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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A Perfect Example Of Stupidty In An SDA Citizen

Walt Bonora of Lakewood is a very stupid man.  I find him to be personally offensive.  He wrote a letter to the editor of the Denver Post several weeks ago that I tore out and kept so I could use it as an example of how stupid the citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika are.  Walt is a prototypical example of a citizen of the Amerikan empire.  He is ignorant of economics but proud to make economic pronouncements.  He is ignorant of science but proud to make sweeping generalizations about the world in which we live.  In two words Walt is the perfect Amerikan.  But don't take my word for it.  Here are Walt's ideas in his own words.  I quote the entire letter here:
"Interior Secretary Sally Jewell could not be more correct in her assessment about our disappearing public lands, but she should have been tougher on developers.  We have become a culture of excess strangled by and addicted to consumerism with developers leading the charge.  They are the dregs of humanity who care nothing for culture, nor the environment.  They care only about what goes into their pocket.  The United States has become a construction nightmare.  The last thing we need is another subdivision or shopping mall.  And of course the other problem is people.  Too many of us.  It is not the dolphins making a mess of our world. So perhaps we need a culture change and a slowing of the growth rate.  The last thing we need is more people.  You want to save our planet? Stop the human tide."  Brilliant!
Let's consider Walt's ramblings one point at a time, shall we?  Walt begins by using the first person plural possessive pronoun to describe the land that is presently owned by the government of the SDA.  He calls that land "our public lands."  Walt immediately identifies himself as a socialist.  There is no such thing as public lands.  All land is owned by someone and the federal government owns a lot of the land found in the western part of the country.  I am a part of Walt's "our" and yet I am not free to use the lands owned by the government as if they are mine.  Indeed, I tried to use some land in Rocky Mountain National Park and was almost arrested for doing so.  Go here for the story.
Walt laments that the total amount of land owned by the government is shrinking.  By doing so he identifies himself as a government worshiper.  He joins the great majority of the citizens of this idolatrous land when he does so.  If it is in fact true that the total acreage owned by the federal government is shrinking that would be something to celebrate.   For the purposes of this blog I will assume that Walt is knowledgeable on this subject and telling the truth about the matter.  As a worshiper of the federal government Walt perceives a shrinking in federal government ownership as an evil.  And who is the dastardly villain responsible for this alleged shrinking?  You guessed it!  The horrible, evil, almost worse than Hitler, profit seeking and greedy group of people known as developers.  For a correct understanding of what developers do read this blog post.  It is sufficient to note here that developers only do what consumers want them to do.  If consumers did not want homes developers would not develop homes.  If consumers did not want shopping malls developers would not develop shopping malls.  If blame is to be placed somewhere it should be placed with the consumers, not the developers.  And that, incidentally, is precisely what Walt does next.
Walt believes that he is morally superior to everyone.  He is clearly morally superior, in his own tiny mind, to anyone who would ever seek a profit and we can be quite sure that he has never done so himself.  It is impossible that Walt could be a hypocrite.  Walt is also morally superior to everyone who likes to go out and purchase shiny things.  Walt once again employs the first person plural personal pronoun when he indicts me, and every other citizen of the SDA except himself,  with the charge of being "addicted to consumerism," whatever that means.  I wonder if Walt owns a cell phone?  I don't.  That makes him more addicted to consumer goods than I am.  I wonder if Walt owns more than one car?  I don't.  I wonder how many square feet are in Walt's home?  I bet you it is more than mine.  I wonder how many televisions Walt owns and how many cubic inches of television screen can be found in his home?  I bet it is more than mine. And I bet he has HD television also.  In fact, It think if I could give Walt a test I would discover that he is far more addicted to consumer goods than I am.  If my prognosis is correct Walt is a liar and I am a victim of his lies.
Walt goes on to label both developers and consumers as "the dregs of society who care nothing for culture, nor the environment."  I wonder what that means?  What is "culture" in Walt's eyes?  Is it the Broncos?  Is it his local movie theater?  How about his local bar?  Or is it the Denver Symphony, the Central City Opera or the Colorado Ballet?  I have had the pleasure of attending many events performed by the Denver Symphony,  the Central City Opera and the Colorado Ballet and one thing I have consistently noticed about the program that was given to me as I entered the building was how many developers had contributed significant amounts of their money to all three groups.  I didn't see Walt's name on the list of contributors so I wonder how he can make the claim that he is morally superior to developers because they do not care about culture and he does? I guess his definition of culture must differ from mine.
Walt speaks for me when he confidently declares that "we," whoever that is, do not "need," whatever that means, another shopping mall.  How did he come to this conclusion?  I have no idea.  I suspect he is just projecting his own self righteous ideas upon others and then indicting those who want and build shopping malls as sinners.  I like shopping malls, although I rarely visit them.  I usually go shopping once a year to buy things that I have to buy to keep from being arrested for indecent exposure.  Despite the fact that I rarely visit them I appreciate the fact that their parking lots are full on weekends and people are engaging in voluntary transactions with business people who want nothing more than to sell them things they want for prices they are willing to pay.  The cooperation evident in the free market is about the only thing I have left that encourages me about the human race these days. 
Walt also thinks that everyone except him is out to destroy the environment.  Walt does not provide any evidence for how developers and consumers do not care for the environment, whatever that means.  When he makes that statement Walt betrays the fact that he is a green socialist and that he has bought into all the pseudo-science which states that the earth is endangered when men engage in free market activities. He also believes, despite all evidence to the contrary, that the earth is a very fragile place which is subject to great harm when puny little men run around doing things.  That is not the world I live on.  The world I live on is almost infinitely more powerful than me and all of my human associates.  From bears and lions to elephants and rhinos, the earth is stronger.  From tornadoes and hurricanes to earthquakes and volcanoes, the earth is stronger.  From extreme heat and extreme cold to floods and droughts, the earth is stronger.  Where men walked just a few short decades ago there is hardly any evidence of their presence today.  Civilizations that once populated the rain forests are almost non-detectable today as the tropical biomass reclaims the areas where they once lived.  Ancient civilizations that built roads and massive buildings are buried under hundreds of feet of dirt.  I am afraid Walt is quite stupid about this.  The earth is not a victim of man's activities, men are victims of the earth's activities.
Walt stupidly asserts that, "the last thing we need is more people."  When he writes those idiotic words he ignores the fact that people are capital.  Go here for a post describing this reality.  The economic fact is that population growth stimulates economic growth, and economic growth makes everyone better off.  Walt believes the fallacy of the static pie which asserts that there is a limited amount of wealth in the world and an ever increasing number of people are competing for their share of that pie.  When he commits that fallacy he clearly shows that he has no idea where wealth comes from.  Due to the economic principles of the division of labor and free trade, a larger population can create more wealth than a smaller one. Walt's call for a reduced population is economic suicide.
Walt concludes by using the old argument that all of us will be better off when massive numbers of us are killed, murdered, die or commit suicide.  When Walt makes that assertion he proves that he is a homicidal maniac who hates human beings.  I wonder if Walt is willing to put his money where his mouth is and initiate the process of saving the earth by killing off its human inhabitants by engaging in the act of taking his own life?  I rather doubt it.  So Walt ends up being a hypocrite as well as exceedingly stupid.

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