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San Juan Mountains
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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Test For Voters

We live in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika, although you would be hard pressed to show how the procedures followed by the two dominant political parties in this immoral country have anything to do with a true democratic process.  The party elites in both controlling political parties, also known as super-delegates, have an unfair advantage in determining who will be the next party nominee.  It is not a democratic process at all, although they are free to structure their political parties as they see fit.  Regardless of how they get there, once the two political parties that are in control have selected their candidates and all other third party or independent candidates have been effectively silenced, the final procedure to determine who will be our next king is seemingly quite democratic.
Although obvious to everyone with half a brain, participants in the democratic process continue to ignore the fact that democracy has two dangerous Achilles heels.  Indeed, the mere belief in democracy is a great and substantial threat to the national security of the SDA.   I have written about the first heel many times in this blog.  Simply put, democracy panders to the envy of the voters.  Everyone wants something for nothing and everyone believes that the neighbors who make more money than he does are evil and deserving of punishment by the civil government by means of a lawful, but immoral, transfer of wealth from them to him.  Envy is practically the exclusive basis for everything that takes place in this land.  We can thank Bernie for finally bringing this truth to the forefront as anyone who spends even a couple of minutes listening to him can discern that the rich, always defined as someone who makes more money than me, are evil and deserving of the wrath of the state.  Incidentally, did you know that Bernie made well in excess of $200k last year?  Does that not make him rich?  Does that not make him evil?  How can you vote for an evil rich man?  Just wondering....
The second Achilles heel of democracy does not have so much to do with the political process as it does the nature of the participants.  For the most part the citizens of the SDA are excessively stupid.  I do not write this to anger anyone, I am just telling the truth.  Once again, if we are  honest with ourselves, we are forced to admit that the great majority of the people who live in this ignorant backwater of a country are excessively and obviously very stupid.  Now writing that most people are very stupid does not mean they are inferior human beings.  Being stupid is not a negative character trait, it is simply a fact about most people, like the size of their ears or the width of their mouths.  When I write that most people are stupid that is not meant to be taken as an insult.  Indeed, everyone in this land is also utterly sinful and totally depraved, shot through with both original and actual sin.  That statement is also simply an observation about reality and not an attempt to insult anyone.
Now if everyone is excessively stupid and utterly sinful it necessarily follows that granting civil authority to the group that can garner the most votes is generally going to guarantee that the most immoral, sinful and stupid person will be elected.  It also essentially guarantees that the laws enacted by those appointed representatives will also be excessively sinful and stupid.  All of this sounds like a perfect description of life in the SDA, does it not?
Making the declaration that almost everyone is stupid does not preclude the fact that some people are not.  I will leave it up to you to determine, based upon what I have posted to this blog the past four years, if I am one of the stupid people.  My goal is to not be stupid but, who knows, I might be a raving idiot and not even be aware of it.  One thing I know for sure is that I do not know everything so it is possible I could be one of the dumbest people on earth.  I could be too dumb to know I am dumb. Ultimately it does not matter how stupid I am because I do not participate in the immoral and God-hating shenanigans that take place in this country every time an election cycle comes around.  I let everyone else select who will be the next crop of rulers and then do my level best to keep my head low and my mouth shut as I desperately try to protect myself from the reams of new immoral rules and regulations that will be forced upon me.  Just avoid the jack-booted thugs is my motto. 
As I have pondered the democratic process it seems to me that it would make sense to have some sort of qualifying test to select who should be allowed to vote and who should be locked out of the voting booth.  I know all God-hating and State-loving people will protest such a thought.  Everyone with a pulse should be allowed to vote, they say.  Everyone who wants to legally steal his neighbor's property, as well as expand the Amerikan empire around the world, should have the right to declare his opinion about who is best qualified to perform those actions by means of the vote.  I disagree and since this is my blog I am going to propose a test for voters.  Anyone who does not pass the test would be prohibited from voting if I were Supreme Commander of the SDA.  Only those who pass the test would be allowed to vote.  So, without further ado, here is a simple ten question test to determine if you should be allowed to vote in SDA political contests.  Every question is either true or false.  After taking the test total up the number of true and false answers and compare your answers to the answer key found below:
  1. Men, women, gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals, transvestites, hermaphrodites, fans of reality television and all supporters of Caitlin Jenner who seek public office are generally more noble spirited and intelligent people than the members of the general population and they only seek political office in order to perform good deeds on behalf of the citizenry of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.
  2. People who believe in the free market and who spend their time in pursuit of profit are generally less noble spirited people than the rest of us.  Furthermore, since profit seeking individuals are also sinful it is inevitable that the pursuit of profit will result in graft, theft and the lying necessary to cover up those aberrant behaviors. 
  3. One of the primary purposes of civil government is to take money from the greedy wealthy people living among us (generally those who believe in the free market) and distribute it to the noble poor people living among us (generally those who believe in the omniscient and beneficent state). 
  4. The rich do not pay their fair share of taxes.  Raising taxes on the rich is always a fair, just, equitable and downright swell idea.
  5. Evangelical Christians must abandon their religious beliefs in the public square if they wish to be good citizens.  It is impossible to be a good citizen of the SDA and cling to outdated, antiquated and hate-filled religious beliefs from a previous era.  Christian doctrine and politics simply do not mix.  When Christians enter the public square they must leave their biblical beliefs and opinions behind and enter the morally, politically, doctrinally and religiously neutral realm of secular political action.
  6. Although most people are really smart, it is a primary job of government to protect people from the depredations of profit seeking business people by legislating enormous bodies of rules and regulations which are then carefully enforced by legions of moral and dedicated public servants known as bureaucrats.  When in doubt, make a new rule. 
  7. It is a matter of national significance and honor that must be dealt with swiftly by the SDA military when a member of ISIS cuts off the head of a citizen of a European country during a conflict in Syria.
  8. It is a not matter of national significance and honor that must be dealt with by the SDA military when an ISIS-like group kidnaps 200 Nigerian girls and turns them into their personal sex slaves.
  9. Career politicians and bureaucrats, armed with giant computers and control of the money supply, can ensure continuing economic growth despite the negative impact of greedy profit seeking entrepreneurs upon our economy. 
  10. The best solution to every alleged problem in this country is the passing of a new law forbidding the offending behavior, provided that new law is properly enforced by noble heroes known as bureaucrats and policemen. 
How did you do?  How many "True" answers did you have?  Here is the answer key:  there is only one "true" answer and that is number 8.  It is not the business of the SDA or the SDA military when atrocities take place in foreign lands.   I conclude that unless you recognized that every statement made above, except number 8, is false you are not qualified to vote.  Won't you join me and the rest of the silent majority and not vote this year?

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