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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Why Would Anyone Attack An Abortion Mill?

Abortion mills are places where women go to obtain the services of a government licensed professional who will skillfully perform a surgical operation that sucks a living baby out of her body.  The baby never survives the operation but the woman always does.  Women go to abortion mills as a form of post hoc birth control.  After discovering that she is pregnant, usually after a night of drunken sexual debauchery, the woman will make an appointment with an abortion mill doctor to make sure that she does not have to live with the consequences of her behavior.  The majority of the citizens in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika say that a woman going to an abortion mill to have her baby killed is a medical procedure that is nothing more than a routine health care practice, like having a mole removed or liposuction.  Since morality, in the SDA, is determined by majority vote, it necessarily follows that abortion is a moral procedure that God thinks is just dandy.
The front page headline of my Denver Post this week featured a story about the fellow who killed several people at a Colorado Springs abortion mill several months ago.  You all probably remember what happened as Robert Dear drove up to the clinic and started shooting. By the time the shooting was done three people were dead and nine were injured.  Dear was taken into custody and is now awaiting trial on 179 different criminal counts. There is no disputing what happened.  According to the prosecutors, Dear drove up to a medical clinic where routine medical procedures were taking place and with vicious premeditation murdered three innocent people.  If those are the facts, and the majority of those involved in the case say they are, they Dear should be publicly executed right now.  There is no need for the taxpayers to have millions of dollars extracted from them to pay for legal proceedings to prove Dear guilty of 179 different criminal counts.  He killed at least one person and his act of killing, according to the majority, was murder.  He should die as a result of his murder.  The whole process should only take a couple of days and cost little more than the price of a single cartridge.  But that is not the way things will go down.  In the SDA trials serve a very important propaganda purpose and, in this case, that purpose must be served.
To maintain the fiction that abortion is an amoral medical procedure it is very important to cast anyone who disagrees with that religious doctrine as a lunatic.  The story in the newspaper was designed to accomplish just that goal.  The sub-headline to the story said, "The suspect, who wore a ballistic vest of silver coins, called the clinic for directions."   Well there you have it!  No rational person would ever believe that abortion is murder.  Dear had fashioned a bullet proof vest for himself out of a bunch of junk silver coins.  Clearly this man is a lunatic.  Clearly this man does not belong among the sane.  And as if the vest were not evidence enough, Dear had the audacity to telephone the clinic and ask for directions on how to get there!   What sort of disconnection madman would do something like that?  We all know that everyone else in the universe would consult with their PEDs to find directions to an abortion mill.  (For the uninitiated, a PED is personal electronic device.)
The news story salaciously informed me that hard working government employees had uncovered numerous facts about Dear that show the depths of his insanity.  In one case I was informed that, "Long before the attack...Dear harbored a respect for and fascination with violent acts against abortion providers."  The story also told me that after he was arrested Dear insanely declared that the attack made him happy because, "it ensured that no more abortions would be conducted at the clinic."  What more proof do we need that Dear is nothing like any of us and deserving of life in prison?  Did he not know that morally perfect abortions would be taking place in that clinic a scant couple of weeks later?  His efforts did nothing to stop abortions.  The final bit of evidence offered up in the story in support of Dear's radical and bizarre belief system is that Dear dreamed that when he "died and went to heaven, he would be met by all the aborted fetuses at the gates of heaven, and they would thank him for what he did because his actions saved the lives of other unborn fetuses." Dear believes in heaven and his beliefs about heaven are consistent with millions of evangelical Christians in the SDA.  Clearly this man is insane.
I finished reading the story scratching my head.  I was scratching my head not because I could not understand why Dear did what he did.  That was the obvious goal of the person who wrote the story but it did not work on me.  I was scratching my head because I could not believe the author of the story would believe I am that stupid.  Why is it hard to understand why anyone would attack an abortion mill?  That is the more important question here.  Let's see if I can answer it.
Imagine for a moment that you are living in Germany during WWII.  There is a prison camp outside your door, poorly guarded and insufficiently staffed, that is dedicated to the eradication of Jews.  Thousands of Jews have been brought into the camp and they have only escaped in the ashes that come out of the smokestack of the incinerator each night.  You know what is happening.  Jews are being murdered by the thousands, right under your nose.  You are not the only one who knows what is going on.  The entire community knows what is taking place.  If you were to rally your neighbors together you might be able to come up with some weapons and successfully attack the compound.  You could storm it and then burn it to the ground, thus ensuring that, at least in your neighborhood, no more Jews would be killed.  The Nazis would probably kill you for your actions but do you not have a moral duty to protect human life if it is in your power to do so?
The morality play described above has been used millions of times by government school teachers as they try to make school children feel bad about the Holocaust.  Why did those evil German citizens do nothing to stop it?  Why did they look the other way and pretend that nothing was happening.  Certainly good old Amerikan citizens would not have tolerated the mass killings.  Certainly Amerikans would have done whatever it took to stop them.  I believe it is fair to say that every government school teacher since I was in school has concluded that bystanders have a moral duty to at least try to protect the lives of those who are being murdered by evil men.  That brings us to the central issue.
Is abortion murder?  The majority of the citizens of the SDA say that it is not so we must conclude that it is not.  However, there is still a minority group in this land that believes, for biblical reasons, that abortion is murder.  What are we to do with them?  Can we attempt to understand why they might attack an abortion mill and believe that action to be a morally good thing to do?  Can we attempt to understand that they might think putting an abortion mill out of business, even temporarily, saves lives?  Can we attempt to understand that they believe God is pleased by their actions?  I can understand those beliefs, although I do not share them,why can't anyone else?
Let me answer my own question.  The majority of the citizens in this God-hating country pretend that they can't understand why Dear would attack an abortion mill first, and foremost, because they know he is right about abortion.  Everyone knows that abortion is murder.  The problem is not one of knowledge.  The problem is how to construct a universe in which an obvious truth becomes easy to deny.  To perpetuate the starry-eyed belief that abortion is a mere medical procedure anyone who disagrees must be discredited.  If we speak of Jews in Germany everyone sees it for what it is.  If we talk about protecting innocent people killed in drive-by shootings everyone sees it for what it is.  If we talk about innocent black citizens being gunned down by the cops everyone sees it for what it is.  If we talk about innocent babies being killed by their mothers and a government approved executioner everyone pretends that it is impossible to understand why that would bother anyone.
For the record, Dear was wrong.  He should not have killed those people at the abortion mill.  For the record, the people who get abortions are murderers.  For the record, doctors who perform abortions are murderers.  God has providentially decreed that the citizens of the SDA should execute tens of millions of their own offspring in order to fill up our iniquity and give Him just cause to judge us most severely on judgement day.  Count on that.  There will be no way to deny it.

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