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San Juan Mountains
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Friday, March 25, 2016

The Transvestite Agenda Advances

Several months ago, after the Supreme Court of Joker's decision granting heterophobic people special political privileges, I predicted that the next group of degenerate perverts to seek special government privilege would be the transvestites.  As expected, the Denver Post, immediately ran a series of weekly articles on how poor transvestites are misunderstood and abused by the evil citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika who do not take the time to give them a hug and endorse their lifestyle choices.  This week the next step in the agenda to advance the cause of perversion took place in North Carolina.  Let's think about it today.
According to the Washington Post, "A new North Carolina law that bars local governments from extending civil rights protections to gay and transgender people is provoking a growing backlash from businesses and others who say the law is discriminatory....In a statement, Gov. Pat McCrory said legislative action was necessary to prevent local governments from enacting ordinances that overstep their authority in a way that might allow a 'man to use a woman's bathroom, shower or locker room.'  He tweeted that he had signed the bill 'to stop the breach of basic privacy and etiquette.'"
Who in his right mind could possibly disagree with passing a law that says men must use men's bathrooms and women must use women's bathrooms?  Who could ever have conceived of the set of circumstances that would bring about the need for political rulers in this country to believe they even have to pass a law to establish basic standards of moral decency?  Is there anyone in this immoral land, besides committed sexual perverts, who thinks it is unreasonable for public bathroom facilities to be segregated by sex?  The North Carolina law is a simple, common sense, measure designed to forestall the onslaught of the transvestite movement in the state.  It is a wise precaution to at least attempt to slow down the inevitable moral decay that is soon to come.  Sadly, it is doomed to fail.
The reaction of the sexually perverted community was entirely predictable.  According to the article,  "LGBT rights groups said the legislation, which many lawmakers had not seen before it was introduced Wednesday, is blatantly discriminatory and condemned it as the most extreme bill of its kind in the nation.  With this measure, North Carolina becomes the first state to ban students and others from using restroom that match with their gender identify if it clashes with their birth certificates."  What world do these dementos live in?  Condemning a rule that says a man can only urinate, defecate and disrobe in a room exclusively limited to other men is now an "extreme" action?  Saying that men and women should not be forced to urinate, defecate and disrobe in one another's presence is an "extreme" action?  Can you think of any situation that more dramatically illustrates the moral decline of this country than this one?  I can't.
The article went on to quote a fellow by the name of Chris who self-identifies as the executive director of "Equality North Carolina."  He said, "Our community is angrier than I've seen them in a long time, and that's easy to understand, given that our legislature and our governor have just used our people as a political wedge issue."  What?  Am I missing something here?  Passing a law to keep sexual perverts from getting their jollies by hanging out in locker rooms with people of the opposite sex is a "wedge issue?"  Has everyone in the world gone insane?  The mere fact that the new law even made the news dramatically illustrates just how far we have ethically devolved.
As I wrote before, so I write again.  This is the next step in the radical pervert agenda.  The heterophobes have won their prized political protection and the trannies want theirs now.  The trannies will not stop until they win.  The trannie supporting media will not stop until the federal government creates a new law giving trannies special political and economic privileges.  When that is tested in court the Supreme Court of Jokers will uphold the law and trannies will have arrived at their political nirvana.  They will have the same privileges as their homosexual cousins.  Meanwhile, of course, Christians are either demonized or ignored.  Christian's opinions on the matter are irrelevant to the public discussion.  God's opinion on the matter is anathema.  But make no mistake, as sure as the trannies will not stop until they win, God will most certainly not be mocked.  The Lake of Fire is not a very pleasant place to spend eternity.

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