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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Fornicating Teenagers Want My Cash

Fornication is a regular practice among teenagers in the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  Related to that truth is the fact that teenage pregnancy is also a common occurrence in this immoral land.  Most teenage girls who find themselves pregnant go to the local taxpayer funded abortion mill and murder their babies before their parents can find out what has happened.  In some cases however, the teenage girls keep their babies.  This being the age after the sexual revolution of the 1960s and 1970s, the male teenagers who impregnated these girls are nowhere to be found and completely left off the hook for the consequences of their actions.
I opened my Denver Post yesterday to be treated to a story about how a group of teenage girls has gone to the Colorado legislature to lobby for a new law that will allow them to steal some of my money to pay for the expenses associated with having a baby.  I flew into an immediate rage.  After picking my granola pieces up off the floor, at least the ones the dog did not get to first, I settled down to consider the matter.  What follows are my thoughts about this ridiculous and immoral proposal to steal even more of my hard earned cash.
I have lived in Colorado for decades.  Although Colorado has a relatively low rate of income tax when compared to many other states, the career politicians and bureaucrats in Denver still manage to extract approximately 3% of my annual income from me.  That means that I have paid tens of thousands of dollars to the State of Colorado over the years in exchange for all sorts of government services I neither need nor want.  As is the case with most states in this profligate land, Colorado somehow manages to run deficits even though the state constitution mandates a balanced budget every year.  It takes a lot of money for the career politicians who infest the state house to continually buy new votes for themselves by creating new spending programs designed to get the constituency hooked on government money.  They are "pushers" in the classic sense of the term.  Now these low-life pushers are seeking to addict teenage girls to their favorite drug, the drug of government/taxpayer money.
The article in the newspaper, written by Ann Schimke, stated that, "Right now, if you are a teen mom in Colorado, there is a good chance you have to clear a big hurdle to get state financial help to pay for child care:  that is, going to court to seek child support from your son or daughter's father."  Imagine that.  The law, as it currently reads, asserts the belief that the parents of a child should be held responsible for paying for it.  What a novel idea that is.  If a deadbeat dad refuses to pony up the cash to pay some of the expenses associated with the rearing of his child, he should be forced to do so by the civil government.  This is actually one legitimate function of civil government and it is not a difficult one to enforce.  A simple paternity test can prove who the parents are and once that has been determined they should be held responsible to pay the expenses of that child, whether they are married, living together or have moved on to another sex partner.
The story goes on to tell me that, "more than a dozen high school students visited the state Capitol last week to press for a law change that would eliminate that requirement for teen parents....Proponents say the measure would remove an intimidating obstacle that is limiting access to child care and forcing teen moms to drop out of school."  Well there you have it.  These teenage girls made the adult decisions to have sex, to get pregnant, to not murder the unborn baby and to not put it up for adoption.  After having made that series of adult decisions they now believe they are legally and morally qualified to use the coercive power of civil government to force taxpayers like me to pay the bills associated with raising their children.  The "intimidating obstacle" that is allegedly causing these immoral louses to run to the government for protection is the requirement to get a court order to force the deadbeat dads to pay their share of the expenses.  What an outrage!  After doing all of the other adult things associated with this process they find it impossible to confront the boys they had sex with and force them to pay a part of the bill?  I have never heard of such nonsense in all of my days.  What is next?  Will they claim that changing a diaper is an intimidating obstacle and run to the Colorado legislature for a law forcing taxpayers to pay for full-time diaper changers for them?  Grow up you spoiled little brats and assume responsibility for your actions.  What a bunch of silly little wimps these girls are.
The advocates for this new law believe it is necessary so the teenage girls will not have to drop out of school.  I am afraid I do not see things that way.  Dropping out of government school would be the best thing for them. What have they learned in government school so far?  They have learned that it is fun and cool to have sex with boys.  They have learned that it is a bummer to get pregnant.  I assume they have learned of the relationship between having sex and getting pregnant.  And they have learned the most important lesson of all.....when things get tough in your life turn to your god.  Turn to civil government and ask it to make laws to make you a victim and give you access to taxpayer funds.  Wonderful. 
I would like to ask these teenage girls a couple of questions.  Where do you obtain the moral right to take some of my money to pay for the expenses associated with the baby you decided to have?  Why is it an intimidating obstacle to get a court order to get your boyfriend to pay his share of the costs in light of the fact you have already had to face the music with your parents about this child, an obstacle far more intimidating than shaking down your boyfriend for some cash?  Do you think it is possible that this new law you are lobbying for will create an incentive for other teenage girls to commit fornication and have babies because they know that taxpayers like me will be forced to pay the bills associated with raising their children?  Why do you believe theft my majority vote is a moral behavior?  Do you ever think about anyone besides yourself?
The article cast these teenagers in the role of victims yet I do not see how anything that has happened to them is the result of anything other than their own free will decisions.  The only victims that exist in this scenario are those that will be created if the new law passes.  Then all of the taxpayers in the State of Colorado will become victims as they will then be legally required to pay the bills associated with raising illegitimate children all around the state.  It all boils down to the simple truth that fornicating teenagers want my cash.  It is up to the career politicians who rule over me in this state to see if they are going to get any of it. 

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