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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

More Government Cooperation Means More Laws

The headline article on the front page of the Denver Post yesterday was a perfect illustration of the madness that grips the minds of career politicians and their dedicated followers.  I have posted an article to this blog, found here, that describes the insane belief found in the minds of the idiots at the Colorado Department of Transportation that it is possible to go through an entire year without having a single traffic fatality.  Here, in part, is what the article said:
"Frustrated by a surge in traffic fatalities (2015 was a record year, ed), experts are urging stricter laws and a shift in the way drivers think about safety behind the wheel.  Last year's 11.7 percent increase in traffic fatalities in Colorado is slightly ahead of the national increase of 9.3 percent recorded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  In 2015, 545 people died in Colorado traffic crashes, compared with 488 traffic deaths in 2014....Traffic safety professionals from around the nation convened in Denver this month trying to brainstorm solutions for the big question on their minds:  What can we do to reach zero deaths on the highway?...NHTSA administrator Mark Rosekind said, 'At some point, we've got to quit fooling around with working toward zero fatal crashes or having a vision of zero traffic fatalities.  We just need to get to zero.'"  The article went on to describe the brilliant methods and programs the taxpayer financed brainstormers at the convention came up with to attain their goal of zero traffic fatalities in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika in perpetuity.  Before I tell you what they were, let's consider the harebrained belief that getting to such a point is even possible.
There are over 300 million people in this country.  There are 255 million registered automobiles in the land.  According to the Federal Reserve Bank (who would have thought our taxpayer dollars would be paying the Fed to keep track of how many miles we drive?), Amerikans drove 3.147 trillion miles on SDA highways last year.  There were 32,675 people killed in auto accidents in the SDA in 2014, the last year for which full data are available.  Please explain to me how any person in his right mind could ever come to the conclusion that it is possible for a bureau of the government to eradicate all automobile accidents in which a death occurs?  Surely anyone with half a brain realizes that it is not possible to police over three trillion traffic miles a year to ensure that nobody ever makes a driving error resulting in a fatal crash.  Surely everyone realizes that it is not possible to control the behavior of over 200 million drivers as they take to the roadways on a daily basis.  You would think these things would be obvious to all human beings with sentience but government bureaus charged with keeping us safe while driving our cars are spending your taxpayer dollars in a vain attempt to prevent all car related fatalities.
The most bizarre thing about this entire program to eliminate all highway deaths is the fact that the bureaucrats believe they can actually accomplish it.  In order to do what they want to do several things must first take place.  First, the bureaucrats must be omniscient.  They must know when every single driver in this country is about to get into his car.  Second, they must be omnipresent.  They must be able to somehow reach out to every single driver in this country at the precise moment he is getting into his car.  Third, they must be omnipotent.  Somehow, via a government program that is yet to be determined, these noble warriors for safety will exercise their will and keep all of us from ever dying in a car crash.  Those with eyes to see, and that would include everyone who does not work for the government, can see that the requisite skills needed to accomplish the NHTSA's goals are all characteristics of God, and God alone.  Need I say more as I point out, time and time again, that career politicians believe they are gods and their dedicated followers worship them?
You will not be surprised to know that the proposed solutions to the problem of traffic accident deaths, which will lead us all to the promised land of zero-deaths, are more laws.  All the participants at the convention agreed that there needs to be a federal law mandating the right of cops to pull people over for not using seat belts, a law which is not currently on the books in renegade states like Colorado.  In addition, public education programs must be funded in which trained government agents will inform us plebeians that, with an exhaustive comprehension of the proper set of government generated data points about highway safety, it is possible for us to drive without ever getting into an accident.  There also need to be many more laws about drunk driving, driving while under the influence of THC, driving while talking on the phone, and driving while texting.  High risk groups like the old and the young need special programs to ensure their safety.  Education and more restrictive licensing will fill the bill there.  Pretty soon, if the NHTSA gets its way, the only people driving on the nation's highways will be government agents.  I suspect that would cause an upward spike in traffic fatalities, don't you?
Everything I have written up to this point is merely an introduction to today's main idea. The vainglorious efforts of the NHTSA are not my point here today.  My point is that career politicians, career bureaucrats and assorted government officials endowed with the power to rule over us all see life through the same looking glass.  You have heard the expression, no doubt, that every carpenter sees a hammer as the solution to all of life's problems.  To every plumber a problem can be solved by using a wrench.  To every cop a problem can be solved by beating up a citizen.  To every television preacher life's problems can be solved by sending him a donation.  And to government officials every problem can be solved by creating a new law.  Unlike the plumber and the carpenter and the cop and the preacher however, the blows they strike soon fade into the memory of their victims while the laws created by career politicians and their lackeys remain forever.
The extreme stupidity of career politicians is most evident during times like presidential election cycles.  Every candidate answers the various questions tossed their way in exactly the same fashion.  First they say that the candidates in the opposing party are stupid and will ruin the country.  They follow that up with another statement about how stupid, ugly and big-eared all of their opponents in their own party are.  They conclude their answer by saying something like this......I have a plan.  I will spend XXX billions of dollars to create XXX government bureau to make sure this never happens again and this problem gets fixed forever.  Of course the next election cycle comes along and the alleged problem still exists, along with a host of new problems created by the government's solution to the first one.  The original problem and the host of new problems are all attacked with a bevy of new laws, each designed to fix the problem so that it will never happen again.
No career politician that I am aware of has ever said that something alleged to be a problem is really no problem at all  No career politician has ever said that there is no such thing as income inequality.  The media is granted the sovereign power to tell the career politicians what the list of problems are, whether they are really problems or not.  Then, after the alleged problem has been brought up, no career politician ever says that government cannot solve that problem.  In their eyes, and in the eyes of the media and the idolatrous people who worship career politicians, government can solve every alleged problem.  All that is required is a plan or a program, plus several billion dollars of taxpayer dollars.  Amazingly to my mind, the citizens of this ridiculous land continue to believe that this political theater equates to the real world.  Fools, all of them.
If the talking heads on the television are correct, and I have no idea if they are or not, it seems as if we are living in a time in which the Amerikan people, whoever they are, believe that government needs to get off the snide and do something.  I hear them all the time telling their viewers that folks in this country are rallying along Bernie and Donald because they are fed up with the status quo where government legislative bodies are in deadlock because of the unwillingness of the various members of the two political parties to set aside their differences and solve, with more government laws and programs,  the huge list of enormous problems facing this doomed country.  The common assumption undergirding all of this nonsense is the belief that government can solve all problems by creating new laws.  That is a fatal belief.
If you are a patriot, if you love your country, if you care about the future for yourself and your children, and if you love your neighbor as yourself, you will hope and pray that every legislative body in this envy-filled land stays in perpetual political deadlock.  The best thing for this country is when career politicians do nothing and the best way to get them to do nothing is to get them fighting incessantly among themselves.  Think about it for a moment.  Do you really want more laws?  Do you really want more regulations?  Do you really want to give up what little freedom you have left for a specious promise of protection?  More government means more laws.  Less government means more freedom.  Given the choice, I will opt for freedom.


