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Monday, March 7, 2016

Diversity at the University of Tennessee

I was sitting in my rocking chair, watching the final round of the World Golf Championship tournament at Donald Trump's golf resort in Doral, Florida yesterday afternoon, when I was assaulted by a news report informing me that about 150 students at the University of Tennessee had staged a protest at a basketball game.  According to the local newspaper some students were very upset about recent changes at the university.  According to the newspaper report, here is what happened, "Dressed in black and carrying signs, roughly 150 University of Tennessee students filled a portion of the student section of Thompson-Boling Arena at the men's basketball game on Saturday. During the second half, they walked out, chanting 'UT diversity matters.' The protest was organized to support funding for diversity on campus, but also to include more minority students, including student athletes, in speaking out, students said....On Wednesday, the state Senate Education Committee approved a budget amendment that would transfer $8 million out of the budget for UT's Knoxville campus and allow the Office for Diversity and Inclusion to be funded only by federal money. According to UT officials, the office receives no federal funds.  Students from the UT Diversity Matters coalition have blasted the vote. Saturday was the first time they'd taken their activism to an athletic event.  'Most of the athletes are students of color, particularly the basketball team. They're black, and I think that they're also experiencing this,' said Kristen Godfrey, a graduate student....Student organizers said the game offered a way to get their message out. 'It's obvious that everyone else is living different lives on this campus,' said JT Taylor, a UT senior. 'We just want people to feel where we're coming from. We feel like everything is backward right now.'"
I made a mental note to look into the matter today, to find out just what horrific things are actually going down in Tennessee.  I expected to discover, after an intensive internet research session, that blacks were being lynched in Tennessee and black students were being forced, despite Bernie's promises to the contrary, to pay back their student loans.  What I discovered was quite the opposite.  Let's consider my findings for a while today.
As it turns out the terrible things happening in Tennessee had everything to do with government money being given to a different group of people while the group of people previously receiving the taxpayer dollars were being cut out of the state's budget.  You can see the basic facts in the newspaper report.  The Tennessee Senate voted to defund the UT-Knoxville Office for Diversity and Inclusion, leaving it the beneficiary of federal funds alone.  The problem is, the feds don't send any taxpayer dollars to the office, leaving it flapping in the breeze with no taxpayer funding whatsoever.  Although I considered that to be a good decision on general principle alone, I wondered what vital service the Office for Diversity and Inclusion was performing for the students.  Intrigued, I decided to find out more about this Office of Diversity and Inclusion.
According to this website, the "The Office for Diversity and Inclusion is dedicated to advancing efforts to create a welcoming and accessible campus community. Our leadership drives inclusive excellence, leads to new discoveries and affords all students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to realize their full potential."  Not only that, the office has a vision.  It is, "To be a recognized leader in equity, diversity, and inclusion endeavors."  Good for them.  Now I have a question....does anybody know what the two above quotes mean?  Neither do I.  It is kind of like what happens when I read Shakespeare.  I recognize that English is being spoken but I have no idea what is being said.  So I continued my search.  I found a list of "Values" that I hoped would tell me what this office is all about.  Here are some of the values that the office holds to:
  • Access – committed to making the university accessible to a wider range of people than have traditionally been included.
  • Accountability – holding the university and ourselves responsible for advancing diversity and inclusion.
  • Advocacy – promoting and supporting strategic diversity initiatives and inclusive practices.
  • Authenticity – being truthful and exposing realities.
  • Proactive – being on the forefront of progress and change.
  • Courage – moving forward despite adversity and risk.
  • Persistence – staying engaged even in the face of obstacles.
  • Justice – treating those with whom we come in contact equitably and fairly.
  • Principled – holding ourselves to a moral compass.
  • Compassionate – showing care and concern for others, especially those who have been marginalized.
Although I cannot disagree with these values as they are stated, I still have a problem.  I have another question for you....does anybody know what those values are about?  Neither do I.  Who can disagree with being truthful and seeking after reality?  Who can be opposed to moving forward and taking on risks?  Who in his right mind would ever think that being held to a moral compass is a bad idea?  But I still have no idea how those values apply to diversity and inclusion.  And I still have no idea what diversity and inclusion are.  So I kept looking. 
I clicked through to a page about one of the programs previously sponsored by the taxpayers of the State of Tennessee.  This particular program is called "Safe Zone" and this is what the website said about it, "While issues related to sexual orientation, and gender identity and expression have become more prominent in society, individuals who identity as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, questioning/queer, intersex, and asexual (LGBTQIA) continue to face harassment and discrimination. Safe Zone Network is a voluntary network of faculty, staff and students who believe that every member of the UT community should have an equal opportunity to grow, learn, and work at a safe and welcoming campus.  The program is designed to improve visibility and support of LGBTQIA students and employees."  Intrigued, I continued reading.  I learned that the office was sponsoring a workshop and that, "After completing the SZ 200 workshop, students will have the opportunity to join the Safe Zone Network and receive a button and wristband showing that they are supportive of the LGBTQIA community."
Being Welsh, I am usually a little slow on the uptake but it did not take long for me to figure out what the Office of Diversity and Inclusion is all about.  Most of the programs sponsored and conducted by the office were for blacks, women and sexual perverts.  In every case, the blacks, women and perverts were cast as victims of some terrible intolerance by white males.  I searched in vain for any examples of the university refusing to admit a black, woman or sexual pervert.  Apparently the office does not have any examples of that sort of oppression.  I searched for examples of blacks, women or perverts being beaten up on campus and I could find nothing there as well.  In fact, I could not find any example of any actual immoral, criminal or socially oppressive thing taking place against blacks, women and sexual perverts at the university.  It was then I realized that the Office for Diversity and Inclusion was spending $8 million per year to inform the victim class known as blacks, women and sexual perverts that white males were guilty of thought crimes against them.  Yes, I know it is impossible to believe but many white males like me go around thinking that blacks are not victims of institutional racism, women are not subject to the glass ceiling and sexual perverts are not behaving morally.  This will not do!
My how things have changed since the time I was in college.  I understand having a "safe zone" for kindergarten children in cases where some bully on the playground starts throwing his weight around but we are talking about adults here.  We are also talking exclusively about the thoughts that are in the minds of people who do not agree with them and their anti-Christian opinions and beliefs.  These government protected victim classes want to have some of my taxpayer dollars to finance their activities in support of their position that I am guilty of thought crimes and need to be reeducated.  My sin and my crime is having an opposing opinion. And when I express my opposing opinion I am an evil person engaging in an attack upon them, forcing them to flee to their safe zone where they will be told how good, valuable and inclusive they are.  Afterwards they all get a bracelet to wear on their wrists that informs them how good they are.  Meanwhile, I am called a criminal and an evil person for simply holding an opinion about them that differs from their own.  Who is the real aggressor here?
I am writing about the example at UT today but what I have written about what is taking place there is actually endemic at public universities all around the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  The mere fact that people acknowledge and universities create wacko nut job groups like the Office of Diversity and Inclusion dramatically demonstrates how far the college experience has degenerated into nothing more than politically correct, government sponsored mind control.  The total destruction of the English language is evident in everything the office writes and says.  I listened to one air headed student, both a woman and a black, drone on and on about diversity and inclusion without saying anything of substance.  Her words were content-less.  She was doing nothing but emoting and what she was emoting about was her strong desire to obtain taxpayer dollars because she is a member of a self-proclaimed and government protected victim class.  What an utterly disgusting state of affairs the entire thing is.  My only hope is that future golf tournaments, dominated by white males by the way, are not interrupted by tales of student protests in favor of diversity and inclusion. 

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