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San Juan Mountains
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Monday, February 29, 2016

The "Amerikan People" Do Not Exist

In the last month I have been told many things about the beliefs of the Amerikan people.  I have been told that the Amerikan people:
  • Believe that Obamacare is a disaster that must be repealed while, at the same time, they believe that Obamacare is the greatest thing since sliced bread since it allows everyone to obtain quality health care.
  • Believe that our borders must be secure and illegal aliens deported back to wherever they came from while, at the same time, they believe that a compassionate people would find a place for these economic refugees and most certainly never break up families by deporting parents and leaving their children behind.
  • Believe that the military of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika should invade Iran in order to keep them from blowing us up with atomic bombs while, at the same time, they believe that Iran poses no legitimate threat to the domestic security of the SDA.
  • Believe the military of the SDA has a moral duty to bomb ISIS into oblivion while, at the same time, they believe we should not be involved in any more wars in the Middle East.
  • Believe that taxes are too high while, at the same time, they believe that taxes are too low.
  • Believe that there are too many regulations on businesses while, at the same time, they believe there are too few regulations on businesses.
  • Believe that global warming is going to kill us all while, at the same time, they believe that global warming is a socialist hoax.
  • Believe that income inequality is a serious problem while, at the same time, they believe that income inequality is simply a reflection of market realities and in no need of government intervention.
  • Believe that racism is pandemic in this country while, at the same time, they believe that racism has been largely eradicated in this country.
  • Believe that the police are being unfairly persecuted while, at the same time, they believe the police need to be seriously reigned in.
  • Believe that all teenagers have a moral right to a government provided college education while, at the same time, they believe teenagers should pay for their own post high school education.
  • Believe that homosexuals should be allowed to obtain government approval for their cohabitation while, at the same time, they believe homosexual behavior is immoral and should not be sanctioned or endorsed by civil government.
  • Believe that marijuana should be decriminalized while, at the same time, they believe that marijuana should continue to be criminalized.
  • Believe that the drug war needs to be expanded while, at the same time, they believe the drug war needs to be abandoned.
  • Believe that abortion should continue to be a constitutional and civil right in the SDA while, at the same time, they believe that killing unborn babies is murder and should be treated as such.
  • Believe that the economy is on the verge of recession while, at the same time, they believe the economy still has ample room to grow.
  • Believe that things will be worse for their children in the future while, at the same time, they believe things will be better for their children in the future. 
  • Believe that they should be free to ride a motorcycle without a helmet while, at the same time, they believe that the government needs to make riding a motorcycle without a helmet a crime.
  • Believe that the stock market is rigged so only the rich, whoever they are, can profit while, at the same time, they believe that every man can realize good lifetime returns in the stock market.
  • Believe that the Great Recession was caused by greedy profit seeking corporations while, at the same time, they understand that the Great Recession was entirely the creation of the federal government.
OK, I made that last one up.  I believe it is the case that I am the only person in the SDA today who realizes that the Great Recession was a creation of the federal government and not profit seeking corporations.  How else does one explain the popularity of that ridiculous movie called "The Big Short?"  Other than that however, the rest of my assertions in the above list are repeated almost daily at some place or another in this envy-filled and immoral land.
You probably noticed that each statement in the list above is a contradiction.  Both cannot be true at the same time.  Indeed, only two things can possibly be true about each of the comments in the list.  Either both phrases are incorrect or one of them is correct.  There are no other options.  In no case can both assertions be true.  Yet, on a daily basis, I hear both assertions being made by various career politicians who are seeking to be reelected to their chosen positions of power.  The list I have created is a short one.  I could go on and list hundreds of things I am told practically everyday that the Amerikan people allegedly believe.  I did not touch on education, the environment, welfare, social justice or the state of the baby seals in Alaska.  What is going on here?
The first, and most obvious answer, is that everything career politicians say is a lie.  Although I believe that to be true, I do not believe it gets to the heart of the problem with their doctrine of the Amerika people.  Do these idiots know that the majority of the citizens of this immoral country really do not support their particular stance but tell us that they do in order to give credibility to their claims?  Probably.   Most likely I believe career politicians are so enveloped in their own throng of worshiping followers they are incapable of knowing what the Amerikan people really and truly believe.  They are surrounded by Yes-Men who hang on their every word and tell them everything they say is true.  It is a small wonder that they come to believe that the Amerikan people endorse every word that comes out of their mouths.  But that truth still does not get to the heart of the matter.
The reason we hear mind-numbing chatter about the Amerika people on a daily basis is primarily due to the fact that we live in a democracy where, by definition, the majority has all the power to do anything it wants to do, at least in regards to the issue for which that particular majority exists.   But even that assessment is inaccurate.  In any given election roughly half of all eligible voters will actually vote.  Kudos to those with the good sense to stay away from the voting booth!  Obtaining a majority of the people who make the mindless decision to participate in the process of worshiping our rulers by voting for them therefore means garnering 26% of the potentially available votes.  The last time I checked, 26% of the voters did not constitute 51%  of the voters, but why let the facts get in the way of good propaganda?
Career politicians justify their immoral actions by convincing themselves, and those who follow them, that they are speaking for the majority of the people in this land.  Being believers in the religion of democracy, obtaining the endorsement of the majority immediately makes their proposed programs of wealth redistribution sanctified and proper.  Ten years ago in Colorado it was immoral to smoke marijuana.  Today it is moral to smoke marijuana. What happened?  The majority now believe it is moral to smoke marijuana.  Yet, according to the latest poll, 46% of the people living in Colorado still believe smoking marijuana is immoral.  So do the Colorado people, whoever they are,  endorse the smoking of marijuana?  Clearly not.
It is time to be more precise in our language.  Using the term "Amerikan people" is a utter waste of time, and confusing as well.  There is no such thing as the Amerikan people, just as there is no such thing as the Colorado people or the Denver people or the Highlands Ranch people or the Dad Clark Boulevard people.  Each of those meaningless phrases is simply a case of randomly choosing an arbitrary geo-political boundary and following that up with some crazed guess about what the majority of those folks who are domiciled within that boundary might believe for the moment.
What follows from a proper understanding of the sheer lunacy of the concept of the Amerika people is the realistic view that no politician and no political party has ever had a "mandate from the people" to do anything.  Right now the Republicans are claiming that they will not hold hearings on a potential replacement for Scalia on the Supreme Court of Jokers.  They claim they have a mandate from the people to do that.   Conversely, the Democrats are making the same claim as they point out that Obama was elected by the Amerika people twice!  What is that if not a mandate?  Here are the facts:  1) 58% of eligible voters participated in the 2012 presidential election and, 2)  Barack Obama obtained 51% of the votes cast, therefore, 3) King Obama had a mandate from 30% of the Amerikan people.  That is not much of a mandate in my view.  I make a simple request of our leaders.  Please stop ascribing the things that you do, or want to do, to the will of the Amerikan people.  Rarely, if ever, do you speak for me and I am an Amerikan person.  I firmly believe it is the will of the Amerikan people that you stop talking about us.

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