  1. Welshy,

    Good tirade! The only thing stupider than a politician is last night's dinner this morning. However, a politician stinks up the country a lot more. That is not the point of my comment though.

    If creating and enforcing a law can bring about the desired result, politicians need to pass a law that makes it illegal to die as a result of a motor vehicle. The penalty for disobeying the law would be a mandatory, non-appealable, immediately-instituted death penalty. If that doesn't strike fear into the criminals' hearts, nothing will. Law enforcement officials (better known as "pigs" or "peccaries") would be given the authority to execute judgment at the scene of the crime and pump bullets into the dead criminal until he/she thinks justice is done.

    A slightly more expensive method for eliminating traffic-related deaths is for the government to develop a "blow bubble". A bubble would be installed on every door and trunk of every vehicle in the country. As a person or animal enters a vehicle through the door, they are immediately encased in the bubble which is designed to protect them against all impacts, even a head-on collision with a semi at 150 mph. Upon impact, the blow bubbles would simply be ejected into the sky and float gently back to the ground. The occupants could then hop out and take elfies of themselves beside their mangled vehicles. The government will have to retrofit every existing vehicle in the country (at owner's expense) and force automakers to install them in every new vehicle. If law enforcement officials ever saw a vehicle traveling without installed blow bubbles, they could immediately disintegrate the vehicle and occupants with a neutron laser destabilizer. With no proof of the vehicle having existed, the government could still claim their "zero-deaths" law was successful.

    Bikes, motorcycles, mopeds, tricycles, etc. would have to be designed such that the blow bubble would enclose any living entity that is in contact with the vessel of transportation.

    The blow bubble also would have to protect any pedestrian that happened to be hit by a vehicle (or bike, moped, ...). To accomplish this, the bubble would to have to employ reverse, negatively impulsed, transducent polarity. With this science employed, any object that weighs more than a flea would be gently lifted into the air when the blow bubble runs into it and then float gently to the ground. If the pedestrian had been in the midst of drinking a Moondoes cream and cheese infused latte mocha, not a drop would be spilt.

    What would be the cost of instituting these safeguards? It shouldn't be much more than a few thousand trillion dollars. Hey Hillary, it's time to order some more of those printing presses that Obama Sin Laden has been using!!

    Lancelot Link
    Secret Chimp

    p.s. - Mata, my hairy little wife, says hi to you and your missus.

    1. Mr. Link:
      The Missus thanks you and your hairy little wife.
      I like both of your ideas, although I lean towards the blow bubble solution. The blow bubble has the ability to create economic growth like we have never seen in this country. Imagine the following impacts from a mandatory blow bubble:
      1. Annual blow bubble safety inspections would employ millions of high school drop-outs.
      2. The flux capacitor, although a long-standing bit of technology, is known to have sudden and catastrophic failures. That will employ millions of ambulance-chasing lawyers.
      3. The fact that blow bubbles would guarantee that no more coffee will every be spilled has to stimulate economic growth somehow.
      My only concern, if you will allow me to express it, is that the transduction coils on the wankle-coded transverse n-cells could possibily run afoul of the SDA's emissions standards. Other than that, I see nothing but upside with your idea.