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San Juan Mountains
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Monday, February 15, 2016

Bernie's Doctrine of Wealth Flows

I was eating dinner tonight when a commercial for Bernie Sanders came on the television.  Yes, I commit the social faux pas of eating while sitting in front of the television.  I was okay though since my wife gave me permission to do so.  I was running a little late for dinner and neither one of us wanted to miss Jeopardy  so as we sat down to watch Alex a commercial for Sanders came on.  I almost lost my dinner when I heard its content.
The commercial began with Bernie informing me that "most newly created wealth flows to the top 1% of the population."   While he was speaking a cartoon drawing was illustrating his point.  A bag of money just appeared out of nowhere and then climbed steeply up a hill to the place where the top 1% of the income population allegedly live.  It was clear that Bernie was not pleased with the fact that the top 1% of the income population ends up with the lions share of the newly created wealth.  What was less clear was Bernie's doctrine of wealth creation.
Bernie simply asserted that newly created wealth somehow magically appears in the economy of the Socialist Democracy of Amerika.  Perhaps because he knows better, or perhaps because he is a fool, I don't know which, Bernie made no effort to explain where "newly created wealth" comes from.  Telling that part of the tale would most certainly ruin his main point so it had to be ignored.  Maybe Bernie believes that government creates wealth.  He certainly talks that way all the time.  Or maybe he truly understands that wealth is created by profit seeking businesses.  I don't know what Bernie believes because he does not tell me.  Bernie's commercial is short on facts and long on propaganda.
I don't know if it is true but the number the politicos constantly banter about is that 90% of the wealth in this land is owned by the top 1%.  For purposes of argument, I will assume that is true.  The question that always goes both unasked and unanswered is how much of the newly created wealth in this country was created by those people sitting in the top 1%?  Clearly Bernie is appealing to the sinful emotions of envy and covetousness and he has no concern whatsoever about justice or economic reality, but what if the top 1% of the population actually creates 91% of the "newly created wealth?"  If they create 91% of it and only 90% of it ends up in their bank accounts then they are being robbed.  Once again I do not know the actual statistics but I believe that the top 1% makes more new wealth than they end up holding.  The simple fact that the top1% of the income population pays 37% of the entire federal budget makes it impossible for them to keep all that they make.  The fact that the lower 50% of the income population pays a whopping total of 3% of the federal budget means they have to be holding a lot of the top 1%'s wealth. 
Bernie is a dishonest man.  If he really wishes to tell the truth he should say that he is seeking my vote by attempting to get me to commit the sin of envy.   He desperately wants me to ask him to steal the money of those who are creating the most new wealth in this envy-filled country and give a nice chunk of it to me.  He does not admit to that and I suspect he never will.  On the contrary, Bernie casts himself as a powerful protector of the poor who desires to do nothing more than act as a modern day Robin Hood.  Unfortunately for him, Robin Hood was nothing more than a petty thief.  Bernie wants to be the biggest thief in the land.  Good for him.  Given the sorry state of moral character of most citizens in this land today he might just be successful in his quest.
I saw some statistics the other day that told me that roughly half of all twenty-somethings now call themselves socialists.  I doubt that they fully appreciate what that means but the primary reason they are happy to carry the socialist mantle is their desire to have their student debts forgiven.  Bernie has capitalized on that larcenous motivation and captured the sinful hearts and minds of countless millions of SDA youth.  Good for him.  Unless he repents the praise he receives from them will be the only praise he ever receives.
Bernie's commercial then went on to tell me that the top 1% of the income population uses the "coercive power of government to keep most of the wealth."  Bernie did not bother to explain how this takes place, he simply asserted that it is true.  That assertion strikes me as quite odd.  If the top 1% of the population has, in fact, created all of that new wealth we are talking about then it is the moral responsibility of the civil government to protect it from theft.  If the wealth held by the top 1% is truly theirs, and I believe it is, then the government would be acting immorally if it took some or all of it away from them.  That, of course, is precisely what Bernie wants to do.  He told me that if I vote for him he will completely change the nature of government.  Under his benign rule I can expect that those who create new wealth will have it stolen from them and given to those who do not work.  He will call that social justice and those on the receiving end will agree with him.  Those who are being robbed will not be heard because they are members of the minority and their voices do not matter.
I like Bernie.  I hope he becomes our next King.  I will wake up everyday with a smile on my face knowing that he is sitting in the big chair in Washington, pulling all of the strings and making us all rich beyond our wildest dreams.   Bernie is the perfect King for this country.  The Socialist Democracy of Amerika needs an avowed socialist at the helm.  It is time for a change.   Vote for Bernie and let's see just how bad things can get in this immoral land. 

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