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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Teaching Pre-Schoolers To Love Trannies

The Denver Post is an outrageously immoral newspaper.  As such it is the perfect instrument of propaganda for our times.  Until the recent decision by the Supreme Court of Jokers to give homosexuals most preferred status in this country the paper would run almost daily stories featuring homosexuals in a favorable light and ridiculously claiming that they were being persecuted by people like me.  Since the homosexuals have now procured their politically protected status the Post has decided to push the agenda of transvestites.  Stories appear almost daily featuring trannies who are allegedly being persecuted by people like me.  Trannies are portrayed as good and decent people who are in desperate need of special government protection.  That brings me to today's story.
The front page of the Denver Post today contained a story, complete with photograph, detailing how government pre-schools in the Denver metropolitan area are indoctrinating children into the beliefs and practices of transvestism.  The photo pictured a couple of 4 year old kids reading a story to each other that, according to the caption, is designed to be a "creative way to incorporate gender and sexual diversity in their schools."  Now let me get this straight.  These kids are 3 and 4 years old.  All of them are either boys or girls.  Just what sort of gender diversity do the clowns teaching these classes expect to find in a group of 3 and 4 year olds?
The teachers of these classes all agree that the theological doctrine of original sin is in error.  They also all agree that children are born with a morally neutral view of life and whether they turn into good or bad people primarily depends upon the teaching they receive from their government hired and taxpayer financed propaganda ministers.  A director at the Boulder Valley School District said, "Biases start as kids get older and start to see differences as negative.  At a young age, kids are exploring all different kinds of things.  It's about just providing them with all these experiences."  The director believes it is her sworn duty to put pre-school children into immoral situations to desensitize their innate moral sensibilities and make them into good future citizens of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  I you think the teachers would think it would be a good idea to expose these kids to pedophiles?  I suspect not.  But why not?  Pedophiles are people too, and they are filled with love!  Do you think these teachers would allow a person like me to come to class and expose these children to the historic doctrines of the Christian faith?  Neither do I.  It seems pretty clear that the things these teachers decide to expose these kids to are consistent with whatever is hot at the moment, and right now being a trannie is hot.
The story that follows the photograph describes a very interesting situation that illustrates the extreme hypocrisy found in this group of teachers.  It says, "A 4 year old Aurora girl was kicked out of a preschool last month when her parents raised questions about books read in her class, including ones that told the stories about same sex couples and worms unsure about their gender....School officials explained that the stories were part of the school's anti-bias curriculum, and because the discussions are embedded through the day, they told her that opting out was not possible."  The mother of the 4 year old had asked permission to simply opt her child out of those parts of the day when she was being indoctrinated into the moral virtues of homosexuality and transvestism.  Rather than accommodating her request, they exercised an extreme form of bias against her moral and ethical views and kicked her daughter out of school.  Ironically, the moral justification for their decision to kick the kid out of school was to behave in such a way as to show no bias against anyone.  Oops....I guess they do show bias against some groups; namely, those groups that disagree with their immoral and God-hating agenda.
The story went on to describe how the "anti-bias curriculum" is "part of a growing push in public school classrooms where educators use more diverse depictions of families and gender roles to expose students to differences before children have a chance to form" an opinion of those roles based upon what their parents teach them.  We are talking about 3 and 4 year old kids here.  Are these people insane?  They should be reading Dr. Seuss and playing on the playground.  They should not be forced to talk about the intensely adult and personal issues of homosexuality and transvestism at that tender age.  And they most certainly should never be forced or required to discuss those issues outside the moral context of their own homes where they can be guided by their parent's moral sensibilities.  The anti-bias curriculum is extraordinarily biased.  It is biased against all Christian morality.  It is biased against all Christian behavior and teaching.  It is biased against anyone who opposes the radical trannie agenda.
Expect more of this.  The militant trannies are not going away.  Their supporters in the media are becoming more shrill.  Their moles in the government schools are becoming more efficient at spreading their soul-destroying propaganda.  Bernie Sanders wants to fund universal pre-school for all SDA citizens with children.  Perish the thought that parents should actually be expected to raise their children when the federal government is willing, with taxpayer funding, to babysit all of them for free.  And what will they be taught while they are being babysat?  They will be taught to love trannies.  Wonderful. 

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