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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Christians Must Abandon Their Beliefs To Be Good Citizens

The results are in from the first official Mad Welshman poll and the information conveyed by the poll is shocking, more shocking than Donald Trump assuming leadership of the GOP.  The true/false question asked of MW readers was "Christians must abandon their beliefs to be good citizens."  A whopping 75% of those responding to the poll answered that it was true that Christians must abandon their religious/theological/personal beliefs in order to participate in civil society in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  Since we all believe in the religion of democracy it is necessarily the case that what 75% of MW readers believe to be true is true.  I too concur that a Christian must abandon all belief in biblical truth if he wants to participate in civil government in this land and will argue for that position in today's post.
I read an article yesterday about a teenage girl, I have already forgotten where this story took place, who has decided to declare that she is really a boy.  The first thing the article informed me is that a legal distinction has now been made in this country between gender and sex.  Apparently several courts have upheld the rhetorical fiction that sex is a physical characteristic of the genetic code whereas gender is whatever name or sexual identity a person wishes to self-identify with.  So I am a member of the male sex but I can identify myself, legally and forcefully, as either male, female, bisexual, transsexual or, as I usually prefer, a hermaphrodite.  In this case the girl is a girl but tells people she is a boy.   Some lawyers who advocate for sexual perversion found out about her and the trouble soon started.
The girl attends a government school so the lawyers sued the government school for sex discrimination when they refused to allow her to use the boy's bathrooms.  In response to the lawsuit the school, at taxpayer expense, constructed three new bathrooms around the school facility for her exclusive use.  If you believe that this issue is about justice and fairness you would be forced to conclude that what the taxpayers did should have been sufficient....but this is not about justice and fairness, it is about creating a privileged government class.  Quite predictably the girl and her legion of lawyers said the new bathrooms were also discriminatory because she is a self-identified male and should be allowed to use the boy's bathrooms.  The case went to court and, also not surprisingly, the girl won and she now uses the boy's bathrooms although she admits it feels "awkward" to do so.
Although not all Christians agree on which doctrines apply to the public square I am going to give you a list of doctrines that Christians are not permitted to discuss in public.  The list is mine and does not necessarily represent all people who call themselves Christians.  In each case the belief that I present is a long-standing doctrinal position in the historical and orthodox Christian Church.  Also in each case, the belief that I present is not permitted in this immoral country if one wishes to be deemed a good citizen.  This list could go on for hundreds of examples but I do not have that much time.  I need to go outside and cut my grass (bluegrass and fescue, not the other type of grass legal in Colorado).  Consider the following examples:
  • Homosexuality is a government protected and privileged class.  Christian businessmen are legally required to serve homosexuals, even when their requests are offensive to biblical truth, whereas homosexual business people are not required to serve Christians when they are offended by biblical truth.  The majority of the people in this envy filled country now believe homosexual behavior and homosexuals are right dandy in the eyes of God.  Anyone who holds the traditional Christian view on the matter is labeled a purveyor of hatred and will, eventually, be arrested for hate speech when voicing orthodox Christian doctrinal positions.
  • The myth of evolution is taught in government schools.  That is a good reason to never send your kids to government schools.  Other good reasons to not send your kids to public schools is the fact that they have become prison-like, patrolled by armed guards carrying assault weapons, they teach the myth of global warming, they indoctrinate your kids into the tenets of socialism and your daughters have a chance at being bludgeoned to death in a girl's bathroom by a bunch of other girls.  Teaching the doctrine of creation, despite the fact it is true, is specifically prohibited in government schools. Teachers who attempt to do so will be fired.  In fact, I think it is about the only thing that can dislodge a government school teacher these days.  
  • The aforementioned myth of global warming is not only taught in government schools, it is taught universally throughout the land.  Anyone who dares to disagree with the religious doctrines of global warming is classified as a "denier" and socially ostracized.  Holding to the Christian belief that the earth is big enough to take care of itself without any of our help, as well as adhering to the concomitant belief that it is the duty of mankind to subdue and control the earth for our benefit as much as we possibly can, is strictly forbidden.  No Christian may be allowed to hold to the doctrine of the dominion mandate in the public square in the SDA.
