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Friday, February 12, 2016

Bernie's Plan For The Prisoners

I was watching the Bernie and Hillary show last night when the line of questioning moved to the topic of racism.  If you have been forced to watch any of these panel discussions as part of your required community service you would know that Bernie and Hillary are attempting to outdo one another when it comes to being a socialist.  Practically every question is turned into an opportunity for one or the other to say, "I agree with everything Bernie/Hillary said, but let me push my answer even further into God-hating, envy-filled socialism."  The question of racism came up because the candidates were in Wisconsin and Wisconsin is reputed to be the state with the highest percentage of black prisoners.  One of the airheads leading the panel discussion asked Bernie and Hillary what they would do about that situation if they were to become next King of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.
To nobody's surprise neither of the candidates quoted that portion of the Constitution of the United States that empowers the President to "do something" about racism or the racial makeup of prisoners incarcerated in the most evil country in the world.  Also to nobody's surprise neither of the candidates took that opportunity to lecture the viewers about the severely limited role of the President under the terms of the Constitution.  On the contrary, both candidates not only assumed that the President is granted the power to do something, whatever that means, about the racial makeup of prisoners in this land but they also assumed that the President has the ability to "effect meaningful change," whatever that means.  It was a perfect example of everyone in the room agreeing to worship civil government and to imbue it with all of the powers of deity.
Hillary answered the question first.  She launched into a long diatribe about something she calls structural racism.  She told me that structural racism is everywhere and that Wisconsin has more structural racism than any other state in the union.  I think Hillary might be on to something.  I visited Wisconsin for the first and last time a couple of years ago.  While driving though Amerika's dairy land I distinctly heard voices emanating from the many barns that dot the countryside.  Do you know what the voices were saying?  I will tell you.  Time and time again I heard the voice of a Scotsman or an Irishman saying, "You are a dirty, stinking Welshman, and your mother dresses you funny."  I couldn't disagree with the dirty and stinking parts but when somebody decides to insult my mother that is another thing completely.  I was terribly offended by the blatantly racist comments I heard coming from those structures but I did not allow the structural racism I was hearing keep me from my appointed goal of visiting Lambeau field.
Maybe it was the cheese curds, maybe it was the structural racism coming from the barns I was driving past, maybe I was just in a bad mood because I was not able to see any northern lights while I was there, but by the time I got to Green Bay I was in a very racist mood.  As my wife and I pulled into the parking lot of Lambeau field we were aghast.  We were immediately surrounded by throngs of cheese-heads, arriving in waves of buses, from the outer reaches of this structurally racist state.  The stench of cheese was overwhelming.  We pushed through the crowd and managed to approach one of the gates to the stadium.   As we approached the gate we saw a statue of Bret Favre and then it suddenly dawned on me.  I was surrounded by a bunch of Frenchies.  Favre, in case you do not know, is "Southern French and Swiss French."  The name is derived from the occupational name for a smith or ironworker.  And Lambeau?  Do I need to say where that name came from?  Here I was, having driven halfway across the country, suddenly surrounded by a bunch of sissies who had directly descended from their French ancestors.  It was then that it happened.  I screamed out "You are nothing but a bunch of Frogs," jumped into my car, drove away, drove back to pick up my wife who was being savagely attacked by the baguette eating amphibians, and made a speedy getaway from that iconic stadium.  As I drove away I realized that I too was guilty of structural racism.  If only that stadium and that statue were not named after a couple of Frenchman.
After nodding my head in vigorous agreement with Hillary as she described the horrors of structural racism I could hardly wait to see how Bernie would one-up her.  I was not disappointed.  After agreeing with everything Hillary said Bernie went on to describe his plan.  To understand Bernie's plan you need some cold, hard facts.  I put a link to a post I have written about how Amerikan's are the most evil people in the world above.  If you go to that blog post you will see a sentence in which I wrote, "Those tyrannical despots in China have imprisoned 509% less of their citizens than the United States.  This is true despite the fact that the Chinese authorities have a strong predilection towards imprisoning large numbers of  "political prisoners."  That quote was in the context of describing how the SDA imprisons more of its citizens than any other country in the world.
For the record, the SDA imprisons 7 out of every 1000 of its citizens, or 0.7% of all people in the land.  Using the highest estimate, the Chinese government imprisons 1.5 out of every 1000 citizens, or 0.15% of all people in the land.   The SDA has a population of about 320 million.  The population of China is 4.3 times the SDA population, at about 1.38 billion.  Applying the rates of incarceration listed above I come up with 2.24 million prisoners in the SDA and 2.07 million prisoners in China.  I am going through all of this arithmetic because of something Bernie said last night.  Bernie mentioned the fact that the SDA has more prisoners than China.  He promised, if elected, that by the end of his first term as King the SDA would have fewer total prisoners than China.  If I have done the math correctly, and I probably haven't, Bernie would have to release 170,000 prisoners during his first four years in office while, at the same time, incarcerate no new prisoners.  Sounds like a great idea to me!
Bernie believes that prisoners are being treated unfairly.  He also believes that everyone currently doing hard time in Amerika's prisons is there for one or two reasons, or possibly a combination of both, exclusively.  Those two reasons are lack of education and lack of employment.  Bernie believes that the lack of a government school education and the lack of a government job is what causes crime.  The human propensity to be evil has nothing to do with it.  Bernie's solution to the problem of too many prisoners was to propose two new massive government spending programs.  Under these two programs every person currently in prison would be given a free government school education while they are in prison and a free government job when they are released.  Since Bernie adamantly believes that every person in prison is either morally neutral or morally good, it is impossible that his plan would not work.  Since men are not guilty of both original and actual sin and since men are actually basically good in nature it necessarily follows that a free government education and free government job will prevent crime and its associated incarceration.  Given enough time and money the prisons of the SDA will be empty, everyone will have a free bachelors degree from a government college and everyone will have a government job that pays well, has great health benefits and allows the person to retire after twenty years of service. What a country!
There were two answers to the questions about racism and incarceration rates that were not given last night.  The first answer, that men are sinful and do evil things and need to be punished, was never even considered as a possible response to the question.  No career politician will ever say that people are sinful and do evil things, unless they are talking about members of the other political party.  It is political suicide to proclaim belief in the ancient and historic Christian doctrine of original sin if one wishes to become a career politician.  Any assertion of theological orthodoxy, especially those doctrines related to the sinfulness of men, will offend so many potential voters that even Ted Cruz would be afraid to do so.  The idea that a solution to the problem of crime could be the regeneration of the human soul by the Holy Spirit of the God of the Bible is rejected outright.
The second answer that was never given is the real culprit in the case of racism and incarceration.  Neither candidate declared their support for the complete and total decriminalization of all drugs in the SDA.  The great majority of those black people rotting away in Wisconsin prison cells are there not because they have done anything immoral but because they have violated immoral laws about drugs.  If Bernie is serious about his goal to have fewer prisoners than China all he has to do is release all people currently imprisoned because of the application of immoral drug laws.  The prisons would empty overnight and they would not refill.  But no career politician is prepared to advocate for the abolition of drug laws.  That goes contrary to every nanny-state impulse in their sin-ridden bodies.  It goes contrary to their command and control personalities in which they see themselves as the saviors of the citizens of this idolatrous country and in which they see the citizens behaving as their adoring subjects.  As a result, Bernie's promise will go unfulfilled, even if he does become the next King of the SDA.

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