free to arrest, fine, incarcerate and kill us for our beliefs.  Under no circumstances should we ever ask the State for permission to do the things we do, nor should we ever seek permission of civil government to believe the things we believe.  The Church has survived in this immoral land for a long time without being subject to significant persecution from the Beast.  Now is the time for the line to be drawn in the sand.  Christians must force the State to make good on its promises and arrest us for obeying our God.  Maybe then the Christians of this country will wake up to what is actually going on and cease their idolatrous worship of the Beast known as the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.

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