  • The Bible declares that "if a man will not work, neither shall he eat."  The civil government of the SDA declares that if a man makes the voluntary decision to not work he immediately receives a moral claim on the money and income of those who do work.  A program is created to forcibly and legally extract money from the productive and transfer it to the unproductive.  No Christian involved in the public square who declared his desire to abolish all government income transfer payment programs would ever be permitted to speak or hold office.  
  • The Bible declares that all wars must be defensive in nature if they are to be moral in nature.  The Bible prohibits the creation of an empire.  There are probably less than a couple of dozen people in this hate filled land who believe the Amerikan empire is immoral.  Any Christian who dares to oppose the warfare state of the Amerikan empire will be shouted down and forbidden to speak.  It is a certainty that no Christian who wishes to express his opinions against the Amerikan empire will be given the floor except in government designated "free speech" zones which are always, for some unknown reason, far away from any place people would typically gather.  
  • To hold any public position in the SDA a Christian must confess his belief in the myth of neutrality.  The myth of neutrality, for those of you who are unaware, is the mythological belief that Christians hold "religious" positions that do not apply to the real world while the vast majority of God-hating citizens in this country hold morally neutral secular positions on all of life's issues.  Religious positions, as the Constitution itself declares, are not permitted in the public square.  On the other hand, secular positions are exclusively permitted to be discussed.  Perhaps the best way to illustrate this position would be to ask you a simple question.  What would happen if you referred to the Bible to support your position in a debate?  I think we all know that, in addition to being ridiculed, we would not be permitted to use the Bible in the public square.  We would be called "Bible thumpers" and be accused of "ramming the Bible down other people's throats."  Meanwhile, all of the "secular" pagans in the country are spewing mindless drivel about what they believe which is equally religious in nature.  The myth of neutrality refuses to recognize or acknowledge that all assertions about the nature of reality are essentially religious in nature.  The question is not one of being secular or religious.  The question is which religion will we follow.  In the SDA Christianity is outlawed.
  • I believe it is immoral to participate in an immoral system so I quite logically also believe it is immoral to vote.  I recognize that Christians disagree on this position but that is not my point here.  The all powerful state orders us all to vote, in no uncertain terms.  Voting is the religious sacrament of the religious worship of civil government.  Congress has considered a law in the past, and I believe will eventually enact it in the future, making it illegal to not vote.  Every politician you hear says something along the lines of, "it does not matter who you vote for but you must vote."  That is one of the single dumbest things I have ever heard.  It matters enormously who I vote for.  By elevating the act of voting to a religious sacrament the state betrays its true nature.  As a non-voter I am yelled at, accused of disloyalty to the government and informed I should move to another country simply because I do not vote.  Clearly I must abandon this Christian belief if I wish to be a good citizen of the SDA.  
I opened my morning paper today, after finishing this blog post, and was treated to a story entitled, "Grand Junction rescinds Schilling invite."  How a city can engage in a personal action was not explained.  Nevertheless, I did get the gist of the story.   Curt Schilling is a former baseball player (a very good one by the way) who is also an outspoken Christian.  Since retiring from baseball he has held several positions in the media calling baseball games and being a guest speaker.  Until Wednesday he was employed by ESPN.  Last week Schilling posted comments to his Facebook account about the current movement for transgendered perverts to receive special government protective status, calling it and the behavior wrong.  As soon as ESPN executives discovered his comments he was summarily fired.  Please tell me why that is not discrimination?  Please tell me why that is not a perfect example of how a Christian must abandon his beliefs to be considered a good citizen of this God-hating country?  After he was fired by ESPN some unnamed cowards operating the NJCAA Division I JUCO World Series banquet in Grand Junction, Colorado, informed Schilling that he was being disinvited as their keynote speaker.  Please tell me why that is not discrimination?  Please tell me again how Christians are free to voice their opinions in the public square without recrimination for doing so?  Please explain to me, despite all evidence to the contrary, why Christians are not required to abandon their beliefs prior to having an opinion and voicing it in public.  As far as I know only Christians and smokers are not allowed to say what they believe.  All other groups, no matter how perverted they may be, are given carte blanch to say anything they want.  The SDA is not only a post-Christian society.  It is now a Christian hating society.  Expect more of it.

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